Chapter 1: Forgiveness

By: Jellybeans4u5150

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What's wrong with me? All I could feel was this burning throughout my body. I wanted to scream or cry in pain, but I couldn't open my mouth to make the sounds come out, or even make any sounds at all. All I could do was think… think about something other than the pain... Edward. Where is he? Where is his cool touch, or his words of comfort? Where is he when I need him the most? Through the hollow ringing in my ears, I could hear smooth, angelic voices, but none of them belonged to my angel.

I woke from hitting the ground with a crash. "Ouch!" I burst out. I heard a chuckle from the rocking chair in the corner. I turned and stood expecting to see Edward with waiting arms, but all I saw was an empty rocking chair. Where was he?! I felt something cold and hard hit me and bring me toppling to the bed. I landed with cool arms wrapped around my waist. "Well that was interesting." I mused. The bed started shaking with laughter and it wasn't mine. "What are you laughing at?"

"You should have seen your face!" he said in between bursts of laughter. I 'huffed' and started to get up to leave the room. Kind of like déjà vu... (A/N: in twilight, right before they go to the baseball game and she slides off his back into the mud and he starts laughing really hard.) I felt his cool strong grip around my wrist. "Bella, I'm sorry. Do you forgive me?" How do his eyes do that? I sat dazed for a few seconds until I had an epiphany. He must have seen the light in my eyes or he was getting impatient. "Bella, are you going to forgive me?"

I giggled. "Yes," I made a dramatic pause, "Under one condition."

Hesitating he replied, "And what might that condition be?"

"Change me."


"Edward…" I pleaded.

"No. I refuse to damn you to this eternal hell."

"What about the agreement, if I agreed to marry you?"

"Well, then... I 'd have to keep my part of the bargain, wouldn't I?"


I started thinking, glad that he couldn't hear my thoughts. Then before I knew what I was doing, I blurted another, "YES!!"

"Yes, what?"

"I will marry you, but you're still not forgiven."

"Are you just marrying me so you can be changed?"

"No, I am marrying you so I can spend eternity with the man I love."

He looked, sad for a moment and then a light shown in his topaz eyes. He yelled so very loudly, "I'M GETTING MARRIED TO THE MOST WONDERFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD," He paused, then continued after seeing the shock on my face, "I'M THE LUCKIEST MAN ALIVE!!!"

"Are you insane?" I hissed.

"No. Charlie's fishing; I made sure of that before I yelled it." He looked wary again. "How am I not forgiven? I just said I would change you once we're married and now we're getting married."

"Because I wanted to be changed now. And I have my thoughts on how I could forgive you, but you have to wait a few moments. I need a human minute." He chuckled and lay back on my bed, apparently deep in thought. I grabbed my toiletries and a change of clothes, and headed to the bathroom. I let the hot water flow over me for a few minutes letting me think about what I just agree to. How am I going to tell Charlie and Renee? I thought about what to make Edward do for forgiveness and came up with the perfect plan before using my strawberry shampoo. I rinsed the soap away and reluctantly turned off the water. I blow-dried my hair curling it slightly with my brush, got dressed and brushed my teeth. I headed out of the bathroom and smelt bacon.

I rushed downstairs, toiletries in hand to find Edward over the stove with utter confusion on his face. When he smelt me come in his head looked to me with sadness in his eyes. "I'm so sorry." I pushed Edward away, and looked at the skillet and sighed. I turned off the burner and grabbed a plate.

"Edward, why are you sorry?"

He looked more confused now than he ever has before. "Because I ruined your breakfast."

"Edward, you didn't ruin it." I proved it to him by taking a big bite of the omlete that was in the microwave staying warm.

"You don't have to eat that. It's all burned and it smells horrible even for human food."

"It's perfect."

"Then why'd you sigh?" he asked kind of smug that he thought he caught me in a lie.

"Because here I thought the only thing I can do better than Edward Cullen was cook."

He chuckled. "You are perfect in every way, Isabella Marie Swan." I blushed a deep red.

He watched me eat for a while until I was done. I hadn't even stood up to take my dishes to the sink to wash them, when I realized they weren't in my hands anymore. Edward had them washed, dried, and put away before I could stand up.

"Have you thought of how you are going to forgive me yet?"


"And?" he asked impatience and curiosity taking over his expressions.

I blushed a deeper red then before. "I would like you to kiss me."

He smiled that smile I love, and walked over to me. He leaned down, his lips centimeters from mine.

"That I think I can do." He breathed making me dizzy before he even kissed me.

Finally, his cool lips touched my warm ones. I tried to behave, but you know me, I can't resist Edward Cullen and his kisses. I threw myself into the kiss wrapping my frail arms around his neck, locking my fingers into his messy bronze hair. His arms snaked around my waist as he pulled me closer to him, melting our bodies together. He broke the kiss, so I could breathe, then he continued it. After a good two minutes he broke the kiss and stepped back. His eyes black with hunger. But the expression in his eyes wasn't for hunger for blood, but hunger for lust. I was heavily breathing as I whispered a small thank you. He smirked, and then disappeared again. It was then I heard a knock at the door.

I walked to the door, curiosity burning in every step I made. I opened the door and gasped.

"No! Go away!" But the figure just smirked and grabbed me, placing me in nice car.

I screamed as loud as I could, "EDWARD!!!!"

Who was at the door? Where did Edward go? And what is going to happen next? Dun dun DAH!!

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