Moment #3: Midnight Music

Larxene tossed and turned in bed.

The so-called music was horrible.

Oh, my love, my darling!

Where was it coming from again?

The Melodious Nocturne's room. That's right. The annoying little brat.

Larxene tossed the covers off herself and headed for the musicial's room

Knock knock.

"Y-yes?" A voice stuttered.

"Open up, mulletboy."


"You got that right."

"Y-you l-like m-my m-music d-don't y-you?"

A loud snort emanated through the door.

"Heck, sure."


Demyx opened the door and tried to hug her.

A few seconds later...

"B-But you said you liked my music!"

IX protested as he struggled against the kunais that pinned him to the wall. His sitar had been carelessly flung out the window and promptly struck with a bolt of lightning.

Larxene smirked.

"I lied."