Author's Note: Apparently you like this thing more than all my stories put together :)

Well, enjoy!

76. Draw a Black Spot on your hand.

77. Whenever Jack is "bad", threaten to tell his dear father.

78. Buy yourself a shrunken head. Take it EVERYWHERE with you.

79. Constantly imitate Elizabeth Swann falling off the Black Pearl. Do it badly.

80. Constantly remind him how he isn't immortal and Will is.

81. Draw pictures of him on the Pearl with Sharpie Marker.

82. Carry a sharpener with you. Sharpen anything you see.

83. Ask him every 3 ½ minutes if he needs his coal sharpened.

84. Sharpen the corners of his hat.

85. Sharpen his rings. I don't know how though…

86. Make all the sailors do a wave every 2 ¾ minutes.

87. Insist on going to SeaWorld and riding The Kraken. (I did that before. It was MAD cool!)

88. Scream "I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT!" At random times. Do it at least 82 times a day.

89. When Jack flirts with Scarlett and Giselle, slap him. Hard.

90. Make him cinnamons buns on Tuesdays. Make sure he eats all 50 of them.

91. If he doesn't, threaten to breed Krakens.

92. Pretend you're the Kraken.

93. Repeat this phrase, "They can suction your face right off…"

94. When you repeat the above phrase, carry a toilet plunger.

95. By Hell is Freezing Over: Buy him a poodle and act mortified when he tosses it overboard.

96. Go to Disney and insist on going on the Peter Pan ride. Point out Captain Hook.

97. Tell Jack that if he'll be really bad, you'll set the ticking crocodile on him.

98. Be his biggest fan.

99. Stalk him.

100. Tell him that if he doesn't kiss you, you'd murder everyone he knows. If he does, stalk him begging for more.