by Blue Dreamer

Chapter 05: Shock of betrayal and love

Shuri was shocked to hear that voice ... It was Sarasa's voice and yet... so much of anger could be heard

-"Tatara, run away fast" Old Kaku cried to the girl

Shuri regained his senses and turned around. He saw Tatara, the chief of the rebels dressed up in his robe and covering his face as much as possible. Shuri hated that man but for the first time saw his eyes ... Sarasa's eyes that were filled with tears.

-"Let go of Old Kaku if not I would kill you Red King", the girl said firmly to Shuri.

-"Tatara, you're Tatara", asked Shuri knowing the answer now still holding Old Kaku

-"Yes Red King I'm Tatara, the one you want to fight so let Old Kaku go" Sarasa said firmly

Shuri let go of Old Kaku and was now facing Sarasa fully

Old Kaku went straight to kill more of the Red King's troops till the Red king ordered his troops to retreat to the palace leaving him alone

The men were surprised but gladly left the battle scene.

-'This shows how loyal your men are" Sarasa said mockingly

-"This shows how obedient they are" Shuri answered back

-"Tatara, it might be better if you let me kill him" Old Kaku intervened suddenly

-"No this is my fight Old Kaku" Sarasa told him

-"But Tatara ..." Old Kaku insisted

-"Not very obedient are they Sarasa?" Shuri asked the girl

-"Very loyal at least unlike your men Shuri" Sarasa snapped back

Old Kaku was shocked to see that the red king knew Tatara's real identity

-"How does the Red King know?", Old Kaku asked her

-"Old Kaku, please go ... this is my fight" Sarasa simply said.

He left but not too far in order to rescue his little chief.

-"Sarasa, you actually want to kill me?" Shuri asked her

-"You killed the people I cherished most in my life" Sarasa cried. She now let go of her cape which revealed her long hair

-"I thought I was the person you loved most ... I see you tricked me" Shuri told her

-"You killed my parents, you killed my brother Tatara, you killed my friends, you destroyed my village..."

-"So you took his place and name in order to fight me?" Shuri said mockingly

Sarasa took her sword out and ran towards Shuri.

Only the sound of the swords could be heard now

-"Sarasa, it's not a time for childish games you know" the young man said jokingly

-"I hate you" Sarasa shouted

Shuri managed to divert one of her movements and got rid of her sword which was now lying fifteen meters away.

Shuri sandwiched her between himself and a rock...

-"And now what Sarasa... What are you going to do now" the young man asked her huskily

-"Shuri, stop this will you" Sarasa was fighting to free herself but the result was all the opposite to Shuri's pleasure.

Old Kaku could not wait any longer and ran to Sarasa's sword and was going to attack the Red King.

Sarasa knew that Old Kaku would kill him instantly but decided that she should be the one to fight Shuri.

-"I'm sorry Shuri but I have no choice..." the young girl took her dagger out and plunged it into the man she loved

-"Goodbye Shuri", she cried and left him to rejoin the rest of her people with Old Kaku.

-"Was he the man?" Old Kaku asked Sarasa on the way back "the man for whom you have been shedding tears many nights?"

Sarasa was shocked to see that Old Kaku knew how much Sarasa had been sad these last few weeks without Shuri. She simply nodded to him.

Old Kaku understood that it would have been hard for her to do what she did.

The people were overjoyed to hear the news of the defeat of the Red King and did not realise the sorrow in which their leader was.

That evening the people organised huge festivities in order to celebrate the victory of Sarasa. They wanted her to become their queen but Sarasa declined.

-"I would prefer to have elections, so that people could choose and not be imposed someone they have not chosen"

Nagi nodded and approved of her wisdom. He somehow approached the young girl and asked her

-"What's wrong Sarasa ... why aren't you happy?"

-"Nagi ... it's ... so hard ..."

-"What Sarasa", he insisted

-"To kill ... to take a life" the girl cried

-"Sarasa, had you not killed the Red King ... the Red King would have killed you and us" Nagi said and left the girl a little alone.

Sarasa looked up to the sky and silently spoke to her brother.

-"I'm so sorry Tatara, I just could not ... It was beyond me ..."

Meanwhile at the Red Castle

-"You're finally awoken Sir," one of the Royal guards said to the King

-"Leave me alone" the King shouted back.

When the guards left, Shuri got up with difficulty as his stomach was seriously injured by his beloved Sarasa. As he looked at the mirror, he could not help but laugh at the irony of the situation

-"My love, you could not kill me ... But what's going to happen to us now? I still will have to fight you in order to conquest the throne of Japan and you will have to fight to protect your village... Oh Sarasa why are the gods so cruel to us? Why is it so hard to be in love with your enemy? "

The young King stomach was hurting him a lot more and decided to walk back The young man went back to his bed... He knew Sarasa kept him alive... He knew why she did not plunge the dagger into his heart... He knew she loved him as much as he loved her... He knew that the two lovers would never be allowed to love each other... He knew the battles would continue...

The End

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