Author's Note: Honestly, I really wish I owe POTC, but I don't, so yeah. I don't owe it so don't sue. The chapters are very short, so it won't take you a long time to read. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

The Beginning

A woman of about 21 walks up on stage

Candy- Hello everybody! And welcome to an all new season of How Long Can They TAKE It? I'm your host, Candy Counterman! This season is different, instead of having many people, we will stick with the game group! (Giggles) Oooo! This is SO exciting! Now the rules-

Somewhere backstage

Will Turner- Is it me, or is that woman a bit too creepy?

Elizabeth Swann looks over at Jack Sparrow who's dancing with a jelly doughnut and singing Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back"

Elizabeth- It depends who you're comparing it with.

Will- Oh so true.

Jack- I'm bringing sexy back! YEAH! Those other boys-

Jack takes a bite of the doughnut and spills jelly all over himself. Immediately, two woman rush up to him and start rubbing the jelly with Tide-a-way.

Jack- (continues) munt mo mow mo mact!

Tia Dalma- Jack, you can't sing for your life.

Jack- (ignoring Tia and finally swallowing the remains of the doughnut) Oh yeah?

Pirates- YEAH!

Jack- Where's ol' Davy and Barbossa? I think it'll be best if we change the subject..

Pirates- (in unison) GOOD CHOICE!

Cotton's Parrot- No idea! Wind in the sails, Jack is an idiot!

Jack takes a minute to think out what the parrot said. After he's done he opens him mouth to say something back when-


Mr. Gibbs- We're on.

Some backstage person- Break a leg.

Jack- If we were really to break a leg, we wouldn't go on the show.

Elizabeth rolls her eyes, as the pirates trudge on stage. Everyone, except Jack Sparrow..

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