Top of the line.

Well, Seven has always been my favorite Star Trek character. Not just for looks, but also because I love that Borgness. But now the time has come where I have some fun with the, oh so, often heard jokes. However, don't get me wrong. While I do poke fun at a lot of things in this, this also is a real story; you could say it's just a different way for B/7 to get together.

If you have a problem with Seven being brought back to the personification of a lust object, don't read this. And with personification of a lust object I mean, basically a living vibrator; to be stored away when finished using. Just remember two things though. First, how things start isn't always how they end. Second, just like all other stories of mine, this one abides by the golden rule; stories must have a happy ending.

This story changes along the way. This was supposed to be nothing but fun, so you will see some lame ass jokes in the beginning. But, somewhere along the line the characters became more real to me and the lame jokes ebbed off, so don't be surprised by that change.

Also, for this to work you will have to ignore the fact that 'in reality' Starfleet would never stand for such a (mis)use of a living being.

In this story I also break one of the lines I normally have. Normally I never mention the word 'gay' in my Star Trek stories because I firmly believe that in the Star Trek universe being gay, or not, would be a total none-issue. In this story I do bring it up, but mostly so that I can use it to poke fun at the 'but that doesn't mean I'm gay' you see in some stories.

Rating; Adult

There aren't any full sex/love scenes in this story, but there some parts of them. There are also some other sexual situations.

Besides that, there are things that can be considered crude comments, but I simply think that between lovers, it's alright to say things like 'I'm going to fuck your brains out.'

Pairing: B/7

Author: H.W.

Top of the line.

By H.W.

Chapter 1

Janeway sipped her coffee and hummed softly. Today was going to be a good day, she could feel it. Life was going to be good. She nodded her head a little in affirmation. Yeah, good, happy, day.

Suddenly Tuvok spoke up, "Captain, sensors are picking up the formation of a Trans-Warp corridor." Before Janeway could even ask, Tuvok added, "A Borg cube just dropped out of Trans-Warp and is matching our course and speed."

"A Borg cube, out here?" Janeway asked, to no one in particular, before looking to her right when she heard B'Elanna mumble 'oh shit.'

"Captain, we are being hailed," Harry said after a moment.

"On screen," Janeway commanded as she stood up. She had never dealt with a Borg representative before, but it had been on her mind pretty much every day since becoming lost in the Delta Quadrant.

The screen changed from the Borg cube to showing the face known all over the Universe as that of the Borg Queen.

"To what do we owe the pleasure of a visit from the Borg Queen herself?" Janeway asked.

"Ah," The Queen said happily. "It is good to see that our commercials are also viewed as widely out here. The marketing team will be happy." Looking at the padd on the desk in front of her the Queen asked, "I'm looking for a B'Elanna Torres? Her address is listed as 'on that Federation ship lost in the Delta Quadrant.' Please, tell me you have her onboard; the address was a little imprecise. You are the sixth lost Federation ship we found."

"B'Elanna?" Tom asked as he turned around to look at the blushing Klingon... that is if Klingons did blush. "You ordered something from Borg R Us? But, why? We are so happy together."

"And I told you that you should stop playing those role playing games with Megan. We broke up two months ago; I can't help it if Megan loves to play the little Klingon for you. Just for your information fly boy, let me tell you, my sex life has been a lot more active since I have been single again than that it was when we were together, if you know what I mean." Looking at the view screen, B'Elanna added, "And you, your catalog clearly stated 'neutral brown packaging.' Somehow I don't call a Borg cube 'neutral brown packaging.'"

"Well, you would have gotten that if we would have sent you the 'oh yeah baby' vibrator you ordered, but we are happy to tell you that you were our gazillionth customer. Congratulations, we are here to reward you with our best product."

"Really?" B'Elanna said happily. "What did I win?"

"You, my dear," The Queen said proudly, "Have won our first ever sex doll model that we are willing to give the 'top of the line' certificate. I have to admit, when I saw this wonderful product, I was tempted to keep the doll myself. But, I'm a businessperson after all. Um, which reminds me, you still will have to buy the vibrator, otherwise you aren't a customer and we can't give you the sex doll."

"A sex doll?" B'Elanna said hesitantly. "I don't know, can't I pick something else? I mean, we have holodecks; I can create anything I want there. I just bought the vibrator for a little fun at home."

"But B'Elanna, with our sex doll, you can have ALL the fun at home. Come on, do it already. Do you have any idea how bad it would be for business if you were to decline our sex doll when handed to you for free? The word would spread. We are planning for this sex doll model to be the next revolution on the sex market."

"Well, alright then," B'Elanna said reluctantly. "But, I want full service with it, and the vibrator for a token price."

"Now you are just being mean," The queen pouted before suddenly grinning. "Did you ever think about coming to work for us? I think you would make a great sales person. Alright, you've got a deal. I'll beam over in a minute so that we can personalize you sex doll."

"Um," B'Elanna said, not really knowing whom to look at. "Captain, I, um, seem to have a guest coming over. Could I, um..."

"Sure, B'Elanna," Janeway said in complete understanding. "Just one thing though. I don't like the fact that you were in the possession of a Borg catalog. I'm afraid I will have to confiscate it. I want it in my possession in one hour, got me?"

"Yes, ma'am," B'Elanna said with a grin. "Um, you might want to check out page twelve."

"Um," B'Elanna said as she looked at the padd in front of her. "That's your top of the line model?" Slowly B'Elanna started to wonder if maybe this was some kind of joke.

"Now, don't let the looks fool you. This is the blank model, now we go change things to make her just the way you want her."

"Alright, to begin with, can you make her a him? I'm not gay, you know."

"What?" The Borg Queen asked before saying, "Oh, come now, surely you have thought about it."

"Thought about it?" B'Elanna asked. "Sure, who hasn't? I mean, every time I'm having sex I'm imagining it's a woman. That's normal, isn't it? So what if I can't get off unless I think that tongue belongs to a woman, that doesn't mean anything, right?"

"Of course not," The Queen said in complete understanding which was driven by the fact that she was the perfect sales person. "So what if you only sleep with women, or the fact that just thinking about touching a man's... you know... makes you want to puke. Doesn't mean a thing. Everyone in the universe knows; as long as you don't say it yourself, you aren't gay. You only turn gay when you say 'I'm gay...' um, that was only an example, I didn't say that and meant it of course."

"Right," B'Elanna agreed. "So, can you make it a he?"

"That'll be a little bit of a problem," The Queen admitted. "To turn it into a he we would have to use a different base unit, and the he unit is still in development. We estimate that the 'he' base unit will take another thousand years of development."

"What?" B'Elanna asked surprised. "I can't wait that long! Why do you have the 'she' model ready, but not the 'he' model?"

"Well, it seems that we have some major design flaws in the 'he' model and we estimate that it'll take us a thousand years to get all the flaws out of the guys." Suddenly the Queen smiled. "But all is not lost' the 'she' model comes with all kinds of accessories free of charge. Well, free for you anyway. If you want you can attach a 'lifelike' attachment. Just think about it, hon. Exactly the size you want, and it lasts, and lasts, and lasts. Doesn't go limp after just one shot. Perfect. I promise you, it's just like real; you won't know the difference."

"But it can also be removed right? I mean, if I have to go for a 'she' model, I want to be able to feel and taste and go inside and... um, but that doesn't make me gay you know."

"Of course not. It's just that you would be silly not to use all the possibilities that come with the model, right? Well, not to worry, as soon as you remove the attachment, she will be all nice and tasteful woman down there."

"Oh, alright already," B'Elanna relented. "Let's go design my sex doll."

"Great," The Queen said exited. "Now, as I said, this is just the base, so let's see what you want. First things first. What species? We have a choice of over ten thousand species. And if it matters with the species, what skin color?"

"Well, since it's my sex doll, I would say... human; I like how human women look. As for skin color, let's make her pale. White. I once saw this white woman at the Academy, and she looked hot, um, not that I was looking, of course."

"Of course," The Queen said. "Well with human you also get extra body options. How tall, and what about the body build? Do you want her skinny, or a little heavier? How about muscle mass?"

"Let's see," B'Elanna said thoughtfully. "I would say a little taller than me, that way I can look up at her eyes. You know that way I can pretend that she is a guy, since I'm not gay and all that. As for body build... I don't like skinny, but I also don't like overweight. I love shapely curves though."

The Queen took a moment to push some buttons to enter the choices B'Elanna had made until now and then showed it to B'Elanna.

"Great. Well, not to be picky, but could you make her middle a little smaller? You know the famous hourglass figure."

"I could do this," The Queen said as she shifted some dimensions around. "Make the middle a little smaller, but add a little to her butt. I have to do that to keep the weight balance of the model."

B'Elanna looked at the padd and her eyes got a little larger. "Don't you dare change that again; that's perfect! Man that's one cute butt. Not that,"

"It matters," the Queen finished for her, slowly growing tired of the ongoing 'I'm not gay.' But, B'Elanna was a customer, so the Queen was not about to point out that she got the point by now.

"As for muscle mass," B'Elanna continued. "That's kinda tough. Is it possible for her to look like that, just normal human muscles, but still be a lot stronger? I have this fantasy, you know, about my partner being stronger than me, way stronger, and I love playing into that strength. I then love to tease her, and play, until she's had enough and just... takes me. Um, you know?"

"Right, you mean he, and just said she because we are talking about the 'she' product," The Queen said. "Don't worry, not a problem. How strong do you want her to be?"

"Let's say... fifty percent more than me? That should make her strong enough to be a little bit dominant, and that way I can still fight her a little without having to worry about actually breaking free."

"Fight?" The Queen asked.

"Well, I am part Klingon, so I have to say that I kinda like that; just for my image," B'Elanna said, before saying a little softer, "But I don't. However, I do like to play 'one-up' from time to time. You know, have free hands that are captured, so that I can free them, only to have them captured again with a little more force. Stuff like that. Fun stuff."

Believe me, I fully understand," The Queen assured as she made a note of the strength level that the model had to have. "Alright, that's the base model then. Let's start with,"

"Actually, I have a question. How about maintenance? I mean, can I do the romantic thing and feed her chocolate? Or give her other sweets when I'm pretending to make up for a fight? Will that make her body change?"

"You don't have to worry. She comes with all kinds of implants that will keep her body perfectly like you want it. Due to warranty concerns though, I must point out that she will be made of organic material so she will age and all that. But, again, the implants will keep this at a level that is as best as it can be for a human of that age, since human is the species you have chosen."

"I guess that's alright," B'Elanna said with a shrug. "That way I can also play house and pretend that she is aging along with me, right?"

"Right," The Queen agreed. "Alright then, let's start with the details. Hair?"

"Of course, I don't like bald."

"Alright, hair it is. How long?"

"Well, I don't know," B'Elanna said thoughtfully. "I mean, I guess short hair would be good, it would take less upkeep, but I think there is something really sexy about long hair on a woman, um, not that I would look of course."

"Of course not," The Queen assured. "Well, the good thing is that this sex doll comes with our latest model of mind. Huge storage room, lot's of knowledge, and a full program for self maintenance. Trust me; she is fully self-sustainable, so taking care of the hair will be her problem, not yours. She just will 'happen' to like to having her hair as we will program it in to her base memory; which you will now make choices about. So I would suggest we give her long hair, but also the tendency to keep it in a bun unless you like her to have it different for the occasion you and the doll are in at that moment. As I said, since she has the self-maintaining program, she'll take care of her hair herself. She will remember how you like her hair in different situations and keep it like that to please you."

"Great, let's do that then," B'Elanna said excitedly, her mind filling with images of holding on to the long hair while the sex doll was between her legs, oh yeah. Keeping her own caramel skin and her black pubic hair in mind, B'Elanna added. "Can you make her a blonde; platinum blonde?"

"No problem," The Queen assured. "If I may suggest; if you go for platinum blonde, I would also pick blue eyes. I think it's a killer combo."

B'Elanna pictured the blonde between her legs looking up at her with blue eyes, oh yeah. She was nodding her head even before the fantasy had come to full fruition. Then she thought about other situations and changed her mind a little. "On second thought, can you make them mostly blue, but with green flecks thrown in? That way her eyes will look blue most of the time, but with the right color clothing or backdrop, they will look green."

"Oh, I like your imagination," The Queen said, happily changing the color just that tad.

Lush full lips came next as well as a broad stubborn jaw. Soon they reached the breasts and B'Elanna hesitated. "Um, this will sound silly, considering that you are building her, but, um, her breasts will be real, right? I mean, I like large breasts, but I find it even more important that they are real. I mean, large breasts should hang like a nice, half-filled sacks of water, and not look like balls that have been glued to the body. Um, not that,"

"You ever looked, right," The Queen interrupted. "Rest assured, since she will be created from organic material her breasts will be fully real and all human, no implants there."

"Great," B'Elanna said as she looked at how the Queen changed the breast size once scale up to there actually being a breast size. "Um."

One more scale up.


One more scale.


The Queen sighed. "Why don't you just tell me how large you want them?"

"Why don't you just start with the biggest realistic size and we'll go down from there," B'Elanna said a little sheepishly.

"Well," The Queen said a little thoughtfully. "I'll be confined by the waist size you wanted, and the fact that I can't touch the butt. Larger breasts need a bigger counterbalance, you know. So, if I can't change those two, the best I'll be able to do for you will be a 36-D."

"Perfect," B'Elanna said right away. "But all real, right?"

"As I said," The Queen affirmed. "Trust me, they're all real."

Lower they went and B'Elanna spent almost twenty minutes while driving the Queen wild with designing the bellybutton in just the right way. Then came the question again; "Hair?"

"Um, let's hold up on that option for a second."

"Alright," The Queen said with a frown before they went lower and B'Elanna actually spent over half an hour to get the sex doll's most intimate place just right.

"Alright," B'Elanna said. "Now back to the hair question. Can you show me with and without?" Only seconds later came the firm and decisive voice, "Bald, most definitely."

After that only the legs were left, but the Queen's hope that this would be done in a moment was quickly dashed. Twenty minutes later the long legs were just the way B'Elanna liked them.

"So, are you satisfied with the overall picture?" The Queen asked as she handed the padd to B'Elanna.

B'Elanna looked at the padd for a few minutes, and tried to ignore the fact that the image of the naked woman was making her wet in a very certain place. "She is perfect," B'Elanna finally said. "Only thing I think should be different is the nipple color. With the blonde hair and pale skin, I would say that the nipples should be more pinkish and not brown."

"You are right," The Queen had to agree. She changed the small detail and showed the end result to B'Elanna.

"Looks great," B'Elanna said before asking, "I'm wondering though. Just how many will there be like her?"

"Well, there will be an outrageously large number of sex dolls, but her; she'll only be once. The image you just created won't be saved once the body is made, so the only way someone can come close is by redesigning her. There are also the things to consider that we are going to pick now about her personality. I'm not going to guarantee you that nobody will ever make the same choices like you did. But I can guarantee you that this person, once created, will be more unique than a real person."

"I'm glad to hear that," B'Elanna said relived before suddenly asking, "Wait a minute, there is more designing to be done?"

"Of course," The Queen said. "There are her personality traits, character, knowledge, stuff like that. There are also the implants. We understand that if you have a sex doll around you every hour of the day, you might as well use her for other things than sex, so they come with a wide range of implants that make her function more efficient in daily life. Again, due to warranty concerns, I must point out that some implants will be seen on the body."

"On the body? I don't know." B'Elanna said thoughtfully.

"It is your choice," The Queen said. "It will make her even more unique though. Also, just think about it. Give her an artificial hand that works just like a real one, and you have a hand full of convenient tools, that also has some very nice ridges on it." The Queen winked at B'Elanna while she changed something on the padd. "Here, look at this. Nice fingers. Very, very, nice ridges, and the hand still feels soft and warm like a real hand. Just think about it, B'Elanna. Just imagines how those ridges feel as she moves her fingers in and out." Another wink. "Hard ridges, yet the metal is pliable so that the hand can move like a normal one. We spent years on perfecting that alloy."

"It does have potential," B'Elanna agreed, not wanting to admit that she had just gotten a little wetter yet. "Alright, let's see a list of potential implants."

"And not to forget the enhancements," The Queen added while lowering her voice to a whisper. "Did you ever wonder what those people at the other table are talking about? Well, if you have her hearing enhanced, she will possess a hearing that will make it possible to hear things that are impossible for you to hear, and she can then tell you. Same goes for sight, and smell. The best thing is, enhancements like that don't change the looks or feel of the body in any way. Well, vision has an implant that comes with it, but we'll get to that in a moment."

With a smile, B'Elanna went over the implants and enhancements. She decided that as far as knowledge went you never could have enough. It was bound to be of convenience to be able to wonder about something and have someone nearby that knew all the answers... right? So the memory would be filled with all the information the Borg could stuff in one brain. As for visible implants, the most prominent one was still the artificial hand. B'Elanna had debated for a moment about the implants that would result in the clear visual reminders above the eye and the starburst on the cheek, but then decided that this would add to the character of the sex doll. Besides, the benefits of the artificial eye were well worth the implant above it.

"Alright," The Queen finally said when all was over and done with. This meeting had reminded her once again why she normally left the sales meetings to the people that worked for her. There were only so many three hour long meetings one could stand in which you would hear over and over, 'I don't know, maybe,' and definitely only so many 'not that I'm gay or anything' one could stand. "So you are happy with the final choices you made?"

"Yeah, I think I am. But, you did say that modifications could still be made if I change my mind?"

"No, what I said is that modifications to the mind can still be made. That falls under the extended warranty you get. You are lucky, because you get the model for free, you also get the full warranty. But, the body you chose, once that is being made we can't change that. It's organic material, and while we can reprogram brain cells to hold different information, we can't reprogram arm cells to let the arm grow longer."

"Oh, no, that's fine. The body is great as it is."

"Good. In that case we will beam the sex doll and the charge unit over by tomorrow. That way you have time to prepare for both."

"Wait a minute," B'Elanna said. "What charge unit?"

"We are proud of the fact that we extended the battery life of the sex doll up to where the sex doll can go 72 hours without recharging, but they still don't last forever. The charge unit is designed because of that. With the older model sex dolls there are a lot of people that store the dolls in the charge unit until needed. Your choice, of course, but if I were you, with what else you can have her do for you, I would just have her active when you are."

"Guess you got a point," B'Elanna agreed while wondering where to put the large charging unit the Queen was showing her. "I'll have a look around my quarters tonight and send you some coordinates so that you can beam it all directly in to place."

"Great. I promise you, you won't be sorry."

The hum of the transporter made B'Elanna look up, despite her plan. She had decided to act casually and had grabbed some padd to pretend that she was reading. But she quickly saw that the effect would have been ruined anyway. The blonde merely stood in her charge unit with her eyes closed. B'Elanna had decided to have the charge unit, and the sex doll, placed in her bedroom beside the bed; nice and close in case B'Elanna needed her, right? B'Elanna thought about that for a moment. Charge unit just sounded wrong. Something else would sound better. Padd? No. Seeing how the charge unit wrapped around the blonde a little on the sides, B'Elanna went for alcove. Alcove, yeah, that sounded alright.

She looked up at the blonde that stood on some kind of pedestal that was about thirty centimeters high, and she had to admit that they had gotten the curves of the blonde just right. B'Elanna's eyes came to rest on the chest of the blonde and B'Elanna grinned. Oh yeah, they got that right as well. B'Elanna couldn't wait to see the woman naked, instead of in the silver cat-suit she was wearing at the moment.

Her eyes drifted down the body, to the feet, and lower still. B'Elanna realized that the pedestal was some kind of storage place. She opened it and saw all kinds of interesting things. She realized that these were all the 'accessories' that came with the sex doll. Her eyes got a little wider when she saw some of the accessories and imagined their use. On top of it all lay a padd which B'Elanna took and started to read while she sat back down on the bed.

'User manual of Borg Physical stimuli product X44-65-HYUY-6343-7888-FGHH996-GGGH-74422DFG-7OF9 (Recommended short name 7OF9.)'

B'Elanna frowned at the name before deciding that she did indeed like the short name, kinda. "I think I'll change that to Seven of Nine, or Seven." Then she continued reading.

'Thank you for buying this 7OF9 unit. Rest assured that with this model, the first model ever to carry the prestigious 'top of the line' classification, you have purchased a product that will bring you satisfaction for years to come. Please do take a moment to read this manual fully.'

B'Elanna took a look and saw that the manual was over a thousand pages long and stated firmly, "I don't think so." Knowing that just like all manuals the important stuff would be found in the beginning, B'Elanna decided to read until she had enough of it, and from than on only call on the manual if she ran into a problem.

'Charging. Please be advised that the unit 7OF9 (named only 'the unit' from now on) has to be fully charged before first use. A full charging will take approximately eight hours, but can take up to twelve hours the first time. After this initial charge you can check the charge level of the unit at all times by placing the unit in the charge unit and reading the power level on the screen. This screen is located on the left side of the charge unit. The unit itself comes with a build in power monitor, so at all times the unit can tell you what the power level is, and also give you an estimate on how long the unit can still function without having to recharge. Please note that this will only be a rough estimate at best and that the actual time remaining before recharging is needed can decrease vastly depending on intensity of usage.'

"So much for that," B'Elanna mumbled. She had kinda hoped to be using the sex doll that night.

'The charging of the unit is extremely simple. Place the unit in the charger; it will begin to charge automatically. To ensure the utmost convenience of the user, we have programmed the unit with complete self-sustaining program. Unless otherwise directed, the unit will go charge automatically when needed. For your own convenience, you can preset times that the unit will prefer to recharge at. This way the unit can charge while you are at work or at sleep.

'Other maintenance. Of course, the unit requires periodic cleaning. Again, the unit comes with a completely automated program; all you need to supply is a sonic (or water) shower, or a bath, as well as cleaning agents like soap and shampoo. There is a small chance that the cybernetic implants will need periodic maintenance. While the unit comes with a full set of tools and a program for self-maintenance, we strongly suggest that you have a local engineer become familiar with the cybernetic implants.'

"Great, at least I can do that myself," B'Elanna said happily, knowing only too well that if a manual said that there was a 'small chance' that it was sure to happen at some point.

'Since the body of the unit is made of organic material there is a chance that the unit will suffer from any problem a normal humanoid may suffer from. We would strongly suggest that you have the unit periodically examined by a certified Physician.'

"Hmm, I guess I can take her with me when I go for my physical," B'Elanna mumbled. "I don't think the Doc will mind. In fact, that way she can listen to him go on and on and he will leave me alone. Perfect."

'Food and beverages. The unit comes with a fully functional set of intestines so the unit can ingest and digest foods and beverages as normal humanoids do. We would like to suggest that you check what is considered poisonous for the species the unit is modeled after. This because there is a chance that it is also poisonous for the unit. Note, the unit does not have to eat or drink at all, but it will prolong the time between charge cycles. With a normal food ingestion the battery life can even be prolonged to 72 hours.'

"Hey, wait a minute, you cheated," B'Elanna said, even though the Borg Queen clearly couldn't hear her. "You said that the battery life was 72 hours, not 72 hours if I also feed her." But B'Elanna really wasn't too annoyed. She was an engineer; if there was one thing she knew it was products coming with hidden costs. Besides, she kinda liked the fact that the unit could eat just like B'Elanna could. If there was one thing she hated about being alone, it was the eating alone. In the mess hall she could sit with others, but in the morning, or evening... Now she could simply have the unit eat with her and pretend that she was a real person and not a sex doll. After all, the Queen had already hinted at the possibility of using the sex doll for other things. There was nothing that said that your sex doll couldn't eat with you as well as eat you.

'Clothing. Clothing is optional, of course. However, the unit does come with several colorful form-fitting bodysuits. These have two purposes. First of all they are perfect to teas your friends with. You can have your sex doll walking around and being a lust object that everyone drools over, yet she is still 'decently clothed' with no viable complaints that can be made. Second, the clothing actually serves a preservative function. The clothing regulates the unit's body temperature and keeps the skin in perfect condition. When wearing the specialized clothing the unit will preserve energy and lengthen the battery life of the unit. They also keep the unit looking young and healthy longer. More specialized clothing can be found at: followed the link and actually forgot to breathe for a moment when she saw the price of the extra clothing. It was outrageously high. In fact, one suit cost more than her yearly salary was. It made B'Elanna wonder though. At first she had just assumed that her getting the unit was some kind of marketing gimmick. Now she wasn't so sure anymore. Maybe having reached a gazillion customers really did mean something to the Borg and the really did give her something that was really worth something.

Since she was on the Borg site anyway, B'Elanna decided to have a look. She didn't find the unit though; only a reference that the unit existed in a testing stage. Being smart, B'Elanna entered the full serial number for the unit and did finally find the unit in the 'platinum customers area.' Seeing the listed proposed price for the unit once it would be marketed, B'Elanna decided never to tell anyone just what the Borg would ask for the unit once it hit the marked. Somehow she didn't want to tell her friends that her new sex doll was actually worth more than the space ship they were traveling on.

She read on a moment longer and the only other interesting thing she found was a warning for the customer to understand that the unit would need some training to make her more personalized, but that this training could be done verbally. Which B'Elanna had of course simplified to, "In other words, I have to tell her what to do."

Deciding that she had done enough reading, B'Elanna put the padd aside and walked over to the unit. She looked up at the unit for a few minutes, all the time thinking that they had really outdone themselves. Every curve, every detail was perfect. There were some things that had been changed on the suggestion of the Queen, and now B'Elanna could see why the Queen had earned the title of best sales person in the universe. The Queen had seen the overall picture, had known that some details sounded great, but would just ruin the total package if actually done.

Secretly B'Elanna was glad that she had gotten a 'she' unit. To her self she had long since acknowledged that she was gay. She knew that to most Federation species, including humans, sexual orientation was long since a none-issue, but there was the fact that she was also partially Klingon, and that's where the problem lay. Same sex feelings simply did not exist in the Klingon species. It wasn't even that they did exist and were simply ignored. No, they really didn't exist. So B'Elanna, who was actually quite proud of being part Klingon, didn't want to be seen as gay, even though she definitely wanted to be.

B'Elanna had to chuckle when she thought back to how she had been playing with the Queen without the Queen noticing it. Once B'Elanna realized that the Queen was the perfect sales person, in other words telling you exactly what you wanted to hear, B'Elanna had come back time and time again to 'not that I'm gay.' It had been hilarious, and also impressive, to see just how many different ways the Queen had come up with to say 'of course not.'

As much fun as that had been, the underlying problem was still real. B'Elanna had never liked being with a guy and really could only get off if she closed her eyes and pretended that it was a woman. It really wasn't that hard. Fingers were fingers, a tongue was a tongue, and with that other thing... well, one could pretend that it was a toy. It was just that you couldn't pretend like that when returning the favor. But now, now she would be able to play with breasts.

B'Elanna grinned as she stepped on to the pedestal and slowly let one of her hands drift over the sex doll's covered chest. Very big breasts even. Oh yeah. B'Elanna was 'that' close to saying 'vroom vroom,' but decided not to since it just didn't fit to the situation.

Now she could have her woman, and yet pretend not to to others. She could honestly state that the Borg only had a 'she' model, but that the model came with a 'just like real' attachment for 'down there.' B'Elanna looked down, to the sex doll's crotch and wondered. In her mind she had already decided that she wouldn't use the attachment, but now she was wondering if that was actually such a wise choice. Somehow it didn't seem like such a bad idea now.

Somehow it actually seemed like fun to have a woman take her like that. Now she didn't have to pretend that it was a toy; it really would be a toy. All that she needed to do was chance the programming a little so that the yucky stuff wouldn't come out. Thinking about it some more, B'Elanna smiled. Yeah. If she knew for sure that the yucky stuff didn't come out she also wouldn't mind taking 'it' in her mouth, preferably, after it had been coated in B'Elanna's own juices. B'Elanna liked how she tasted, it would be fun cleaning that off. Yeah.

B'Elanna let her eyes drift to the other side of the sex doll, taking in that awesome butt. She brought her other hand to the butt and gave it a squeeze. Oh yeah, just right. A great firm butt. B'Elanna just knew that the sex doll would have an absolutely great 'rolling butt' when she walked. Of course, that had also been listed as one of the standard features on the design padd and she would have had to change that if she had not wanted it. B'Elanna had been smart enough to keep that feature.

Squeezing the butt made B'Elanna wonder. She moved her other hand back up to the large breasts and squeezed one of them experimentally. She grinned. Perfect, yet again. This was the only thing on which she had gone against the Queen's advice, and now she was glad she had. The Queen had told her during the fine designing that she could also change the firmness of the breasts. The Queen had suggested that B'Elanna went with 'Extra firm'; that way the large breast would always be in the perfect position to look great. B'Elanna had seen the point, but had decided that she wanted a real look more than a 'perfect place' look.

B'Elanna didn't want breasts that would stand out even though the sex doll was lying on her back. No, B'Elanna wanted some real movement. Breasts that hung to the side if the sex doll was lying down, or that fell forward when she bent over. And, of course, the ultimate, how they swayed when the sex doll was performing certain repetitive motions. So, B'Elanna had decided to go for the standard 'firm' option.

Feeling the surprisingly firm yet supple flesh moving with her hand movements, B'Elanna knew that she had made the right choice. Besides, B'Elanna was kinda looking forward to playing with the breasts and she didn't want it to feel as if she was squeezing in a bag of Plasma Conduit repair gel. She wanted them to feel real. She had gone to great lengths to have them look real; last thing she wanted was for them to feel fake.

B'Elanna was looking forward to feeling between the sex doll's legs, feeling how another woman felt down there. But she decided that she really didn't feel like figuring out how to get the bodysuit off the sex doll. So she decided to simply charge the unit and have her take the suit off herself. Of course, at that point B'Elanna didn't yet realize that the real reason she didn't do that was because it just felt wrong. B'Elanna didn't know it yet, but even at that point, the sex doll was already becoming more than just a sex object.

B'Elanna stepped off the pedestal and spent a moment looking for the alcove's power cord. She found it and quickly plugged it in. The alcove came to life, so to speak, by suddenly being engulfed by green light. B'Elanna frowned for a moment. There was no way that she could sleep with all that light in her room. A moment of studying the control panel of the alcove brought the solution and B'Elanna brought the light setting down to the lowest level.

"Computer, turn off the lights."

The computer did so and switched off the lights in B'Elanna's quarters. B'Elanna grinned. Perfect. Now the green light was soft enough that she would be able to fall asleep, yet bright enough that it would be enough that B'Elanna wouldn't have to switch any other light on if she needed to go to the bathroom.

B'Elanna spent a moment to strip and get in to bed. That would be another great thing about the sex doll. B'Elanna liked to go to bed naked, and also walk around her quarters naked in the morning. No reason to get dressed, only to get dressed again some time later. The sex doll wouldn't care, and wouldn't say 'but you can't blame me for thinking you want sex when you get in to bed naked.'

Sex, that would be another thing. The sex doll came with a changeable setting. B'Elanna knew that her own sex drive changed. There were days that she wanted it every free minute of the day, but there also were occasions where she didn't feel like sex for a whole week. For a human that didn't sound that surprising, but for a Klingon, going a whole week without was like an eternity. The scale for the sex doll could be set all the way from 'sex, what is that?' to 'oh yeah, I want it NOW.' B'Elanna would always be able to set the sex drive settings of the sex doll to her own sex drive. Perfect.

That way it would seem even more real, the sex doll would ask for sex also instead of just performing it on order. B'Elanna had hesitated over that character trait for a moment. She had the choice, either it would have seen 'always in the mood, just ask' or 'I might not be in the mood, but if I am, I'll be sure to ask.' Even though there was the chance that the sex doll would tell her that she didn't feel like having sex, B'Elanna felt that it would add to the realism of it all. It would be give and take from both sides. B'Elanna thought that this was a safe choice because if she really wanted sex now, she could simply set the setting of the sex doll up and still get it.

From her vantage point on the bed B'Elanna could look up at the blonde standing beside it, and B'Elanna spent a moment to do so. Damn, she looked hot. Yet there was something else as well. There was something about the sex doll that felt 'good.' Forgetting all thoughts about great sex, and having someone around that B'Elanna could simply tell to shut up, there was something that made B'Elanna feel that the sex doll belonged in her quarters. As if it had been the one thing that had been missing to make her quarters a home.

B'Elanna sighed happily and prepared to go to sleep when she got a message that the Borg Queen would like to speak to her. With a sigh B'Elanna put on her PJ's and a minute later opened the connection.

"Ah, B'Elanna. So, how do you like the unit?"

"Well," B'Elanna said as she thought about it for a moment. She decided to play nice. After all was said and done she had gotten the unit for free, so B'Elanna decided to let it pass that what was promised and what she had received weren't exactly the same thing. "She looks great, feels great too," B'Elanna finally said. "More than that I haven't been able to check since she has to charge first."

"Sorry about that," The Queen said sincerely. "Believe me, we would love to send out fully charged units, toys, and other products, but we can't. It's an insurance issue."

"That's fine," B'Elanna assured. "She is charging as we speak. I was planning on trying her out tomorrow after work."

"Perfect. That fits perfectly with why I'm calling. I just got the news that the Zamba sector has been opened for free trade. You will understand that I just have to be there to set up our marketing base. I'm afraid that because of the distance I won't be able to be back for two weeks. So I would like to suggest that you try her out tomorrow, like you said. If something is wrong, we can take her with us and fix her so that you can have her back in two weeks. If everything is fine, you keep her and we will be back in two weeks to see if there were any problems. I mean, the unit does come with a full warranty, but we never know how far or close you are to a service repair ship during your travels."

"I can understand that," B'Elanna assured. She understood that even the perfect Borg distribution system was bound to the laws of physics, and time. Since B'Elanna was looking at the view-screen she never did see that suddenly the eyes of the sex doll opened and that her head was turned, clearly listening to every word of the conversation. "I'll get off from work tomorrow at three. Give me time for a bath and then for me to try her out and you can call me around... five?"

"Five sounds good. If there is any problem, and it's a small one, we can fix it on the spot before heading out tomorrow night."

"Great," B'Elanna said with a grin. "Until tomorrow then."

After closing the channel, B'Elanna stripped again, and looked at the sex doll once more. Of course it still stood exactly the same; head straight ahead and looking as ridged as an iron rod. For a moment B'Elanna wondered. Maybe... Looking at the alcove's information screen B'Elanna saw that the sex doll was only charged five percent by now. B'Elanna sighed. No, that wouldn't do. The test really did have to wait until tomorrow.