Title: When Lines Become Blurred

Author: Bitch Goddess

Rating: M for language, some intense violence and rape in later chapters, quite a few sexual scenes.

Full Summary: There is someone for everyone, a soul mate. For the Sons, it is a matter of life and death. Given one year after their ascension to find their female counterparts, born to fit them in every way, before they become an empty, lost shell of their old selves. Once a connection is made, the separation could mean death for them both. Caleb has found his in Sarah. Pogue is next in line.

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Just a warning, the first couple of chapters have a lot of sexual stuff in them to show the extreme effect that the Sons' partners have on them at the very first meeting. Any other language used will be translated at the end. Please review if you enjoy.


Bitch Goddess

Chapter 1: Awkwardness Here, There, & Everywhere

'Maybe it's time to check out something new.' Sarah vividly remembered Kate saying that a little over two months ago as she climbed into bed after the fight with Pogue about Chase. At the time she had ignored Kate's comment, laughing at her seeming idiocy, but now as she watched Pogue looking at Kate with a longing look in his eyes as she sat two tables away in the cafeteria all but sitting in her new boyfriends' lap, she knew she'd been wrong to underestimate her friend.

"Dude, quit starin' at her!" Reid's voice cut into the silence that had settled since Kate had passed by the table, ignoring all of them but Sarah. "She's gonna get a restraining order on your ass! It's over, just let it go, man."

For a moment they were unsure that Pogue had heard Reid, but then he turned and looked at Reid over his shoulder with a look of utmost hurt on his face before standing and sulking out of the cafeteria.

"Nice going." Tyler said, elbowing Reid in the side.

"What was that for?" Reid whined, rubbing his injured ribs.

"Tact, consideration, friendship. Look 'em up, man." Caleb said before he and Sarah left, shaking their heads at the height of Reid's stupidity.

"He just needs a new girl. A good fuck." Reid commented to Tyler who simply shook his head as well.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Charlotte Hart knocked the barbell protruding through her tongue against her teeth as she looked frantically for her next class. She stopped dead in the quickly emptying hallway and threw her hands into the air in defeat.

"This place is impossible!" She yelled at the ceiling.

"Ha. Tell me about it." A voice said from behind her. Charlotte turned to find a blonde girl with friendly blue eyes and a welcoming smile. "You'll get used to it. Are you the new girl from Chicago?" the girl asked.

"Yea. Charlotte. Friends call me Char." Charlotte extended her hand.

"Sarah. What class are you looking for?" Sarah asked after shaking Charlotte's hand. She moved to look over Charlotte's shoulders at the wrinkled and dangerously near death and dismemberment schedule.

"English Lit." Charlotte read aloud.

"Me too. Come on." Sarah gripped Charlotte's upper arm and pulled her down the hallway. "So who's your roommate?" Sarah asked.

"Ginger Woolstead." Charlotte replied, trying her best to keep up with Sarah.

"Haha. I'm sorry. Get used to seeing new guys in the room every week; she's a bit of a...slut." Sarah said, trying to hide her laughter. "Hmmm. You're on Pogue's floor." she mumbled under her breath.

"Who?" Charlotte asked.

"No one. Just a friend." Sarah beamed suspiciously.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Pogue sat down in his respective seat next to Caleb, not bothering to answer the question of his well being. He glanced around the room, saw Kate and her new boyfriend and felt the urge to cry, or punch something. Instead, he continued his examination of the individuals in the room. His gaze landed on a head that belonged to a girl he didn't recognize sitting next to Sarah, talking quietly with her. Her hair was black, with a hint of dark purple at the top of her forehead, straight and pulled up into a messy bun. Her ears were covered in piercings, some in places that looked downright painful.

"Who's that?" Caleb voiced Pogue's thoughts, as he always did.

Pogue shrugged. "Ask Sarah." he replied dully.

Caleb responded by pulling out his cell phone, pushing buttons for a few moments and then setting it down on the desk. A minute later Sarah glanced at her own cell phone, spoke with the black haired girl then began responding to Caleb's text. Caleb's phone vibrated a second later. He picked it up and read the response aloud.

"A new friend." With a smiley face that winked next to it.

Pogue looked back down at the girl; she was still talking to Sarah, her face turned so he could vaguely see her profile. The teacher entered the classroom and launched immediately into the lecture, and Pogue, along with everyone else, settled down into zone out mode.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That night Sarah sat in Charlotte's room, sitting on Ginger's bed and looking at the wall's which were covered in pictures of Charlotte and various other people,mostly a blonde girl with sparkling green eyes and a mischievous smile to match Charlotte's.

"So, why'd you come to Spenser anyway, Char?" Sarah asked.

"Before my parents died, they had discussed it. They wanted me to get into a good college. When they died I didn't want to stay in New Orleans, to many memories, so I went to Chicago to live with an aunt. When I found out my parents had already made a rather large endowment to the school I went to the Provost and he gladly transferred me in." Charlotte's voice floated from the bathroom where she was removing her make-up in preparation for a shower.

"I'm sorry." Sarah said quietly.

"Me too." Charlotte replied, appearing in the doorway of the bathroom.

"So how do you like it here so far?" Sarah asked, obviously trying to lighten the mood.

"It's all right I guess. Confusing as hell. But everyone seems nice." Charlotte said, shrugging and disappearing back into the bathroom.

"Yea. Tomorrow I'll introduce you to my friends and my boyfriend." Sarah said, blatantly proud of her friends and even more so of her boyfriend.

"Righto!" Charlotte said, stepping out of the bathroom in nothing but a black bra, black booty shorts and a towel swung over her shoulder.

"You gonna head to the showers?" Sarah asked, standing.

"Yea. I need to relax. First days are tough." Charlotte said, rolling her neck and wincing.

"Alright. See ya tomorrow." Sarah said, giving Charlotte a quick hug and heading for the door. "Oh, and by the way try to avoid any blonde guys...especially ones with a pierced ear." she was out the door before Charlotte could question her.

After the confusion faded Charlotte reached back to take off the black ribbon tied around her neck before she to headed out the door.

She walked down the silent hallway, surprised at the emptiness of it at only 10 o'clock. As she neared the hallway the showers were on she heard a yelp then maniacal laughter before a blonde boy came bolting around the corner, a towel in his hand, and disappeared down the hallway.

Confused, but unfazed Charlotte shook her head and went to turn down the hallway the boy had just come from. In the millisecond before the turn was completed she heard,

"Reid! Give me back the damn towel!"

Before she could register the words the turn was made and a sight greeted her that nearly knocked her on her ass. A boy stood in front of her, nothing surprising there, except he stood there butt naked.

Before she could stop herself she began a slow visual examination of him. He had long hair that fell in damp clumps around his face. His face was strong and handsome, big golden brown eyes and a mouth that brought thoughts to her head she didn't care to acknowledge. His neck was thick, the veins and tendons obvious, and a black necklace was wrapped around it. His chest and abs looked to be chiseled from stone, the muscles blatantly obvious even in his relaxed state, he was all hard angles and smooth skin, not a hair on his chest or stomach. Unable to stop them her eyes traveled even lower and fell on something that made more unwanted thoughts flood her mind and an unsettling dampness to set up shop between her own legs. She forced her gaze lower to discover that even his legs were heavily muscled.

She finally brought her gaze back up to his face only to find his eyes examining her body the way she had just analyzed his. The way his eyes slid over her body made the dampness increase to more than just discomfort. Movement caught her eye and she looked back down at his, erm...package and found that it had nearly doubled in size and was now shamelessly showing his desire for her. The size of him made her knees wobble and the dampness begin to throb almost painfully. After another quick once over she decided she had some kind of god standing in front of her.

Pogue froze, unable to move as the girl turned the corner and saw him standing there in his birthday suit. After only a second her eyes began to examine him thoroughly, he couldn't help but follow her lead.

Her face was soft, eyes an unworldly color of dark purple, full, pouty lips that sent shivers down his spine. Her bangs were colored with dark purple, royal blue and light blue. Full breasts that teasingly threatened to fall out of the skimpy bra she was wearing. A silver snake bracelet with onyx eyes wrapped from outer forearm to the back of her right hand. Her stomach was flat and a Celtic Knot in black and purple spanning her lower belly from hip to hip. A barbell with a line of amethyst and onyx stones hanging down pierced her belly button. Black booty shorts hung dangerously low on her hips, her long, shapely legs protruding from them trailing down to daintily arched feet. A snake tatoo circled her right ankle just above the bone.

As he looked her over he could feel himself getting hard, but was surprisingly unashamed of it. When he looked back up and saw her hair and piercing covered ears he realized it was the girl who'd been sitting with Sarah earlier that day.

Finally their eyes met full on and he saw that her eyes weren't just purple, but streaked with silver and rimmed in turquoise. He saw desire in her eyes and knew his eyes, and something else, mirrored the emotion.

"Hello." Her voice, husky and dulcet with a southern drawl, shook dangerously.

"Hi." Pogue responded, for the first time realizing the awkwardness of the situation. "This is rather awkward as I seem to be...devoid of clothing."

The girl closed her eyes and took a sharp in take of breath.

The sound of his voice, deep and all velvety seduction, nearly sent Charlotte to her knees and over the edge of orgasm. She had to close her eyes briefly to get control of herself, as much as she possibly could which wasn't a significant amount.

"Slightly, yes." she said, opening her eyes, being careful to focus her gaze on his, which seemed to be the lesser or two evils.

"You wouldn't be feeling generous would you?" He asked, his face shifting to a near pleading look.

Charlotte's eyes widened and took a quick glance at the appendage that was the cause of her discomfort before looking into his eyes. "What exactly do you mean?" she asked, her voice curious.

He looked down at his erection, jumped slightly and made a vain attempt to cover it. "Your towel, can I borrow it? My room's just right around the corner. You can have it back in just a second." he said.

The thought of the towel touching his body and then being wrapped around her own body made her throb even more. "Sure." she said. She pulled the towel off her shoulder and slowly walked towards him.

The second her legs parted Pogue could smell her arousal and he felt his erection jump, begging him to take her right there in the hallway. When she reached him, arm outstretched, towel in hand, he was biting his tongue so hard he could taste blood.

"Thanks." he said quietly. As he took the towel he could smell the perfume she wore, sweet and tangy, mixed with her musk and he nearly lost control. "I'll be right back."

He wrapped the towel around himself and hurried to his room. Once away from her it dawned on him he had never reacted that fast to a girl that way. He didn't even know her and truth be told she wasn't the most attractive girl on campus, yet he felt an uncontrollable urge to make her his completely.

"What the hell..." Charlotte said to herself when she knew the boy was out of earshot.

She clamped her legs together in an attempt to calm herself, but only succeeded in making it worse, causing her to moan. She had never reacted to a man this way, not even when they were trying to get a reaction.

"You ok?" the boys voice caught her off guard and she quickly stood up straight again, trying to ignore the throbbing between her legs.

"Fine." she lied.

He had thrown on a pair of sweat pants, though they did nothing to hide the erection, but had not bothered with a shirt, much to Charlotte's...excitement or dismay, she hadn't decided yet.

"Uh, thanks." he held out the now slightly damp towel.

As she reached out to take the towel she realized how much taller he was than her, he had more than a foot on her, easy. As she grabbed the towel a warm sensation spread up through her arm, down into her torso and settled between her legs, making it nearly impossible to not jump the boy right there. She nearly trembled at the raw power and strength that seeped from him into her fingers, she wasn't sure if she was frightened or even more aroused.

"You're welcome." she whispered.

"Well, I'll...I'll see ya around." the boy said, moving forward a step.

"Yea. Sure. Great." Charlotte could barely think as his scent, heavy and pure male, enveloped her.

They stared at one another for what seemed like an eternity before they dropped their gazes in unison and turned to walk down the hallway.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Charlotte sat at the cafeteria table with Sarah and Caleb, who she had met a few minutes before, but wasn't listening to the conversation they were having. No matter how hard she tried she couldn't get the guy from the hallway off her mind, even in her sleep. She had dreamt of him all night long, only in the dreams rather than walking away he had done a number of very pleasing things that left Charlotte having to slip a hand into her clothing more than once through out the night. As a result her hair hung limp and lifeless around her face, having only had a brush run through it that morning. Mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow were smeared unceremoniously around her eyes. Her clothes were wrinkled and askew from her constant attempt to escape the never ending heat she'd been enveloped in since the meeting.

She forced herself out of her reverie and tried to listen to what Sarah and Caleb were saying. She was vaguely surprised to find that two other boys had joined them, one blonde the other dark haired. The blonde looked vaguely familiar, but Charlotte was unable to place him. She must have missed the introductions. Oops. She'd find out later.

"Where's Pogue?" Caleb asked the other boys.

"Went for a ride." the dark headed one responded.

"He's been acting real weird today. I mean, more than normal." the blonde put in.

"Who is this Pogue?" Charlotte asked suddenly. She had heard the name from Sarah a million times, but she had never elaborated.

"Another friend of ours." Caleb said. "He hasn't exactly been himself lately."

"Don't worry, you'll meet him tonight at Nicky's. He never skips out on Nicky's." Sarah said, a smile on her face.

"Nicky's? Local hang out I assume?" Charlotte asked.

All four nodded and smiled.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That night Charlotte and Sarah enter Nicky's arm in arm. Sarah was clad in a shirt that fell to just below her breasts, a skirt that she had borrowed from Charlotte that fell to her feet with slits all the way up the sides so it looked almost like a loincloth and killer stiletto heels. Charlotte wore a black dress that fell to mid thigh and hugged her curves, fishnet thigh highs, and black calf-lacing boots.

They walked over to the table where Caleb sat and flopped down in the chairs. The conversation turned to school and Charlotte didn't notice the guy coming up next to her.

"Hey, man." Caleb said, knocking knuckles with the new guy. "You made it."

"Pogue, this is Charlotte. Char, Pogue." Sara said.

Charlotte turned and looked up, curious to meet the famous Pogue, and her breath caught in her through, the pretzel in her hand fell to the ground, and the throbbing between her legs began again as she looked up into the golden brown eyes of the boy she'd been unable to get off her mind all day.

"Hi." they said in unison.

For the first time they both smiled, almost sending each other over the edge.

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