Orange Sherbet

Chapter 1

Chance Meeting

(A/N I was just thinking. Kyo Sohma and Ichigo Kurosaki have the same problem about their hair being orange and people picking on them about it. This story is about what if they met when they were little kids. Well, this is what this story is about.)



It was a hot summer day with no clouds in the sky. The air was dry and unmoving. The park was full of kids and plenty of cool shade trees to sit under and relax. Children played on the swings, monkey bars, and slides. Some played some form tag, baseball, kickball, and some soccer.

However the park was not all fun for some of the youths. Namely those that were being picked on by older kids. Whether it was because they were just a little small, a little too heavy, slow perhaps, or had odd physical traits that other kids didn't like. Such was the case of young boy about 6 with orange hair and red/brown eyes. His name was Kyo Sohma and he was surrounded by 4 other kids around 9 years old.

"Hey, look at that stupid hair color," one boy said, poking Kyo in the head with a stick.

"Yeah, he's a regular carrot top," another boy laughed as the first kid then hit Kyo with stick. "Hit him again, Suichi!"

"CUT IT OUT," Kyo yelled, rubbing his head. "OR I'LL—OW! STOP THAT!"

"Oh, is the little baby going to cry," a girl spoke up with laughter in her throat.

"Are you going to go running back home to mommy," the last boy laughed, kicking dirt in Kyo's face.

"Shut up," Kyo quickly jumped him, knocking him to the ground, and started hitting the boy about the face. "Don't you ever talk about my mom!"

"Get him off of me," the boy screamed as the other two boys dragged Kyo from him. "Let's teach this orange haired freak a lesson for hitting me!"

"Yeah," the other three chimed as Kyo sat on the ground and older children surrounded him.

"I'm not scared of any of you," Kyo snapped, putting his small hands into fists. "I'll take you all on if I have to!"

"We dare you," the girl snorted and kicked Kyo in the knee as he let out whimper. "Go on and cry you big baby!"

The other 3 boys quickly took the girl's lead and started kicking at Kyo until he was down on his side. Kyo was not going to cry about something like this. He would never show his Shishou that he would cry because he got beaten. He was stronger than that and he was going to take the beating.

Someday I'll get back at them, Kyo screamed mentally with his eyes closed shut to keep the dust out. I'll show them I'm not big baby!

They continued to kick and stomp on Kyo until there was some form of battle cry coming from behind them. The 9 year-olds turned to see another 6 year-old running at them with a large stick in his hands.

"Leave him alone you big bullies," the kid yelled, swinging the stick at them as they scrambled away from Kyo slightly.

The kid quickly got between Kyo and them holding out his stick like a sword. The 9 year-olds looked at each other and then at the new kid. His hair was just as orange as the other's. But his wasn't straight and fine it was spiky and slightly coarse and this little punk wasn't going to back down either.

The older kids started to advance on him until spiky started swinging his stick wildly. However he gave one good swing and the stick flew out of his hands and landed a good 10 feet away. The older kids smirked now having the advantage as he swallowed and stepped back only to trip over Kyo.

"Not so brave without your stick, are you," Suichi smirked, swatting spiky on the head with his own stick. "What with this weird orange hair color anyway?"

"Get lost," Kyo spoke up only to get hit with stick as well. "Cut that out, you jerk!"

This time the stick slapped him on the left cheek. Suichi then turned toward the spiky haired kid and did the same. But while Kyo was glaring daggers at the 9 year olds the other orange haired boy was cry, holding his cheek. Kyo looked at him for split second to see a small cut on his face and was wondering if he had cuts as well.

"Look at the little baby," the girl laughed, picking up a rock at threw it at the spiky haired kid, making contact with his forehead causing him to cry even more. "Hahaha!"

"I said stop it," Kyo yelled, trying to get up but was only knocked back down.

The third boy walked up to spiky and was about ready to kick him when to his surprise, spiky, grabbed hold of his other leg and bit down as hard as he could. The 9 year-old let out a scream of pain trying get free but spiky was not about to as tears ran from his eyes. Kyo saw his opportunity.

He jumped the same kid and landed the hardest punch he could muster. He then went after the second boy swinging his fists like his Shishou had shown him. To his surprise his new ally was now going after the girl doing the same, swinging his fists but still crying the whole time. He finally hit the young girl in the middle and she ran off crying herself. Kyo knocked the boy square in the face before he ran off, holding a bloody lip.

That only one left was the stick wielding Suichi. Both 6 year-old boys turned to look at him before charging at him screaming. They had their fists ready only to be knocked back by the stick, but the stick snapped in half from the impact. They quickly grabbed hold of him started to beat on him like he had done to them.

"STOP IT, YOU LITTLE ORANGE HAIRED FREAKS," He yelled, elbowing Kyo in the mouth and punched spiky in the eye before finally running away.

Kyo was standing up with a smug smirk on his face with his hands on his hips. His only remaining company was on his knees crying, holding his eye. He then looked down at him and put his hand out. He looked up at Kyo before taking his hand.

"I'm Kyo Sohma," he said, helping the spiky haired boy to his feet.

"M-my name's Ichigo Kurosaki," he sniffed, rubbing his water logged eyes. "I'm no good at fighting. T-Tatsuki always beats me every time w-we have class."

"Jeez, you really are a big baby," Kyo snorted only causing Ichigo to crying more. "Stop crying! You're boy, aren't you?"

"Yeah, but—"

"Boys shouldn't cry! My Shishou told me you shouldn't cry unless there is good reason to! So, you shouldn't be crying because you won!"

"Huh? What do mean?"

"We beat them, didn't we?"

"I-I guess so."

"You know so! So suck it up and stop crying every time you get hit or beat!"

"Tatsuki told me something like that before," Ichigo sniffed, looking at Kyo's firm face.

"See! Even this Tatsuki thinks you're a baby," Kyo huffed, pointing at Ichigo.

"I am not," he whined back.

"Then stop acting like one," Kyo said, crossing his arms. "If you're so worried about getting beat up why did you get in the middle of that fight, huh?"

"Well, I just… A lot people pick on about my—"

"Hair color," Kyo finished up knowing what he was going to say.

"Uh-huh. They call me carrot top a lot of other names and I guess I just…" Ichigo voice trailed off, looking down at his shoes.

"You're the first person other than my Shishou that ever came to help me," Kyo said, looking at his own shoes. "So, thank you, I guess."

"Hey, my mama brought some popsicles with her. Do you want one," Ichigo asked as Kyo looked at him wide eyed. "She always brings way too many. She has grape, watermelon, green apple, strawberry, and… Orange."

"Okay," Kyo nodded as Ichigo smiled.

He quickly led Kyo to where his mom was sitting on a park bench beside a tall man with long gray hair. The two of them were talking to each other and stopped to see what was going on. Kyo didn't know who was talking to his Shishou and Ichigo didn't know who was talking to his mother. Suddenly the woman turned to look at them.

"Ichigo," she called to him and he quickly went running to her.

"Kyo," the man called and he too started running before stopping beside Ichigo.

"Hey, mama," Ichigo said, hugging his mother.

"Oh, what did you do to your face," she asked, putting at gentle finger on his cut face and bruised eye. "I'll have you father have look at you when we get home."

"Did you get in another fight," Kazuma asked as Kyo looked away. "Kyo, what am I going to do with you? You're lips are all swollen."

"Those stupid older kids started it," Kyo huffed. "They started to pick on me about hair color!"

"Yeah, it wasn't his fault," Ichigo said as his mom handed him a napkin full of ice for his eye. "They had him down on the ground and were kicking him!"

"From the looks of things, Ichigo, you got in the middle of it," Masaki said, putting more ice in another napkin for Kyo's lips.

"I wasn't going to let them keep kicking him like that," Ichigo said, trying to look noble.

"If it wasn't for Ichigo I think I would have been worse off," Kyo stated, putting the ice on his lips. "But we got them back, didn't we?"

"Yes, we did," Ichigo nodded, looking at the smug Kyo. "They hit us with sticks and rocks too. But we still beat them!"

"They did what," Masaki asked, looking at her son in shock. "If you ever see those kids again I want to come get me right away."

"Same goes for you too, Kyo," Kazuma said as Kyo looked at him wide eyed.

"But Shishou—"

"Listen to me, you can't take every thing on by yourself," he said, putting his hands on Kyo's shoulders. "It's good that you want to settle things yourself but you can't always do that. They could have really hurt you and Ichigo if they were throwing rocks and sticks."

Kyo muttered something under his breath but nodded in agreement. Ichigo bent down to pick up the small cooler by the handle, placing it down on the bench between his mother and Kazuma. He opened the lid and pulled out a popsicle.

"What flavor you want," he asked, looking at Kyo.

"Watermelon," Kyo responded as Ichigo looked around for a watermelon flavor.

"Found it," Ichigo said handing him the frozen treat. "Mom, are we all out of strawberry?"

"Your dad ate the last one last night," she said as Ichigo moped a bit before looking for another flavor, which was orange.

The day seemed to fly by after that and it soon came time for them to leave. Ichigo and Kyo said their goodbyes to each other as they headed off in two separate directions. They waved at each other until they were out of sight of one another.

They made a promise with each other that they would meet again someday and somehow. It could be years from now before they ever crossed paths again, but they were going to meet each other once more of that they were certain. Kyo got the idea of even challenging Ichigo to a duel once they both got better at their fighting skills. Ichigo agreed wholeheartedly to the idea of a duel against Kyo, but fate it seemed wasn't on their side for meeting again. Or was it?

Perhaps by some strange turn of events they would meet again. True friendship never dies completely. Though things will change and they will chanage, they will never forget that promise. Not now, not ever. There's an adventure waiting for them and others, and they are going to face it head on.

(A/N That's it for chapter 1. Just something short and sweet. I hope you all enjoyed it.)

Millie M. Banshee