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Moment #1: Welcome to O13

The silence was overwhelming.


Demyx was the first to speak.

"Shut up, Demyx." Axel gave the newcomer a once-over.

"Nice." He said. "Never seen a, uh, female nobody before. But you've got a nice--"


"Ow." Axel said, trying to ignore the burning handprint on his cheek.

"This is Relena, now known to you as Larxene." Xemnas said.

"Everyone say hi to Larxene."

-cricket noise-

"Oh don't worry Superior, I'm sure everything will be fine."

Larxene said sweetly, shooting a glare at Axel as she left the room.


"Shhh...she might hear us."

"Shut up, Demyx."

"You're stepping on my toe!"

"Well I'm trying to take some pictures here if you don't mind."

"Both of you shut up!"

"I wonder if she likes flowers."

"I can't see anything."

"That's cause we're hiding in the broom closet, you idiot."

"How can a broom closet fit all of us in?"

"Xigbar altered it you moron. Now shut up before she hears us."

"What are we doing again?"

"We're going to prank Larxene. It's the tradition."

"Do you think Xemnas will allow this?"

"Who cares about Xemnas?"


They were going to be extremely sorry.


Came Demyx's shriek as bolts of white lightning snapped at the heels of the running Organization members.

Welcome to O13, Larxene.