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Pairing: Ford and Arthur. That means slash.
A/N: I'd like to claim the pairing for Ford and Arthur at fanfic100. If I get it, these will be what I put up. They'll probably be AUish and OOC at times, but it's fun. And I've always said that any F/A is good F/A.
Prompt:038. Touch

Ford was a hypocrite.

This fact didn't surprise Arthur in the least. In this particular case, however, it troubled him. Wetting the tip of his towel lightly with water, Arthur dabbed carefully at his Betelgeusian companion's split lip. "Really, Ford, what were you thinking?" Arthur admonished. He pulled away to frown disapprovingly at Ford.
Said Betelgeusian grimaced and touched his rapidly bruising left eye gently before defending himself. "That…that Proctorian was propositioning you!"

"Proposit…Ford! All he asked was how many ice cubes I like in my Gin ah' Tonic."

Ford bristled in remembrance," I know! Can you believe the audacity he had to-"

"Ford." Arthur sighed and rewet his towel. "You could have been seriously hurt."

"But I wasn't. I'm fine, Arthur."

The earthman began wiping softly at the scratch on Ford's check. "Well," he teased," You damn nearly weren't."