"An F?!" Bulma exclaimed with disbelief right after seeing the huge bold red mark on Trunks' assignment paper. She glanced at the paper, then at Trunks, then back at the paper with huge eyes, her sky blue eyes sparkling with shock. "How could you get an F?! You're the son of Bulma, smartest woman in the world. You must've gotten your brains from your fathe--"

"Hey!" Vegeta interrupted as he stood up. "I'm not stupid. If there is someone to blame, it should be the teacher. The little moron graded it wrong."

Bulma went over the in-class assignment and sighed. "This is definitely from your side of the family." She rolled her eyes as she handed the piece of paper to Vegeta. Her husband and son looked completely bored. Such a trait might run through the family, and she feared the possibility since she completely detested the trait...only if it was directed towards her, of course. "This assignment was to be a page long about himself."

Vegeta snatched the paper from her fingers and gave her an annoyed look. His coal black eyes read the paper and then he crumpled it and tossed is aside. "I see no problem about it." He turned around, preparing to leave the room. "I can't believe I just wasted my time over something that isn't even wrong."

Bulma threw up her hands in exasperation. Males! They are so unbelievable (amen sister)! "It's supposed to be a page long! It's an essay assignment. His paper consists of one sentence." She went and retrieved the paper and opened it, flatting it out as best as she could and read it out loud. " 'I'm half human and half saiy-jin and I'm going to be the strongest warrior just like my father!'" She looked at Vegeta. He was looking at her over his shoulder, one eyebrow arched. He shrugged, obviously still not understanding what the problem was. Was that thick bush of hair a blockade against words so that none can get through his brain? "Vegeta! They don't even know what a saiy-jin is!"

"They should!" Trunks said angrily as he stomp his foot like a little child. "We are the strongest race in the universe!"

"That's right, son!" Vegeta gruffly agreed, glancing over to his son. He crossed his arms over his muscular chest and looked at Bulma, waiting for her to argue.

"It's not that easy, you guys!"

"Why not?" both males said in unison, looking completely determined in not giving up in their belief…a belief they thought was truth.

"Because…I don't know! It just isn't!"

"Well, well, well!" Vegeta chuckled deep in his throat, a proud smirk on his hard handsome face. "This is coming from the smartest woman in the world! I thought she knew everything! After all, she is the smartest woman in the world!" Vegeta emphasized that last part. Trunks giggled and Vegeta glanced at him with a knowing look.

"You saiy-jins!" Bulma cried, point her finger at him. "Your ego is as big as your belly!"

"Yeah, well, your mouth is as big as your brain!" Vegeta shot back. "Big mouth!"

Bulma growled, taking a step forward and held out her fist to shake in front of his face. "Thank you for the compliment, stupid monkey!" It was unbelievable. A mere female human dared to stand up against him. Then again, she always does...ever since he stepped foot on her property.

"And I'm proud of it!" Vegeta said, referring to the fact his race was able to turn into large giant apes of mass destruction after looking at a full moon.

Trunks blushed with embarrassment as workers of Capsule Corps strolled by, staring at the scene with interest and amusement. He looked away, wishing he could just sink through the floor and avoid staring eyes. His parents were arguing like children!

"Look, mom, I can ask for a make-up assignment! I'll bring the F to at least a B!" Trunks said, standing between his parents, who glared at each other with death in their eyes, teeth grinding against each other, jaws stiff. Was their fury and passion between other parents like this? How could they stand each other?

"Fine." Bulma said as she straightened her back and cleared her throat. She was back to her professional state of calmness and sophisticated manner. She looked at Vegeta with the same courtesy she gave businessmen, but he simply looked at her like he looked at everyone else, with calm indifference and superiority in his eyes. But there was a smirk on his face that Bulma rarely could stand because it was a smirk of one who looked like they won an argument. Maybe he looked at this argument as a win or lose thing, not a right or wrong. "Trunks, if you need help, you come to me. The only thing your father can help you with is cleaning your plate of food, but we all know you don't need help with that no matter how much he would like to eat your food."

Bulma spun around in one foot, but not before seeing the smirk disappear from his face. She smiled with satisfaction as she walked away. It was rare for Vegeta to get the last laugh when it came to Bulma, and she knew it pissed him off just as much as the fact that Goku is stronger than him…if not more, that is.