The Doctor and Rose were asleep in the hatchway underneath the Tardis console.

They had been there for a while, contentedly wrapped around each other atop of their clothes, neatly arranged into a comfortable makeshift bed. They were curled up together underneath the Doctor's coat.

Arms and legs were tangled, a blonde head resting on a warm shoulder.

The Tardis watched on in smug glee. She congratulated herself on a job well done.

She supposed it was time to open up as it were and start cooperating.

With this thought, the entire console sprung to life. Lights lit up and started flashing and readings started showing.

The information processor finally started giving out information as to where they were.

Oxygen – breathable.

Temperature – safe.

Gravity – stable.

The view screen, which showed the environment outside, sprang to life to show a scene of modern day London. Barely three miles from the Powell Estate.

Oh yes the Tardis was very pleased with herself.

Very pleased indeed.

If she could…she'd be grinning!

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