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There was a bright flash and the two headed bull demon was no more. The area around the recent exorcism was burned, destroyed, and sharp bones were protruding from the was ground. Naruto sighed and sat down and wiped the sweat from her brow.

'That makes three in two weeks there really getting restless down there'

They're your minions keep them under control!!

'For the last time I am the Queen of FOXES not cows, rats, lizards, or any other creature just FOXES !!'

Okay okay lets go before ANBU get here

Naruto disappeared in a burst of flames. She unlocked the door to here apartment door then shut it when she entered and flopped down on the coach.


She then got up and went to her bathroom. The bathroom was like most regular bathrooms except for puke colored floor tiles and broken mirror. She took off her now torn and bloodied clothes and stepped into the shower while the water was still cold. She reached for the soap but couldn't find it. She looked all around her then sighed when she heard a perverted giggle.

"You have less then thirty seconds to give me the soap or I'll kill you"

"How can you kill what's already dead?"

Naruto opened the shower curtain and came face to face with the ghost of the long deceased Kazuma Ryu, her great great grandfather. Naruto snatched the soap from the spike haired blond.

"I'm your freaking granddaughter don't you have any shame?"


This was Naruto's average life. She fight demons, exorcise vengeful sprits, and try to ignore the ones that want her to do things for them to pass on. Yeap average everyday life. After her shower Naruto dried herself and put on a tight purple t-shirt with a black skull on it and a black skirt. As she was putting her waist long blond hair into pigtails someone knocked at her door.

"She who it is old man"

The sprit did so then came back.

"Some ANBU guy probably came to tell you to see Sarutobi"

Naruto sighed again

I really don't feel like dealing with old fart right now

'Just go already it'll be like pulling a band-aid off really fast'

Naruto opened the door and silenced then ANBU by holding up her hand

"I'm going to old man already so don't worry"

The ANBU growled before he spat

"Just hurry up demon filth and treat the Hokage with respect!!"


In the Hokage's office stood Naruto, tapping her foot impatiently.

What's taking him so long " I have something that has to do with your family" blah blah blah "Father's last words" blah blah blah

' Here I thought you would be happy to hear the last words of you dear old dad'

Shut it Kitsune, you know full well I hate that bastards guts!!

'Whatever here he comes anyway'

Sarutobi, the third Hokage, walked back into his office while holding an envelope with her name on it. He handed her the envelope and sat down in his chair.

"I'm sorry I couldn't get this to you earlier, but I thought I wouldn't have to give you this until you where sixteen"

Naruto shrugged and opened the letter.

Dear Naruto

How are you? Did you become Hokage yet or did you make it to ANBU? I guess I should start by saying sorry. I'm sorry I can't be there to watch take your first steps. I'm sorry I can't be there to drop you off at the academy for your first day of school. And I'm sorry I can't be there to embarrass you in front of your friends and case off boys with a barrage of Kunai. I'm sure you know by now that you have the nine tailed fox sealed inside you and I'm sorry for that too. You see your mother and I have picked you to be the carrier of this burden and we're truly sorry. But your twin sister, Kasumi, has showed the signs of your mother's family blood line. The dead bone pulse (I think that's what it's called) and the Fire country lord wants his granddaughter and great granddaughter to live with him. I'm sorry I tried to convince them to take you but…I'm sorry my dear daughter I wish I was there right now to hold you while you cried and help you when you struggled.

You look so peaceful their in your crib and your mother is holding your sister in her arms. I can hear the fox howling and Kimimaro is telling your mother that her things are packed and it's time to leave.

Be strong and be the hero I want you to be.


Your old man Arashi.

Sarutobi was watching Naruto's face as she read the letter and smiled to himself as he saw her shocked face and guessed she read the part about her sister, but his smile quickly faded as she ripped up the letter and saw an expression he wasn't excepting.


Killer intent was radiating from the thirteen year old girl and she was shaking.

"They left me…they left me TO ROT IN THE FUCKING HELL HOLE!!!!!"

"N-Naruto you should be happy—"


Sarutobi could see the bones in Naruto's left arm start to deform and then finally a huge windmill shuriken burst from the arm. Naruto grabbed it and threw through the window toward the Hokage's mountain where it hit the forth right in the forehead and cased a cased a massive crack.

"I hate you…I hate you, my mother, my sister, and my fucking father!!!"

Naruto's limp left arm slowly righted itself as the bones reformed inside of it. Naruto turned to the Hokage.

"I want out…I don't care how you do it I just can't stand living here anymore!"

The third sighed and lit his pipe while thinking. Then finally after five minutes he came up with an idea.

"The chunnin (sp?) exams are coming up in six months and since you already fight as a high chunnin I'll make them your Jounin exam. And if you pass I'll make you a Jounin with special privileges like leaving the village for a maximum of two years."

Naruto glared at him knowing there was more to his deal.

"But if we go to war your privileges are void and can only be renewed after the war is settled. Deal?"


"Good now hurry you have to join a Genin team and I'm sure Iruka's announcing them today "

"Whatever I'll be your lapdog for now, but as soon as I exceed the rank of Jounin I'm gone forever"

Naruto then disappeared. The Hokage sighed and called for ANBU to fix the window.

Why would you put your own daughter through this Arashi…Yoko


At the academy Naruto sat next to Shino talking to him about her day so far. She trusted Shino the most out of all her friends since he was so quite and could detect supernatural things with his bugs.

"So your leaving?"

"Yeah, can't stay here anymore now that I know I was basically left here to die"

Naruto felt something in her lap and looked down and saw the floppy eared dog named Akamaru curled into ball. Naruto smiled and started to scratch him behind his ears.

"Morning Naru-chan !"

Shouted Kiba as he made his toward her.

"Hey dog biscuit I was wondering were Akamaru's pet was and stop calling me that or I'll choke you with own intestines"

"I love you too sweetie, come on Akamaru I prefer to live today"

Kiba stared to walk away, but noticed his loyal canine was not following.

"Akamaru come on!"

Akamaru whined and looked up at Naruto. She smiled and gave him her radius bone to chew one and shooed him away. Minutes later Iruka came in and started to list off teams

( Sorry but I really don't feel like writing the teams but don't worry they're all the same except Hinata is on Team 7 and Naruto is on Team 8)

Naruto let out a sigh of relief.

'For second there I thought you were going to get the Uchiha prick'

Me too

'Yeah and besides you already got one Uchiha why do you need another!'

Naruto blushed and fingered the black and silver cross around her neck.


Sixteen year old Itachi was watching Naruto on the swings while keeping a close eye out for anyone that would harm her. It was his job as her bodyguard after all.


He turned to her.


"A-Ano why do you always frown?"

Itachi sighed and sat on the swing next to her and watched the sun slowly set.

"It's…my father he excepts perfection from me and nothing less and it's driving me insane"

Naruto got up an sat in his lap, all the while blushing, and looked up at him.

"I-I can make y-you happy Itachi-k-kun if you let me"

Itachi smiled

"You already make me happy"

"N-No I want to b-be your wife…"

Naruto said the looked away. Itachi was shocked and mildly amused, I mean wouldn't you be if a ten year old basically proposed to you? Itachi took the necklace from around his neck and put around Naruto's.

"If you still have this when I comeback for you I will marry you"

"Really?! But wait where are you going?"

"Away…for a while, but I'll be back for you when you sixteen"

"Sixteen…that's six years away!!"

Itachi smiled and put Naruto on the ground as he stood

"Come on It's getting dark"

Three days after that the Uchiha Massacre happened.

End Flash back




"Come on Iruka said our Sensei is waiting for us at the training grounds"

Said Kiba and with that said Shino, Naruto, and Kiba left to meet their Sensei.


Blood red eyes stared at Konoha

"Wait for me Naru-hime I'm coming soon"


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