Bad Landing.



While Rose held on to a handrail for sheer life, the Doctor ran around the mushroom shaped console of the control room onboard the Tardis in a complete and total frenzy, amazingly managing to maintain his balance despite the force of instability, desperately trying to regain some semblance of control and keep the Tardis in one relative piece.

He and Rose where hurtling through the vortex, being wrenched somewhere, by something, and he had absolutely no idea as to where, when or what. He had no time to figure out any of these quandaries right now since he was, at that precise moment, trying to stop the console from frying itself out.

As he pulled on a lever, intending to reinforce the quantum stabilizers, a massive surge of power flowed through the Tardis console, sending sparks flashing everywhere. He pulled back not a moment to soon, but was caught by a small discharge of electricity that jumped from the tip of the lever to crackle up into his hand. However, this small discharge was just enough to make him yelp out in pain, instinctively move himself away from the source of the shock, and as such, loose his stronghold on the console railing.

The Doctor went tumbling to the metal grating floor of the control room, flailing about uselessly for something to grab a hold of. He was being thrown in all directions as the Tardis continued to hurl and tumble out of control. It was being pulled in all directions at once and yet none at all by an inexplicable force. The console was hissing and spitting sparks everywhere, smoke billowing in thick dark clouds.


"Hmph…egh" was the only response that Rose received.

He continued to crash and roll around the floor grating of the control room.

Within seconds the Tardis tilted on another angle and sent the Doctor roaring into Rose. They tumbled together for a few moments, bashing around until the Tardis finally materialised somewhere and they ground to a halt.

They both lay there for a long while, a massed jumble of knees, elbows and random limbs.

Rose was the first to move again. With a sigh and a laboured cough, she lifted herself up and started trying to untangle herself from the heap that was the Doctor.

During her disentangling process she noticed that the Doctor had not yet started to move. She hurriedly locked on to him with a worried gaze only to find that he hadn't even opened his eyes. She could see that he was breathing but he was looking decidedly worse for wear. A large swollen bruise was forming on his left temple, another on the right side of his jaw and he had numerous cuts, grazes and burn marks adorning the rest of his now very pale complexion. He had what looked to be a quite deep cut on the lower corner of his lip.

Rose looked at her Doctor lying there. He looked so broken and vulnerable that her heart bled for him. She gently put her hand on his chest, testing to see the condition of his hearts, to make sure that they were both still beating.

"Doctor, are you…Doctor?"

She gave him the gentlest of nudges with her elbow, testing his consciousness.



He slowly brought a bloodied trembling hand towards his head, feeling his rapidly purpling cranium. He moved his hand lower, bringing it to a rest on his jaw. He opened his mouth wide and stretched his jaw muscles from side to side.


Rose cautiously moved to position herself behind him so that she could tenderly lift his head up and set it down again on her lap.

She leant over him, stroking his hair in what she hoped was a soothing manner.

Slowly he began to open his eyes, squinting as to not let the harsh half-light of the Tardis control room hurt his already aching brain.

"Ow" he repeated again looking up at her, his lower lip protruding out in the most adorable forlorn pout Rose had ever seen.

"I know cutie. You just lie there for a minute and give yourself time to breathe okay? You all right? Anything broken?"

The Doctor frowned in response and then proceeded to mentally check himself over. He didn't think he was seriously damaged. Bit of a headache though but that wasn't very unexpected. His frown suddenly deepened.



"Are you okay?"

She gave him a soft smile then. Even when he was broken, bleeding and in a heap he was still concerned for her.

"Yeah I'm fine."

He let out a small reassured smile. His gaze flicked to the mushroom dome in the centre of the room.



"What about the Tardis?" he asked, worry returning to his features.

"I haven't checked her yet. She's stopped shooting sparks and blowing smoke at least. We've landed somewhere so if there are any problems we should have a while to sort them out."

He closed his eyes again, uttering an audible sigh of relief. As much as he was worried about his ship, he was extremely grateful that at that moment he and Rose seemed safe enough to not have to go anywhere soon. If there was any further danger he would have felt it by now. The Tardis could wait a while before he carried out repairs.

Rose, still cradling the Doctor's head and stroking his hair, felt him shift slightly, trying to test out his battered body, stretching aching muscles and ligaments attempting to find a more comfortable position to lie in.

When it appeared that he was comfortable enough, he opened his eyes back up and stared straight into hers. She felt as if he was looking into the depths of her very soul.



His eyebrow arched slightly.

"My head is in your lap."

She smiled at him protectively.

"Yeah it is."

He made a small nodding movement lowering his eyes ever so slightly away from hers. It only took a moment until those amazing brown eyes were piercing hers yet again, this time with his trademark cheeky glint complimented by his trademark cheeky smile.

"Do you really think I'm a cutie?"