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Hinata's Guardian

Chapter 90

"Haru! We could have stopped that mean lady!" Himawari said while scolding her boyfriend for not reacting to what just happened.

"I know Hima, but I thought she was after you. You tend to get kidnapped a lot." Haru explained.

"…That's true. But we have to save her; she'd do the same for us." Himawari said, getting a small look of disbelief from Shin. "Well I hope she would! Our daddies are alike after all so we can't be too different."

"Well, we should go save Akane, Noburo. Her attempt at using Juuken on me has worn off so I'm good to go." Ichi said before helping Noburo up.

"Maybe you two can help us save Akane, we're gonna need two more people to do this." Himawari said.

"How can you help? You're not even genin yet." Noburo asked in extreme disbelief.

"No but we've been in situations like this before. We're not powerless." Mika replied.

"What do we have to do?" Noburo asked, still not believing they knew what they were talking about but trusting them since they are willing to save Akane.

Meanwhile at the Hokage Tower

"So... Keisei-san, you claim you come from a different dimension and are my foster mother there, and your Granddaughter, our daughter in another dimension, came here by accident because she was looking for another Kyuubi named Akane, but came here because our daughter Akane is... similar, and you're here to find her?" Naruto asked, not completely believing Keisei's story.

"I know it sounds like something out of the Twilight Zone but it's true." Keisei told him.

"Why would you allow a 7 year old to know how to travel between worlds?" Hinata asked. "Didn't you think how dangerous that could be?"

"Of course I did, I'm not stupid! But Hima has a way of getting people to do what she wants. Look, the point is my granddaughter is in this village unsupervised and with her friends. I can only hope that by now they've learned this is not the Konoha they intended to go to. Can you help me find them or not?"

Before Naruto could answer, an Anbu wearing a weasel mask appeared outside the office window. Hinata opened it to allow him inside. "Hokage-sama, bad news! There's been an escape from the jail."

All of Naruto's attention was now on this matter. "What? How could that have happened?"

"I'm sorry sir but I don't know. I've been told only one prisoner escaped and headed into the village. Anbu are on search but we have yet to find them."

"Can you tell me who the prisoner is?"

"Most of the guards have been sedated by the escapee Hokage-sama. We've got medics working on them trying to resuscitate them ASAP. The medics did note that there were a lot of small wounds on the skin of the guards, which were highly reminiscent of bee stings."

"Bee stings?" Naruto and Hinata asked simultaneously before sharing a worried look. They both knew of only one prisoner in Konoha that could cause such damage.

"What are your orders Hokage-sama?" The Anbu asked.

"Have the Anbu keep searching for her but have them work in pairs and one medic assigned to assist them. Don't delay the search to wait for the medics, have them find the Anbu. We can't have this prisoner escape. Also, have someone find my daughter and send her here. If I'm right on who this prisoner is, she may be a likely target."

"Yes sir." The Anbu said before departing.

'Looks like Hima chose a bad time to visit a new world.' Keisei thought as she reappeared after hiding from the ANBU.

"What should we do dear?" Hinata asked, sounding worried.

Naruto sighed. "I have to remain here to give the Anbu orders and await any possible threats or ultimatums that this person may have. But you... can go search for her if you want Hinata. I know you'll be the best help possible in that."

"I'll come along. I still need to look for my granddaughter and I want to make sure she's not involved in this." Keisei added.

"No way." Naruto said. "You come here with a far-fetched story at the same time a prison break happens? And want to get involved in the search for the escapee? That screams bad news to me. What makes you think I'd do nothing about it?"

Keisei couldn't help but feel a little proud here. "You certainly do your job well Naruto to take that into consideration. But I'm not going to take up anymore of your time. You've got other things to worry about." She then shunshined out of the office.

Elsewhere in Konoha

Momo was hiding, waiting for a few Anbu to leave the area before she continued on. Momo was a kunoichi of Iwagakure and a member of the bee-using Kamizuru clan. She herself used a variation of hornets that had sedating stings, which came in handy in her career as an infiltrator and a medic nin. She was twenty-six years old with short brown hair covered by a pink bandanna, and was currently wearing a beige convict's outfit rather than her normal attire.

Akane meanwhile was struggling against the wax shackles that encased her hands and now her mouth. It was apparently harder than she originally thought. 'What is with this stuff? I should be able to break it easily and it's not even cracking. Did she somehow reinforce it? I can't even do any jutsu with my hands like this, not even a rasengan. I think if I used my chakra cloak, then maybe I could get free, but if I do that, I'm running the risk of being seen by the Anbu, and I really don't want to explain why I can use demon chakra to anyone. I better save that for if she takes me outside the village. What does she want with me though?'

Momo kept a cautious eye and ear out, not having her hornet swarm around her to prevent their buzzing sound from drawing attention to herself. 'I may not be able to bring Shion's child home but the daughter of the hokage may provide a good enough bargaining chip to keep me out of trouble. Konoha has no Yellow Flash anymore so we shouldn't be so afraid to fight them now if they get mad.'

Akane gave Momo a look of 'You're gonna regret this.'

Momo ignored it and continued to observe her surroundings, specifically the wall surrounding Konoha. 'All ninja villages had brief gaps in their security, no matter how tight they are. Even in Iwa the guards can't be aware every second. I just need to wait until the security here gets thin then I can get out. The chance will come. The chance will come.'

And the chance did come, thanks to her hornets stinging the guards. One of them returned to her and signaled it was safe to move out but she better do it fast. Without any hesitation, Momo hit the back of Akane's head to knock her out and ran to the wall. Using her chakra, she climbed it and went over and out into the surrounding forest.

In the woods

"So you two know what to do to change right?" Haru asked one final time.

"Yes." Ichi answered bluntly. "Though I still say this is weird."

"Alright then, Hima, have you found her scent?" Haru said.

"She's this way." Himawari said while pointing in Akane's direction.

"You sure?" Ichi asked.

Himawari shrugged. "It's the only fox scent in the area. That's good odds."

"So... what are we going to change into exactly?" Noburo asked Mika.

"When it happens you'll see, I still get giddy every time I get to do this." Mika said happily.

"This is gonna be FUN!" Shin said enthusiastically.

"Shin, we're saving our friend from being a prisoner in Iwagakure. This isn't a game!" Noburo scolded Shin.

"Hey, the best way to do something is to enjoy it, so shut up and be thankful I'm helping." Shin snapped back.

Away from Konoha

Akane was limp, pretending to be unconscious as to not alert the Iwa kunoichi. 'Ok, I should be far away from Konoha that no one can sense my chakra flare up. All I have to do is break free, beat this bitch up, and go home. Oh, I hope Okaa-san doesn't find out I used a swear word, or I'd be grounded from ramen for a month like last time.'

Trying to be as silent as possible, Akane channeled her chakra as if trying to create a rasengan. The problem was Akane was basically just spinning chakra around her hands without actually being able to do anything with it. 'It's strange. I get all that training to get better control, and I still can't do this the simple way. Bijuu chakra is so much more-wait!' She stopped when she saw a small crack in the wax appear. 'It's working. Just a little more.'

'Am I imagining things, or is this girl getting warmer?' Momo asked herself. Her hornets started to get agitated, and sounded a bit scared. That made her come to a stop, and one second later Akane's entire body became covered in red chakra and she got too warm for Momo's liking, making her drop the young girl. "Damn that burns. What is that, some sort of fire jutsu?"

Akane got to her feet, the wax bindings on her hands and mouth crumbling as a red aura of chakra formed around her. "No it isn't. This is my pure chakra in it's weakest state. Had I been trying to burn you, you wouldn't be standing there right now."

"What kind of chakra is that?" Momo asked.

"None of your business. Now tell me what the hell you were thinking taking me like that! Was kidnapping my sister not good enough for you? For that matter, why are you not in prison? Otou-san said you were arrested and stuck in a cell."

Momo smirked. "Isn't it obvious? I escaped."


In the holding cells down in the basement of the Konoha Interrogation Ward sat a woman in a dull beige prisoner's outfit. Her name was Momo Kamizuru, a kunoichi from Iwa who had been captured by Konoha's forces.

'I need to get back to Iwa.' She told herself. She looked out the barred window and a hornet flew in, landing on her finger. "Is it time yet?" She asked. The hornet buzzed it's wings once. "Thank Kami-sama. I'm ready. Get the hive to work right away." The hornet then flew away and out the cell. All she had to do know was wait.

The wait was not long.

Momo used hornets, which she commonly called bees to deceive the enemy, that had numbing, sedating stings. When she was arrested she was stripped of her hive, but she did manage to make the majority of her swarm hide outside Konoha's eyes and built up enough of their collective venom to make a move. Now was that time.

The swarm of hornets entered the prison, not all at once to avoid drawing attention, and one by one stung the guards until they collapsed. Soon enough, they reached Momo's cell. Some of the hornets had grabbed a set of keys and went inside to unshackle her. It was a struggle to, but it was accomplished.

"Finally." Momo said as she flexed her now free wrists. She heard approaching footsteps, telling her the conscious guards had caught on to something going on. Thinking fast, she prepared a jutsu. "Ninja Art Wax Clone Jutsu." She spewed a large amount of wax from her mouth and it formed into two clones of herself. They both left the cell, one going left and the other right. "That should keep them busy."

Momo cautiously went out of the holding cell and coated her hands with a different type of wax, this kind being sticky and pliable. With it, she started to cling to the walls and climb up them like a bug until she reached the ceiling. From there she got to a closed vent and opened it. The fear of chakra sensing guards stopped her from just walking up the wall like ordinary ninjas would.

Momo tried to get inside, but saw it was too small for her. 'Whoever built this place didn't cut corners. They were prepared for a break out. But I can't let that stop me.' She dropped from the ceiling and spun in the air to land on her feet. 'If it's anything like a normal prison designed to contain shinobi, then the only way in or out is meant to be the front door. But there's always multiple entrys and exits for any big building like this if one looks carefully enough.'

She had to walk slowly and silently down the corridor to avoid being caught. She continued this and creating more wax clones to keep the guards busy elsewhere while her hornets stayed with her in case someone did find her. That proved quite handy as she was intercepted going up a flight of stairs.

"Halt or I'll-" The guard said before the swarm engulfed him and stung him into unconsciousness.

Momo scoffed before continuing up the stairs. "Why is it all the important jobs here go to the least qualified?"

Now the Iwa kunoichi was on the ground floor, the best place for her to get outside without the risk of triggering any seals that may have been placed around the prison. Iwa ninja were always taught that Konoha had some notorious seals at work in their village for various things thanks to the Yondaime Hokage.

One of the doors in the hallway opened. Momo quickly used a camouflage jutsu to blend in with the wall and her hornets hid within her clothes. A guard came out of the doorway and looked to be wiping his hands dry. Luckily for Momo he walked away from her and never noticed her, giving her the chance to get in the room he just exited.

'As I suspected, this is the guards lavatory, so there probably aren't any escape preventing seals here. Why would anyone try to escape thru this room after all?' She told herself, eyes scanning the room to ensure she was the only one inside, which she was. With that, she released the camouflage jutsu and opened the window. It would be a tight fit, but Momo was slender enough to get thru this opening.

Momo first had her hornets go outside and keep watch for any guards. After getting no alert from the swarm, she crawled out the window, having to squirm a bit when her waist was pinched in the process. But she got out and landed on the ground below on her feet.

End Flashback

"Konoha's security sure isn't up to the hype Iwa gives it credit for." Momo stated.

"Even so, that still doesn't explain why you had to take me." Akane reminded the Iwa kunoichi.

"You're a ninja, so you must understand that when I was after Shion's child I was just following orders. Orders I now have doubts about. I'm no longer certain whether they were valid or not. If they were, I'll be in trouble for failing my mission. If they weren't, I'll still be in trouble for going along with them. Bringing you will be my saving grace."

Akane glared, her eyes briefly flashing red. "What on earth makes you think that?"

"You're the daughter of the hokage. Tsuchikage-sama would enjoy having you as a bargaining chip to gain a sort of leverage over your village. That's an advantage no village leader could resist." Momo justified.

Akane's eyes turned red with black slits. "Big mistake you idiot. I've got connections in Iwa and the other villages. Trying to take me prisoner in them is suicide." 'My cousins in Iwa would NEVER allow me to be treated that way in their own home.'

Momo managed to keep up a tough front, but deep down she was panicking at the KI this preteen girl was radiating. "You're bluffing. No one has that much influence over other villages."

"I have family in your village, and I've met the tsuchikage. Nice woman by the way, one hell of a sparring partner. So your plan is as likely to succeed as a bird with one wing is likely to fly." Akane replied.

Momo frowned. "Liar! There's no way anything you just said is true. I will succeed here."

Akane flexed her claws. "You're going to have to trap me again."

Momo scoffed. "Hokage's daughter or not, you are still just a genin, and I am a jounin. What can you possibly do?"

"I can kill you." Akane stated, withdrawing her chakra aura as to avoid drawing attention to herself from potentially arriving Anbu. Her red eyes and claws remained though.

Without the red chakra cloak, Momo now looked unimpressed. "And I can poison you."

Hundreds of hornets came rushing and stung Akane all at once as she tried to fight them off. Before Akane could recreate her cloak, the hornets managed to get a large collective amount of poison injected into her body. Akane's chakra would usually burn away most poisons, but so far only when she has been injected with smaller doses. The amount her body is dealing with now is enough that most would still burn away, but the rest would still be in her system long enough to visibly hurt her and knock her out. Had she been older, this would not be a problem.

Akane struggled as much as she could, but her body slowed down and her legs had a hard time supporting herself. 'Dammit, their toxins are getting to me. My venom tolerance must not be enough for this dosage or type.' Thinking quickly, she called back her chakra cloak, which was weaker this time but enough to keep the hornets from stinging her more.

"Nice defense, but how long you gonna keep that up?" Momo taunted.

Akane was starting to sweat. 'I need something better to get rid of these annoying bees and her, but it doesn't look like I can fight for long. I better end it quick.' She did the snake, pig, rabbit, and dragon hand signs as quick as she could. "Wind Style: Cyclone Shield Jutsu."

A whirlwind resembling a small tornado formed around her, blowing away all the hornets and even pushing Momo back a few inches. It stopped after a bit, leaving Akane safe from the hornets and breathing hard as well. She pulled out some kunai and threw them at Momo, but the older kunoichi agilely dodged them.

'She looks like she can't go on much longer. Maybe I'll have some fun with her first.' Momo said before telling her swarm to stay back and creating three hand signs before hitting the ground. "Earth Style: Mud Wave Jutsu." A giant wave of mud formed and rushed at Akane.

'My vision's getting blurry. Not good.' Akane thought as she substituted with a large broken branch to avoid the attack. She didn't go that far; she was still within Momo's sight. She fell to the ground, trying her hardest to keep going, and soon collapsed completely.

"Hmmm, some Hokage's daughter you are. You trust nature too much." Momo said before picking up Akane's now limp body once more. Using her wax, she created another set of wax shackles to bind Akane's limbs again.

Meanwhile back with Himawari her friends and the rest of Team 3.


"There she is!" Himawari said while pointing in Akane's direction.

Haru had a look of determination "Let's go!"

"Stop right there!" Noburo yelled, with anger and determination never seen in his eyes before.

"Oh crap! Wait these are just kids." Momo said initially in surprise, then in apathy.

"We're here for Akane-chan!" Noburo yelled.

"Like you could do anything to get her from me. I can take on 50 genin, you're two genin and four kids, you're nothing to me. Even without weapons I can take out six little baby ninjas." Momo taunted not knowing she was in for a world of hurt.

"We aren't six baby ninjas." Himawari snapped at Momo.

"Were Six Samurai!" Haru cried

"Ippitsu Sojo!" Said Haru, his friends, and Noburo as they wrote Kanji in the air with the ShodoPhones.

"Ikkan Kenjo!" Said Ichi while activating the Henshin feature on the SushiChanger.

A bright light shined from the six children and in their places were new heroes.

"ShinkenRed, Uchiha Haru."

"The same in Blue, Ikanami Shinnosuke."

"The same in Pink, Inuzuka Mika."

"The same in Green, Sentaka Noburo."

"The same in Yellow, Uzumaki Himawari."

"The same in Gold, Ichinoshikyo."

All the Samurai kneeled while ShinkenRed stayed standing.

"Authorized by Providence, we are the official Samurai Sentai…" ShinkenRed said.



Momo's eyes were wide, but not out of fear or awe. Her expression, if put into words, would best convey the message 'This looks so ridiculous I'd almost swear I was on some sort of drug right now.' "What the hell is this? Some kind of stupid costume party?"

"This 'stupid costume party' is gonna kick your butt." ShinkenBlue told her.

"Ninja Art: Wax Bullet Jutsu." Momo said before spitting out several hardened pieces of wax at the six kids wearing colorful outfits. To her surprise, the kids dodged them acrobatically, like this was nothing new to them. 'Ok, the older ones I understand, but the shrimps? I guess going easy on them just because they're kids isn't going to work here.

Each Shinkenger took a swipe at Momo who used her Wax as arm guards to defend herself.

"This isn't gonna work, spin the disks!" Shouted ShinkenRed.

"Rekka Daizantou!" Shouted ShinkenRed.

"Water Arrow!" Souted ShinkenBlue.

"Heaven Fan!" Shouted ShinkenPink.

"Land Slicer!" Shouted ShinkenYellow.

"What is this? A Bamboo Spear?" ShinkenGreen asked.

"Wood Spear." Answered ShinkenYellow.

"Mine doesn't spin." ShinkenGold stated.

"It's not supposed to." Replied ShinkenRed.


ShinkenYellow threw her Land Slicer which honed in on Momo while cutting Akane free from being bound to Momo, ShinkenBlue fired the Water Arrow hitting Momo dead on after ShinkenPink lifted her up into the air with the wind produced by the Heaven Fan, before she fell to the ground ShinkenGold took the opportunity to use the Hundred Fillets attack before she landed. ShinkenGreen severed the Wax Shackles between Akane's hands with the Wood Spear while tossing her to the trees away from Momo at the same time, ShinkenRed set the Rekka Daizantou to Cannon mode ready to fire.

"Guys, your Origami Disks!" ShinkenRed yelled before the other Shinkengers put there Origami Disks into the Rekka Daizantou.

"Five Disk Lion Shot!" ShinkenRed shouted before firing the Disks which merged into a firery Lion that hit Momo…unfortunately it didn't work.

"Ninja Art: Hive Dome Barrier. One of my more useful techniques." Momo gloated.

"I guess I need to step up as well." ShinkenRed said before pulling out the Inromaru and inserting the Super Disk.

"Super ShinkenRed." Said the powered up Shinkenger before he inserted the Shishi Disk and spin the Super disk that became the hilt of the Shinkenmaru.

"Shin Kaen no Mai!" Super ShinkenRed said before Momo attacked.

"Earth Style: Stinger Kunai Swarm!"

Several Earth spikes that resemble Bee Stingers shot out of the earth at Super ShinkenRed but he simply swatted them away with his fire covered sword and continued his attack slashing at Momo's body. Momo fell to the ground clutching her torso; the wound didn't hit any organs but was painful enough that the victim was incapacitated. Keisei and Hinata arrived just in time to see the kids change back from being Shinkengers.

"Where is Akane?" Hinata asked.

"Over there." Noburo answered pointing to the tree branches that held the unconscious Akane.

"Himawari Kasumi Uzumaki, you have a lot of explaining to do." Keisei said in an intimidating tone.

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