"Kagome-chan!" a little voice called out to her.

The whole group stopped at the voice. Everyone turned to the direction of the sound. There was a faint sound of little feet crushing leaves drawing near. From the depths of the forest, a little girl of eight emerged. Tears were streaming down her face and blood trickled from a few cuts on her arms, face and legs.

Kagome, recognizing Rin, Sesshoumaru's ward, knelt down and opened her arms to the girl who didn't even hesitate to run to her. The young miko wrapped her arm around the child as she stroked her hair. "What's wrong, Rin-chan?" she asked gently as she began to rock the child back and forth. "And where is Sesshoumaru-sama?" she asked as an afterthought.

The girl clutched at her and sobbed more. "Help Sesshoumaru-sama, Kagome-chan," she said, raising her tear streaked face. "Sesshoumaru-sama is hurt and the bad man and woman is hurting Sesshoumaru-sama more!" she wailed.

"Keh!" InuYasha interjected. "And why would we help that bastard?"

Kagome glared at the hanyou and yelled, "SIT!" InuYasha was immediately thrown down face first to the ground with a loud thud. "Be quiet!"

"Shh," Kagome soothed the girl. "Tell me what happened."

"Rin was picking flowers when these big monsters came," she said in between hiccups. "Sesshoumaru-sama came and saved Rin but he was hurt. Then this bad ugly man and woman with a big feather came and with many big bugs. They want to hurt Sesshoumaru-sama!" she then cried again.

Everyone perked up at the mention of the woman with a big feather and big bugs. Without another word, the group ran to the direction the girl came from.

They arrived at the clearing and saw the three facing off. Kagome gasped at the sight. There was blood everywhere and at the middle of the clearing were Sesshoumaru, Toukijin drawn and ready, and Naraku with Kagura. Her heart clenched at the sight of the demon lord. His usually pristine white attire and sparkling silver hair was caked with his own blood. Although he was still standing regally, his face still stoic and impassive, Kagome could see that he was hurt badly. His haori and hakama were slashed at some places, revealing deep wounds and gashes still flowing with blood. For a moment, Kagome saw his hand tremble slightly but he quickly recovered his composure.

"Your ward came back, Lord Sesshoumaru," Naraku sneered. "And she brought the miko with her. How convenient for me. I'll kill all of you and take the shards of the Shikon no Tama."

"Stupid hanyou," Sesshoumaru said coldly and reverted to his battle stance. And despite his dirty appearance, Kagome couldn't help but admire the power, elegance and grace he radiated. He truly was the most beautiful being alive. She watched as he attacked, very unlike InuYasha who attacked haphazardly. His movements were fluid, almost like a dance.

Soon, InuYasha, Sango and Miroku joined in the chaos. They were kept busy by Naraku's tentacles which regenerated every time they were able to cut it. Kagome could only watch, clutching Rin and Shippo in her arms. Through all the pandemonium, nobody noticed Kagura positioning and preparing to attack Kagome and the children.

Kagura gathered her strength and let loose her power. When Kagome noticed, it was already too late. She flung the children away from the attack and braced herself to the pain that was sure to come but none came. Opening her eyes, she saw Sesshoumaru. He took the attack that was aimed at her. She gasped. He was on one knee, leaning on his sword for support and breathing hard. His haori was completely destroyed, showing the wounds on his upper torso that was bleeding profusely. It was obvious that he can no longer fight although he was trying to get up. Once he almost succeeded but his knees gave out. Kagome was instantly beside him, helping him.

"I do not need your assistance, human," he said coldly.

Tears began to well in Kagome's eyes as she looked at the wounds of the taiyoukai. His face had cuts and gashes. But it still didn't diminish his beauty. "You saved my life, again," she said in a whisper.

Sesshoumaru snorted in disgust. Even he cannot understand why he was saving this miko. It was the fifth time he did it and it still irked him that he doesn't know the reason why he felt compelled to do so. She was after all, his stupid half-brother's wench and a human at that.

Naraku laughed evilly. "So, the Great Lord Sesshoumaru of the West is reduced to being helped by a human miko," he mocked.

That's when everyone noticed Kagome glowing pink. "Shut up, you disgusting bastard!" she screamed. Slowly, she put Sesshoumaru down on the ground, careful not to hurt him. Purposefully, she strode towards Naraku, standing a few feet away from both Kagura and Naraku. Everyone saw her power spiking up in her rage. Kagome had lost control. Her breathing became heavy as she fought for control of her emotions. Her eyes were glowing white, her hair was being blown upwards and she began floating a few feet from the ground. Blue sparks and pink light was coming out of her body.

"Kagome!" Sango called out to her friend but she couldn't here anything outside her rage.

"You have done enough," they heard Kagome say in a clear icy voice laced with so much anger. "You have no right to mock anyone when you're nothing but a human who wants to become a demon! You are nothing… NOTHING!" she screamed the last word as a big explosion occurred.

When Kagome slowly opened her eyes, Shippo, Miroku, Sango and Kirara were gathered around her, worry and concern clearly etched in their features.

"What happened?" she asked, confused. "Where is Naraku?"

Sango helped her up. "You blew him up," she said. "Are you all right? Don't you remember what happened?"

Kagome shook her head. "No," she said simply, more confused.

"You lost control," Miroku said. "You wounded both Naraku and Kagura badly and they retreated."

"Keh!" InuYasha then interjected. "You almost purified my ass, bitch!"

Shippo stood and kicked InuYasha. "Baka!" he said angrily. "She protected us with her shield!"

"Sesshoumaru!" Kagome gasped and scrambled to her feet, remembering him. Glancing around, she saw Rin crying beside the fallen lord. She knelt beside him and saw that he was severely injured and that his healing abilities were not working. "He's not healing!" she said frantically.

InuYasha strode over. "Of course he's not!" he spat. "His body had too many deep injuries and he lost too much blood."

"Please help, Sesshoumaru-sama," Rin asked tearfully.

"Of course I'll help him," Kagome said and touched the girl's and. "Shippo, could you get my backpack?"

The kitsune quickly retrieved her backpack from Kirara. Kagome's practiced fingers began cleaning Sesshoumaru's wounds and bandaged it.

"Why are you helping that bastard?" InuYasha asked angrily. "Have you forgotten he is the enemy? He tried to kill us!"

"Stop whining!" Kagome said. "He only tried to kill me once and that was long ago. And if he really wanted me dead, I would have been dead a long time. He had so many chances before."

InuYasha was already fuming. "Well, he is still trying to kill me!" he screamed.

"That is still not a reason not to help him," Kagome argued. "He saved me so many times already. I owe him this."

"You would choose him over me?" InuYasha asked, eyes narrowed.

Kagome rolled her eyes in exasperation. "That is not the point!" she said, still cleaning and bandaging Sesshoumaru.

"You already helped him regenerate his arm faster," InuYasha continued. "Ain't that enough all ready? You're a stupid bitch! Growing him his arm when it would clearly make him more powerful."

"Damn you!" Kagome fumed standing up. "You selfish, ungrateful jerk! He saved me many times now when you were busy helping your undead bitch," she spat the last word. "And now he even risked his life to save me. And have you forgotten that your clay pot tried to kill me so many times? But what did you do? NOTHING! That's what you did, NOTHING! So don't go ranting about me helping Sesshoumaru because he was there every single damn time I needed him while you were busy fucking your whore!" she was breathing heavily as she reigned in her emotions. She whirled around and went back to tending Sesshoumaru.

The others gazed at them, jaws open. They knew that Kagome would one day get fed up with InuYasha and his attitude. They just didn't expect Kagome to blow up like this. She had always been happy.

"Kikyo is not a whore!" InuYasha screamed and started to lunge at Kagome but Shippo, Kirara, Sango and Miroku stood on his way.

Sango was holding Hiraikotsu. "Don't you dare hurt, Kagome," she said threateningly. "You have done enough. You should be grateful to her."

"You're siding with Sesshoumaru, too?" InuYasha said in disbelief.

"No," Miroku said. "But we are siding with Kagome-sama. She's right. We were there when Sesshoumaru helped her so many times. And he never once tried to hurt her after the first time."

Shippo crossed his arms. "And despite everything, she stood by you," he said. "Even though you have hurt her so many times."

"Fine!" InuYasha spat. "But don't come running back to me when he tries to kill you again, bitch!" he said to Kagome as he turned away. "And I'm leaving. Anyone you want to come can come." With that he took off.

"Thank you, guys," she said. "But I really think you should go with InuYasha. You would be a lot safer with him. I'll be fine."

"But-" Miroku tried to interrupt.

Kagome just shook her head. "Besides, I'm going back to my time," she said sadly. "Sesshoumaru is hurt badly and I think the only way I could help him is if I take him with me."

"Are you sure about this?" Sango asked.

"Yes," she said. "But I need your help."

Miroku nodded. "You have but to ask," he said. "We would help you in anyway you can."

She smiled gratefully. "First, I need you to take care of both Rin and Shippo while we're gone," she began. "And I would need your help getting both me and Sesshoumaru to the well. Also, I need a spell to hide Sesshoumaru's demon traits and to dull his sense of smell and hearing."

Both Miroku and Sango agreed to her. Miroku gave her the spells she requested and helped her place Sesshoumaru on Kirara's back.

"Rin, Shippo," she called to the two children. She kneeled before them and took there small hands in hers. "While Sesshoumaru and I are gone, you have to stay with Sango and Miroku."

"Can't Rin go with Sesshoumaru-sama?" she asked tearfully.

Kagome shook her head sadly. "I'm sorry, Rin," she said as she smoothed the girl's hair. "I would need to focus all my attention to him. I promise to take very good care of him and we will come back as soon as we can."

"Okaa-san," Shippo said, tears streaming down his face. "When will you be back?"

"I don't know, Shippo," she said sadly. "But I promise I will be back. Now, be brave and protect Rin for me, will you?"

Shippo wiped his tears away. "Okay," he said.

"Good," she said and stood up. "Be good and be safe."