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It was dark, everywhere he looked it was pitch black, endless darkness smothered him, suffocated him. Breathing was difficult his chest felt compressed as if a heavy weight was pressing up against him, a flash of white caught his attention and he looked up and couldn't contain the scream that burst from his chest, hanging above him, a rotten corpse leered at him.

Harry awoke with a star, breathing deeply; he ran a shaky hand through his sweat soaked hair and sighed softly "I need some air."

Harry pulled back his sweat soaked sheets and quickly got out of bed and pulled on his shoes and a jumper over his pyjamas. Glancing at his sleeping roommates Harry grabbed his wand and the Marauders map.

Quietly tapping is wand against the map and whispering, "I solemnly swear I am up to no good." Harry pocketed his wand and swung his invisibility cloak over his shoulders, glancing once more at his slumbering roommates, Harry Quickly left Gryffindor tower.

Harry's nightly wanderings had lead him to the edge of the forbidden forest, Harry checked his map to ensure no one was near by and removed his cloak placing in on a near by rock.

Harry stared at the tree line of the forbidden forest, contemplating whether he should venture into the thick forest. Harry shrugged "Well, what harm could it do?"

Harry smiled grimly and stepped into the forest and began to follow one of the many winding paths, looking at the dark scenery aimlessly.

The Boy who lived paused as the bush ahead of him suddenly rustled. Harry paled, suddenly wishing he hadn't entered the forest, wishing he hadn't left his dorm.

Eyeing the bushes, Harry slowly began to back away, trying to make as little noise as possible. The Bush rustled again and suddenly seemed to burst as a shape lunged towards him.

Harry pulled out his wand and yelled to first spell that popped into his head "Accio!"

Undeterred by Harry's useless spell the shape reared up and bit Harry on the leg, Harry gasped as he felt the fangs sinking into the thigh muscles.

The creature let go and backed off, silently watching as Harry blinked as his leg buckled and he fell backwards hitting his head on a rock rendering him unconscious.

The creature sniffed at him once, before darting away into the night.


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