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Summary: Naruto and Itachi are married without the Uchiha approval, though they disowned Itachi. The only one in the Uchiha that has any contract with Itachi and his wife is Sasuke and loves his sister-in-law very much…

Glory to Thee




Chapter one

The new kid


Konoha High School (senior class)


It was a normal day for the student at the Konoha High School. The girls were trailing behind Uchiha Sasuke and two in particular to fight over him at all time. The Uchiha was brooding as always about one thing or another when the teacher Iruka walked in.

"Good morning class," Iruka greeted the class with a smile.

"Good morning," the class chord board and it has only been a month in the school year. Then again it wasn't like a normal high school. This one was filled with rich students.

"I have an important announcement to make," at that some pay a little more attention to what the teacher has to say.

"We have a new student joining our class. She has own a scholarship to come here, so I want you all to make her feel welcome to our school," Iruka told the class with a meaning full glare as if daring them to say other wise. He motions his hand for the person to come in and introduce themselves.

In walked a girl about 5'5" tall with blonde hair that reached to her mid thigh and pretty ocean blue eyes that shows amusement at the student. She was wearing a black skirt that and a red shirt that reached her navel it showed of her figure nicely. She was black sandals. Except for some lip gloss, she didn't wear any make up. On her neck is a small necklace. Over all she looked beautiful.

Almost all the boys were drooling over her. Even Shikamaru, who just weak up from sleep, while the girls looked on with envies and jealous. One student by the name of Uchich Sasuke didn't hold the same thought as the rest, but he was immensely surprise to see this new student here of all places. Why you ask? It is simple because she is his…

"Hi, my name is Uzumaki Naruto. I hope we would be good friends with each other," said Naruto as she gave them her foxy grain.

"Well Naruto you can sit in front of Sasuke's seat at the back of the class," said Iruka pointing to the only empty seat that. Naruto walked over to her seat, but before sitting down in her seat she gave one armed hug to Sasuke.

"You will catch a fly if you keep your mouth open any longer," she told him in his ear. Sasuke automatically closed his mouth.

"Surprised to see me I see," she said that and massed his already massy hair affectionately before sitting down in her own seat.

After that little show the girls that a mudder look in their eyes that someone dared tough their one and only Sasuke and he didn't even yell at her or tell her off. Iruka sensed this and with out anyone spelling anyone else's blood he started the lesson for the day.

'Who are you Uzumaki Naruto that the Ice prince doesn't seem to mind,' went through everyone's mind.


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