Got the idea from the IMDB thread "Things You Would Never Hear on Supernatural Continued" and I only use ones I put down. I was originally going to use stuff from the original thread, it was taken off, so I'm just usin' ones from the second thread. First chap takes place during "Shadows". I use some lines from the ep, but not much. All of these are one-shots that have nothing to do with each other. Supernatural belongs to the CW.


Dean Winchester watched as Meg knelt down in front of his brother and put a hand on his cheek. She began kissing him.

"We can still have a little fun," she murmured.

"You wanna have fun? Go ahead. I'm a little tied up," Sam said, jerking from her touch. She continued her actions, until, surprisingly, Sam found himself responding. I can't believe I'm doing this, but she's gorgeous, he thought to himself.

"What the---Sammy!" Dean protested. Had his little brother gone crazy? Meg untied him and the two continued their make out session.

"Um, Sammy?" Dean asked. Sam and Meg continued kissing.

"Join me, Sam. Join us. We can be so good together," Meg said seductively.

"Okay," Sam agreed instantly. The older Winchester stared in surprise. Was he crazy?

"Sam, what?" Dean asked. The younger boy huffed.

"I'm sick of you. I'm going with Meg," Sam stated. With that, Meg and Sam walked out the door; leaving Dean tied up and speechless.