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25 Ways to Annoy Captain Jack Sparrow

1. "Accidentally" throw all the rum overboard. Tell him 'It slipped'

2. Tell him Barbossa's hat is bigger

3. Sneak up behind him and yell "Oh no! It's Davy Jones!" And run away

4. Dye his hat pink

5. Wash all his clothes and THEN dye them pink. Add pink glitter.

6. Dye the Pearl's sails pink.

7. Sing the Elmo theme song over and over again.

8. Sing "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family" And run away.

9. Come up to him and ask "Are you a eunuch?" And run away.

10. Say "I like Will better" And run away.

11. Put toothpaste on his face while he's sleeping.

12. Steal his pants.

13. Ask him "You want rum? Well too bad!" And run away.

14. Repeat everything he says, and I mean everything.

15. Copy his hand motions.

16. Ask to borrow his kohl.

17. If he says no (which he will) use it anyways.

18. Tell him "Will is better in bed." And run away

19. NEVER let him catch you when you run away.

20. Constantly steal things from his cabin and throw them overboard.

21. Sneak up behind him and scrub him with soap.

22. Blow bubbles in his face.

23. Steal his compass

24. Constantly ask him if he wants a doughnut.

25. If he wants one, tell him you don't have one and want one too.