Harry waited as Remus quietly gave the password to his private rooms; once Remus had given the password he stepped back to allow Harry to enter ahead of him.

Harry blushed and quickly slid past Remus and stepped into the room, Harry waited for Remus to enter and for the portrait to shut behind them before he gathered the courage to take a look around. The Room was small and cosy, the lounge was decorated in cream and there were lots of squishy chairs surrounding a nice warm fire.

Harry smiled and looking at Remus for permission sunk into one of the chairs, Remus smiled at him "Would you like some tea Harry?"

Harry nodded "Yes please Remus." Watching Remus' retreating back, Harry frowned deeply, his life had done a complete 360 since the previous night and he was having a hard time keeping up.


Harry snapped out of his daze and looked at Remus who was offering him his tea "Oh, thanks Remus."

Remus nodded and sat in one of the chairs opposite Harry and took a sip of his tea, surveying Harry over the rim of his teacup.

Noticing the look Harry looked away and occupied himself with quickly sipping his tea.

Remus sighed and set down his cup "Harry, we need to talk."

"Do we?" Harry asked sulkily, not willing to discuss their predicament at this point in time.

"Yes Harry, we do." Remus said sternly, levelling Harry with his gaze "We need to sort this situation out. If we are to be mates everything needs to be out on the open."

Harry blushed "We're…we're really gonna mate?"

Remus nodded, trying to hold back his blush "It seems so, Professor Dumbledore hasn't presented us with another option, and if it means keeping you away from Lord Voldemort then all the better."

Harry nodded "I…I know you're right…I'm just a bit nervous." Harry smiled shyly at Remus "This is all so new to me."

Remus stood and walked over to Harry and hesitantly laid one of his large hands on Harry's cheek "It's okay Harry, I'll take care of you."

Harry tried to stifle his giggles "Remus...that was so… corny!"

Remus grinned "It relaxed you didn't it?"

Harry smiled and leaned into the hand that was on his cheek "So…. what now?"

Remus removed his hand from Harry's cheek and grabbed his hand and pulled him up and embraced him gently before pulling back slightly "I don't want to rush you Harry, we can do this whenever your ready."

Harry looked at Remus for a full minute before replying, "Well…if we have to do this…wouldn't it be better to just…. get it done?" Harry looked at the floor "I mean…you know."

Remus sighed and ran a hand through his hair, before nodding "If you're sure?"

Harry nodded "Yeah…. I'm sure."

Smiling, Remus took Harry's hand and lead him towards one of the doors at the end of the room, using his free hand Remus quickly opened the door and pulled Harry inside, closing the door behind them as they stared at each other in apprehension.

Harry gulped when Remus came to stand in front of him "Close your eyes Harry." Compelled to follow what Remus said, Harry's eyes slid closed on their own volition.

Nervously waiting for Remus to do something, Harry gasped when he felt lips against his, taking advantage of the gasp, Remus slipped his tongue into Harry's mouth, stroking the inside of Harry's mouth Remus slipped off Harry's cloak and began unbuttoning the shirt he wore underneath.

Harry whimpered when his shirt finally came off and his chest was exposed to the cool air circulating the room, breaking the kiss Remus stepped back to survey his handiwork.

Noticing Remus' absence Harry slowly opened his eyes and blushed at the look Remus was giving him.

Stepping forward again Remus wrapped his arms around Harry's waist pulling him flush against his chest. Shocked, Harry brought his hands up to Remus' chest and clung to his shirt.

Remus groaned as he felt Harry's body against his, nuzzling his future tanned neck, sucking lightly on the flushed skin. Harry's whimpers had increased in volume and he had begun grinding against Remus' thigh.

Taking control of the situation Remus hoisted Harry up, forcing the boy to wrap his legs around the older mans waist. Remus grinned and began walking towards the bed, managing to toe his shoes off as he did so.

Reaching the bed Remus unceremoniously dumped Harry on the bed, bouncing slightly, Harry moved further up the bed, removing his own shoes and socks as he did so.

Staring at Harry, Remus began unbuttoning his own shirt, completely removing it before he decided to join Harry on the bed. Slowly sliding up Harry's prone body Remus settled above the bespectacled boy and leaned down to plant a kiss on the side of his mouth, slowly making his way down his jaw.

Harry's skin was flushed and his pants had grown rather tight "Remus."

Encouraged by Harry's moans Remus turned his attention to the boys' pert nipples, lightly licking the right one before blowing on it.

Harry was a mass of sensation, each action taken by Remus adding to the growing coil forming in his belly.

Soon enough both Remus and Harry were naked and Harry's glasses had been removed and placed on the bedside table. Remus reached over and grabbed the bottle of lube that was sitting next to the discarded glasses, and regarded Harry seriously "Are you sure Harry? We don't have to do this tonight."

Harry opened his eyes and nodded "Yes…please, don't stop! Just…go slow."

Nodding Remus slowly moved down Harry's body, stopping when his fingers reached the ring of Harry's anus, slowly circling the taut ring on muscles, Remus looked at Harry for approval before slowly pushing his finger in.

Harry could only gasp as his body was rocked by the sensation, and as more of Remus' fingers joined his first to stretch Harry's passage, the more the coil of sensation grew in Harry's belly.

Harry was writhing on the bed, still riding the high that was his prostate when Remus finally, slowly, entered him completely. Harry gasped at the sensation of Remus connected with him so deeply, so intimately.

Remus stilled for a moment, waiting for Harry's signal to move, Harry looked up at his mate and smiled, wiggling his hips slightly to signal his readiness. Remus grinned and slowly began to thrust into Harry's willing body, gaining speed and momentum as they continued.

Harry cried out as Remus continued to hit his sweet spot with every thrust, his hands tightened on the sheet beneath him as the coil in his belly tightened and finally burst "Remus!!!"

Remus groaned as he felt the walls around his erection tighten as Harry climaxed and with two more thrust Remus sunk his teeth into Harry's neck and climaxed within his new mate.

Harry groaned as he felt Remus collapse on top of him, his teeth leaving the bite mark on his neck, too tired to ask Remus about the bite Harry allowed sleep to claim him.

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