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Lord smiled as he dropped Luffy to the ground.

"Perfect" said Lord "You can't survive now, even if that knife was made of cheese it's still enough to kill you. Wait... why is your blood yellow?"

Lord bent down to a dead Luffy, wiped the yellow blood of his shirt and smelled it.

"This is... melted cheese!" gasped Lord "And there's no wound! That means-"

"That I wasn't stabbed" said Luffy as he punched Lord in the face. Lord went flying across the room and hit a wall.

"Damn it" said Lord as he got up "What happened?"

"The cheese melted" said Luffy "It was so soft it was became goo when it hit my chest"

"But how did it melt? This room is air-conditioned" said Lord who then realised what must have happened. He looked at the air conditioner and saw it had been destroyed by Lord's various attacks.

"No matter" said Lord "Chizu Chizu Cannonball!"

With that, Lord punched Luffy, sending him through the door.


Outside of Lord's Office...

"Here it is Robin" said Emma.

"Thank you Emma" said Robin.

The two stood in front the door, ready to open when they heard footsteps.

"Who's there?" asked Emma as she lifted up her staff.

"Relax" said Robin "I recognize those footsteps. It's just Chopper"

True to what Robin said, Chopper walked up to the two.

"Hi Robin, made to Lord's office eh?" said Chopper who then noticed Emma "Who's she?"

"Emma Iveli, one of the authors here. Don't worry she's on our side" added Robin quickly as Chopper made a twitch which would have led to an attack.

"I wonder what's happening in there?" asked Emma, looking at the door.

All of the sudden, Luffy was smashed through the door.

"I'm not so pathetic anymore am I?" asked Lord as he ran over to Luffy "Oh, hi Emma. FEEL MY WRATH LUFFY! Chizu Chizu Dagger Rifle!"

As the name suggests, Lord's arm turned into a cheese rifle and began to fire cheese daggers, stabbing Luffy all over his body.

Luffy stretched his arm down the hall until his hand was too far to see, then when it seemed he had grabbed on to something, Luffy jumped and let his arm drag him away from danger.

"Get back here!" shouted Lord as he ran after Luffy.

Chopper, Emma and Robin all stared blankly as Lord ran off.

"That was... interesting" said Chopper.


Luffy didn't want to run from Lord but he needed to think of a plan and was having trouble while being beaten up.

"I see you Luffy!" said Lord as he charged at Luffy.

Even though Luffy couldn't think of a plan, he still decided to charge at Lord and attack. "Its better then being killed doing nothing" thought Luffy as he charged.

Lord saw Luffy was planning to attack and smiled, it was just what he hoping for.

Lord grabbed Luffy when he got close enough and threw him into the wall.

"Chizu Chizu Cage!" said Lord quickly before Luffy got up. A cage made of cheese formed around Luffy.

"Chizu Chizu Melted Nacho Acid!" said Lord as his entire body became cheese and began to melt.

"What's going on?" asked Luffy.

But Lord did not answer as he was now a yellow, bubbling puddle of melted cheese which began to spread across the floor and underneath Luffy. Luffy then heard a weird noise. He couldn't figure out what the noise was until he saw holes in the floor and then it hit him. The floor was melting.

Before Luffy could do anything, Lord melted through the floor and the floor around Luffy crumbled underneath him and he fell through.


Usopp walked up the staircase in front of the front doors, where they had first met the Otto A.

Usopp saw two large yellows doors at the top of the staircase. Usopp heard a crashing sound behind it.

"Something's going on back there" said Usopp out loud as he walked to the doors "And whatever it is, it's none of my business. I've had enough battles for one fanfic"

With that, Usopp walked away.


Zoro and Sanji stood there kissing, what was only mere seconds seemed like years to them. The whole world around them went quiet. The kiss was so tender and so delicate. Then after what seemed like an eternity, the two separated lips and looked into each other's eyes.

The two of them instantly started screaming, spitting and vomiting.



Sanji then kicked Zoro in the head and Zoro returned the favor by slashing him across the chest with his sword.

The then began to fight, not their usual argument fights, but as though they were facing an enemy.

The two fought for ten minutes, slashing, kicking and insulting each other like there was no tomorrow.

Then the two stopped and realised the obvious matter at hand.

"We're not in love!" gasped Sanji.

"You're right!" said Zoro "I don't love you!"

"You mean that!" said Sanji.

"Yes" said Zoro "I don't love you with any of my heart"

"Oh Zoro!" said Sanji "You've made me so happy!"

Zoro explained what Clarobell had told him about breaking the Yaoi Yaoi Fruit Curse. The two had a good laugh about the crazy adventure they had had together. And then they went back to killing each other.


Luffy landed on the floor of the room underneath him and was surprised when the floor he landed on wasn't hard. In fact, it was soft and squishy.

Luffy stood up and then realised the cage was gone, but the thoughts of the cage vanished the second he saw the room he was in.

It was square room with no furniture or any other item what so ever. The floor, roof and walls were yellow and the walls were also covered with large holes, large enough for a person to go through.

"Hello Luffy" said Lord's voice "Welcome to my training room or as I like to call it: MY TRAINING ROOM! I mean, THE CHIZU CHAMBER!" The voice seemed to be coming from one of the holes in the room, Luffy could tell that much, but the problem was: Which hole?

"It seems I made the hole bigger then I planned" said Lord's voice, referring to the roof "No matter. Chizu Chamber Repair!" With that, cheese spread out of the holes on the walls and made a patch on the roof.

"Are ready Luffy?" asked Lord's voice "Are you ready to suffer at the hands of the Super-Special-Awesome-Mega-Ultra-Amazing-McFudgetastic-Spastic-Kuncklehead-Cheese-Controlling-Fanfic-Writing Warrior of Doom?"

A large breath was then taken, for obvious reasons.

"Prepare yourself! Not that it will do you any good, CHIZU CHIZU CHAMBER MADNESS!" shouted Lord.

At first nothing happened, which worried Luffy. And then Luffy turned around and saw Lord with Wolverine Cheese Claws coming out of his hands come flying out of one hole and go into another.

And that's when all hell broke loose.

Lord began jumping in and out of holes on the walls, slashing Luffy over and over again.

Luffy could do nothing as Lord slashed him non-stop. And then suddenly Lord stopped attacking.

"I feel pity" said Lord "Maybe I should stop attacking. On the other hand it is fun! Back to attacking! CHIZU CHIZU CHAMBER MADNESS!"

Lord slashed Luffy only twice and then stopped.

"God damn it I'm stuck!" said Lord's voice "I mean- Hahahaha! I am sparing for one second Luffy while I do something that has nothing to do with getting my foot unstuck from this cheese in got stuck into"

Meanwhile inside one of the cheese holes, Lord pulled his leg with all of his might until it broke free.

"Crap!" whispered Lord to himself "Now I'm behind schedule! I need to hurry this up!"

With that, Lord pounced from his hole and began to attack Luffy again over and over again.

"This is fantastic!" though Lord as he jumped in and out of holes and slashed Luffy "I'm going to beat him, I'm going to win! Now to finish him off!"

Lord then created a giant cheese sword, jumped out of a hole one last time and slashed Luffy, where he exploded to thousands of pieces.

As Lord landed he turned around to see what happened, Luffy was meant to die, but he wasn't meant to explode. Lord's eyes widened when he realised what he was staring at.

The patch he had made for the roof, exploded into thousands of pieces.

And Lord realised the truth, while he was stuck Luffy had taken the patch from the roof and placed it where he was standing, and Lord was in such a rush he didn't bother to see if it was Luffy he was attacking.

And then another thought dawned on him. If this patch of cheese is what he attacked, then where was Luffy? Lord was now very afraid.

Lord tried to run but it was too late. Luffy's fist came flying out of a hole on the right and then a hole on the left. And then Luffy's fist seemed to emerge from every hole at once and pummeled Lord.

"How..." said Lord as he was being pummeled "Is... this possible?"

The fists kept on coming and coming and coming. Until at one point the fists stopped attacking, Lord slowly stood up and looked around.

"What are you up to, Monkey D. Luffy?" asked Lord as he began to inspect holes in the walls. Lord then saw which holes Luffy was hiding in and then formed an anime sweatdrop as Luffy was picking cheese off and eating it.

"THIS ISN'T LUNCH TIME LUFFY!" shouted Lord "And how the hell did you make your arms come out of every hole if you where hiding just this one?"

"Nothing in this castle makes sense" said Luffy "This place uses "bad fanfic reality" so I took advantage of it"

"Nice" said Lord with an impressed tone in his voice "You're smarter then I thought. You should consider joining FFN!"

"No way" said Luffy calm, but stern as he continued to eat cheese.

"Is it because of the lack of writing talent?" asked Lord "Because that's not a problem, look, I have no talent at all and I run the whole thing!"

"I don't want to join you guys 'cause your all jerks!" said Luffy.

"Jerks..." said Lord with a twitch "You call... US... the jerks?"

"That's right" said Luffy "You and your group are villains, and villains are jerks"

"We're the villains? WE'RE THE VILLAINS?" shouted Lord "Let me tell you something Luffy, you and your friends are the villains! You came to my home! You destroyed my home! You attacked us! And for what? Not because we hurt one of your friends, not because we did something dishonourable, but because we wrote stories about you! You did all those horrible things because we wrote stories! We did nothing wrong!"

"But don't you see?" asked Luffy "That is wrong! That is evil!"

"What are you talking about?" said Lord, his face showing a mixture of rage and interest.

"You think that you have the write to use us in your stories" said Luffy "But you don't! You mistreat us in those fanfics of yours! You make us have relationships with people we don't like. We have to do embarrassing stuff that from time to time is very OOC! You make stuff up that affects the current One Piece plot! I read your straw-hat mother story Lord! That man in the story wasn't my father!"

"Look, I when I made that story your father hadn't been revealed yet!" shouted Lord "How could I have known?"

"You could have thought "I better not write this in case his father is revealed in the story" but you didn't! You never stop to think did you?" asked a voice "You guys never think, you just write the stories with no consideration for the characters your hurting"

Lord, wide-eyed, turned to the door of the Chizu Chamber to see Nami standing there with a sack hoisted on her shoulder.

"Nami..." said Lord who then stopped and noticed the sack "Is that my treasure in that sack?"

"Mine now" said Nami.

"And why do fanfics always to favour certain characters over others?" asked a voice from above "Just because you like one character more than another that means they get more lines?"

Lord looked up to the hole he had made and saw Chopper, Robin and Emma standing there.

"That's ridiculous!" said Lord "I don't give more lines to my favourite characters!"

Buggy the Clown then popped his head out of one of the holes in the wall.

"That's right!" said Buggy "He never does!"

"See?" said Lord as Buggy went back into the hole "Even Buggy agrees!"

"How do you think the creators of these shows would feel if they knew people stole their work to make poorly made stories?" asked Robin.

"But I do a disclaimer every chapter!" said Lord.

"So gives you a right does it?" asked Robin.

"I... I..." but Lord was speechless.

"We're ending this now!' said Luffy.

"Wait, what?!" said Lord "Now? But- but I-"

"Gomu Gomu no Pistol!" shouted Luffy as he fired his fist at Lord.

Lord was thrown against the wall, Lord didn't notice though as he was gob smacked (a word that only 10 percent of the world understands) by what he heard.

"Fanfics... are wrong?" thought Lord to himself.

"Don't listen to them!" shouted Emma Iveli.

"Emma..." said Lord as he looked upwards to Emma.

"It doesn't matter what people think of you writing fanfics!" shouted Emma "You shouldn't care if 1000 people tell you not to write fanfics!"

"1000 people do tell me not to write fanfics" said Lord, as he stood up "But... I see what you're getting at. Just because people criticize you for something you do, if you enjoy doing it you shouldn't stop doing it!" (So there is the moral to this story, don't give in to peer pressure, especially if that peer is telling you to not write fanfics)

Lord was so busy understanding the truth, he forgot about Luffy. By the time Lord remembered Luffy, it was too late.

"Gear Second!" shouted Luffy was his skin went pink and shiny and steamed poured out of his body

"Gear Second? Is that really necessary?" asked Lord.

"Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol!" said Luffy as he shot his fist out.

"Oh shi-" was all Lord could say before Luffy punched him in the stomach sent him flying through the wall, and the next wall, and the next wall, and the next wall. Until at some point he was heading towards a window.

"Oh no!" said Lord as he went out the window "Foiled by my own unfunny running gaaaaaaag!"

There was the sound of a loud thump and everything went quiet.

"Is he dead?" asked Emma.

"I doubt it" said Chopper "But he definitely isn't going to be getting up right away"

"Come on" said Luffy, who was now back to normal "Let's gather everyone up and leave"


The whole crew was standing outside the castle doors with Emma included.

"Thank you for helping us" said Robin.

"Robin says you want to travel" said Luffy "Why don't you join our crew?"

"Thanks for the offer" said Emma with a smile o her face "But... I'd much rather stay with Lord and the Otto A"

"Okay then" said Luffy.

Just then, a roar of anger was heard.

"Lord!" shouted Chopper.

"I can handle him" said Luffy "But it'll take a while and I'm hungry, let's get back to the ship"

So with that, the whole crew began to run back the way they came from.

Just as they disappeared, Lord came running out.

"Where are they?" said Lord "Where did they go?"

"They went back to the ship" said Emma.

"What are you doing here?" said Lord with a jolt, and Emma realised he didn't know she was there and was just talking to himself "Can't talk now! Bye!"

With that, Lord ran after Luffy and the crew, leaving a trail of dust behind him.


Franky waved at the crew as they hopped onboard the ship.

"Hey Franky" said Luffy "I see you got your leg back on"

"What? Oh yeah, the leg" said Franky "Yeah, I got that on and I was just about to join you guys when an author came and attacked me. Not much else happened though"

"Cool" said Luffy.

"Hey Franky, why is there piles of wood nailed to parts of the ship?" asked Chopper.

"Long story bro" said Franky "Loooong story"

"GET BACK HERE!" shouted a voice.

Everyone looked to see Lord charging at them.

"It's Lord!" shouted Usopp.

"Man he's fast!" said Sanji.

"Hey Franky" said Zoro "Do you think you could do Coup de Blast?"

"Sure" said Franky as he prepared the Coup de Blast cannon by filling it with three bottles of Cola "COUP DE BLAST!"

And with that, the ship blasted upwards and far away from the island.

"NO!" shouted Lord as he reached the edge of the island and could go no further.

Lord sighed and began to walk back to the castle.


As Lord returned to the castle he saw outside the door, Emma was helping Clarobell stand up, Plushie was performing CPR on Shiru and Kurokame had retracted into her shell, the sound of soft breathing from the shell implied she was sleeping.

"Are you all okay?" asked Lord.

"We're fine" said Plushie "But both Lanky Nathan and Winter Knight are missing sir"

"I see" said Lord "Whatever happened to them, they'll be back"


Winter Knight and Lanky Nathan were still rowing the boat.

"Are we going to stop anytime soon?" asked Winter Knight.

"Probably not" said Nathan "Now keep rowing!"


Lord gave out a loud growl and said "I won't forgive those pirates for what they have done to us! We're going to fight them again fellow Otto A, and this time we will destroy them all!"

"But sir" said Clarobell, who had regained consciousness "We couldn't beat them with eight members, how do we beat them now that we're missing two members?"

"Good thinking Clarobell" said Lord "It sounds like you've regained your sanity"

"I think it was that blow to the head from Zoro that did that" said Clarobell.

"Excellent" said Lord "Back to what you said, if we lack members then we should get some new ones"

"New members?" asked Plushie "But how?"

"Everyone grab your cloaks and follow me to the meeting tower" said Lord as he began to walk inside the castle "I'll explain up there"

The other members (Including Shiru who had been revived) shrugged and followed their leader into the castle.

To be continued...


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