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Summary: Naruto and Itachi are married without the Uchiha approval, though they disowned Itachi. The only one in the Uchiha that has any contract with Itachi and his wife is Sasuke and loves his sister-in-law very much…

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Glory to Thee




Chapter five

When the Run Rise


Last time

"What ever it is we will face it together," Itachi know whenever she has a feeling like this it almost always come true. He prayed to what ever God out there that would listen that everything would be all right.


The sun ray filtered into a modern looking bedroom. There were three doors in the room in total. In the middle of the room on the bed lay asleep were a blond haired girl beside a dark haired man. Naruto opened her eyes and looked at the bedside clock. It read 6:20 a.m., too early to walk up. She looked beside her and saw her husband sleeping while holding her close. She lifted her hand and brushed the hair that fell on his eye. He opened his eyes to her soft touch. Naruto looked deep in his coil black eyes and moved her hand to his cheek and the outline of his lips. He kissed her fingers as they brush by his lips and lifted his head to kiss her lips. He moved back moved his hand to let her free and fell back a sleep again. She shook her head and got up to make breakfast and lunch.

After breakfast was ready on the table and lunch packed, Naruto went to take a shower and get ready. She came back and wake Itachi as she proceeded to blow her heir dry and start the long process of brushing. She laid out Itachi clothes on the bed and left to pack for both school and work. Itachi came to the table as Naruto finished her last minute packing and joined him on the table.

"Are you going to be late tonight?" asked Itachi.

"Yes, I have a deadline for the new painting for Ms. Lane and a few other appointment for photo shoots."

"Do you need me to pick you up?"

"Yes, come around 11:30 and get some takeout if you are coming late."



Itachi gave her a ride to school before going to work. He helped Naruto get her staff from the car. Before he went back to the car he kissed her and drove away. Sasuke, who also arrived, as his brother drove off saw Naruto in dream land. He walked up to her and asked what she has for the day.

"I have government and economics right now and after that I am assisting Ms. Yuuhi," answered Naruto coming out of her dream. "What do you have now?"

"Same," he answered before leading her to the classroom.

"Hey Sasuke are you busy after school?"

"No why?"

"Can you give me a ride to the studio?"

"What do I get out of it?"

"Well, Garra and his sibling are coming over this weekend and I thought you can stay at my place this weekend."



During lunch Naruto approach Sakura and Ino and told them to flow her. They went to the empty art classroom.

"Ok girls, instead of you giving up your lunch for a whole month, I have decided, it will be two weeks at most," said Naruto and the two cheered. Naruto smiled in amusement at the two before deciding to burst their bubble.

"Even thought it will only be two weeks or less depending on how quickly I can go through this…" started Naruto before being interrupted by Sakura.

"What do you mean 'how quickly you can go through'?" asked Sakura.

"Yeah and why are we in the art classroom anyway?" asked Ino.

"I was about to say before you interrupted me," said a little irritated Naruto. "Well I am an artist/photographer and you volunteered your time. I am going to draw you for my studio and if I get client that likes what I do they might heir you or I might heir you to be my model."

"Wow, that's great," said Ino and Sakura nodded her head with star in her eyes thinking Sasuke will fall in love with her if she became famous.

"Good I like your outfit so you won't have to change today," said Naruto. "Now I want Ino to sit on the chair by the window and Sakura to stand by it and both look outside…" Naruto continue to instruct them to what she want them to do before she started to draw them with more elegant surrounding then the classroom.


After school let out Naruto met Sasuke with two of his friends Neji and Kiba at the school entrance before being joined be Shikamaru, Shino, and Choji. Naruto raised an eyebrow at this, but said nothing.

"Are we leaving or should I take the subway?" asked Naruto.

"Yes, we can leave now. Anyway why are you in such a hurry?" answered and asked Sasuke.

"I have a few appointments and a deadline for a painting that I haven't been able to finish."

"Oh…" Sasuke raised an eyebrow at this when Kiba elbowed him. "I would like you to meet some of my friends. This is Neji, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Choji. Guys meet my sister-in-law Naruto," introduced Sasuke as he pointed to each.

"It's nice to meet you," said Naruto with a small bow.

"Pleasure," said Neji as he returned the bow.

"Nice to meet you, too," came from Kiba and Choji as they bowed as well as Choji held out his chips bag in offering. Naruto took some.

"Troublesome… same," said the lazy Shikamaru also bowed.

"Let's go," said Sasuke as he drugged Naruto to his car.


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