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The first thing that came to Uchiha Sasuke when he finally regained consiousness was something far from guilt.

Crap, he brought me back.

And he was. Pain rushed to his head and then one by one to other parts of his body untill his entire self ached. He lay on a soft matting, alone in a dark room.

Guilt didn't seem to affect Sasuke. Afterall, the strongest person he knew didn't let guilt get the better of them, and the strongest person he knew was his brother.

Not only did he have issues with guilt, almost every ninja ignored the emotion that could eat away at their soul untill confession or atonement of your wrong doing.

But life didn't work like that for ninja, life didn't work like that for Sasuke. To him it was another emotion, that weighs people down.

Hatake Kakashi tried to empathize with his young student in his mind, as he waited outside the cell. There was only one door, and one window, but the window was unseen to the Uchiha and it was connected to another room, where the Hokage sat in silence. Waiting.

Kakashi slowly wavered his hand above the lock on the door, preparing himself for the worst. The first sight he caught of Sasuke when he returned was him unconscious in a private hospital room whilst Tsunade and Jiraiya bickered loudly about the situation as she rushed from him to Naruto, healing their wounds hurriedly.


Kakashi sighed, and moved his hand away from the door as he thought of his other student. Naruto had been eager to visist Sasuke, constantly asking questions about the boy. But there was something different in Naruto's eyes than before, there was no doubt the fight had been ugly.

That spark, that determination. Sure Naruto had won the fight, but surprisingly he did not look triumphant, he showed little happiness that he had beaten his rival.

Of course Kakashi realised bringing Sasuke back was not the end of it, and first off he would have to face the boy once more.

His arm robotically grasped the lock on the door and he stepped into the cell, his mind racing.

Sasuke sitting against the cold wall inspecting his bandaged wounds, wondering how long he'd be kept in the dark cell for and hoping it would be a long while before he had to face the consequences when the door flew open.

Light swept into the room, Sasuke squinted irritably, lifting his arms over his eyes.

He made out the vague outline of mad haircut that was slanted to one side.


As he stepped into the room, Sasuke lowered his arms, averting his eyes from his teacher.

From behind the window, Tsunade lit the room with a button seeing the jounin had entered . Sasuke squinted again as the room brightened, frowning. She sat back, watching the student and teacher. This was her chance to spare the Uchiha, the village would throw an uproar if such a young and unique ninja was lost to Orochimaru or even worse having him killed to ensure this wouldn't happen. It was her responsibility to keep such a potentially dangerous boy under control.

Kakashi watched Sasuke sigh, trying to meet his eye but the boy seemed to be avoiding his stare at all costs. He made no attempt to move, Kakashi stood against the opposite wall. Both said nothing for several minutes. Sasuke made no effort to start a conversation, while Kakashi racked his thoughts trying to think of what to say. All that kept coming to mind was:

I wish I'd thought this through…

Irritated with himself, he finally spoke up.

"How are you feeling?" His voice was neutral, calm. Giving nothing away.

Sasuke's eyes wandered the room, his eyes still looked tired from sleep but they were alert. He breathed in slowly and then spoak in a quiet hoarse voice.


Kakashi turned his gaze straight ahead. If Sasuke was trying this hard not to look at him he would have to give up on that for now. He had never been this nervous on interrogating someone before, though he wouldn't let it show.

"Naruto's fine by the way."

Sasuke replied in silence. He drew up his knees slightly, crossing his arms. For once there was no attitude there.

Kakashi cocked his head to one side. "Do you even feel bad?"

"Does it matter?" He mumbled, looking up at him. When Kakashi turned to face him however he darted his eyes downwards again.

Kakashi answered sharply, "Yes it does. The last thing you need to be doing right now is refusing to communicate. And… I need to understand this, Sasuke." His voice grew softer on the last sentence. Sasuke's eyes rolled as he scanned the ceiling.

"You're always trying to understand." He said slowly. "But you're never really listening, are you? I'm an avenger, that's what I choose, that's what I want."

Behind the window Tsunade leaned closer to the window, surprised at how forward he was being. It was the same speech, but there was much more to it than that.

Kakashi paused. "Okay, well I'm listening now. "

At that point Sasuke huffed, agitated. "What makes you think I'm suddenly going to start talking about the way I feel?" He sounded disgusted at the thought of it.

Kakashi once more attempted to catch the young Uchihas eye, but to no avail.

"Because it's the only way to save you." He replied sternly, quoting Naruto.

"You can't!" Sasuke's raised voice shocked himself. He gained control of his anger once more. "It's too late." He finished coldly.

Kakashi shook his head disappointedly, but like Sasuke his eyes gave nothing away. "I refuse to believe that, start making an effort yourself. For now they've decided to spare you, you owe Konoha you're life as a ninja, you're loyalty."

"I owe this village nothing!" He spat, his hands curling into fists.

"What would your parents say if they heard you talking like that?"

Sasuke's fury boiled inside of him, Kakashi realised he was at the end of his tether. But Sasuke could only seem to display his deep feelings in these rare outbursts, and so Kakashi wouldn't give him a choice to stay calm, and hide his hurt.

"What does it matter? They're dead."

"Don't do this, don't give up on life because of something that happened years ago. "

Sasuke swore and leaned off the wall. "You have no idea! You talk like you understand but you have no idea how he-"

Silence filled the room once more as Sasuke cut off his distressed outburst. Kakashi's stare pierced into Sasuke, willing him to speak up. Sasuke could feel himself starting to shake, he wasn't sure if that was due to rage or the fact his body was still recovering from his fight but it was shaking up his adrenalin and he found himself spreaking up.

"He was family. And when I was damn lucky enough to come home after the slaughter he decided to use that damn sharing and made me watch anyway… Everybody loved him and he betrayed us… You couldn't possibly understand that."

"Naruto can, afterall that's what you did to him." Kakashi reminded him, wondering where his other student stood with the Uchiha.

"He had it coming!!" Sasuke snapped, suddenly scrambled up, but collapsing half way clutching his side. Kakashi was immediately at his side, supporting him up genuinely concerned how weak he still was.

"Don't." Sasuke muttered sharply, pushing him off and turning his back to him before continuing. "I told him to go home, I pushed him away but he threw the first punch."

Kakashi started to become angered now. "You're digging your own hole here. Of course he wouldn't back down! Have you ever stopped to consider how other people felt at your leaving? Even our own Hokage. Have you ever stopped to think that other people are hurt too?"

"Oh yeah?"

Tsunade grew concerned at their raised voices.

"You, you won't even try to get over this anger, you're selfish I've had to deal with for too long. Everybody is hurt, and if they hold on long enough they can be saved. You've seen it for yourself in people like Naruto and if he couldn't punch that into your system I don't know what's left for you." Kakashi lectured angrily, and it took a lot to make him angry.

He was taken aback when suddenly Sasuke locked eyes with him for the first time, hurt and anger finally being presented, taking on his teacher's anger head on.

"You really think that's how these things work?"

"Of course not but in the life you claimed wasn't fulfilling your dreams was surely protecting you!" Kakashi shouted.

"Oh right! Well if that's true," Sasuke screamed back, "then why didn't anyone save me?!"

Tsunade sat upright in her chair. Finally, some progress. She leaned forward, listening carefully to where the raged child was going.

Kakashi's visible eyes widened, he was shocked into silence. All the hurt in Sasuke's life was being revealed in these moments.


"Where were you, huh?! Where was anybody?!" He turned to punch the wall, Tsunade didn't blink as there was a terrible thwacking noise and craks formed on the walls. She watched Sasuke lean against the wall, his chest rising quickly as he breathed heavily.

Kakashi approached him, after he flinched and backed away he slowed his movements and speaking in a much quieter voice.

"Do you blame Konoha for what happened?"

"Maybe, I don't know." Sasuke could manage little more after his hysteria, Kakashi had to admit it to himself, he looked exhausted compared to Naruto's fast healing. Having an evil fox trapped in your soul had advantages.

Sadness filled Kakashi's eyes, but when he spoke again he was back to his firm and fair tone of voice. "I have to go, I'll talk to you tomorrow."

Sasuke didn't reply, he knew he had no choice on the matter.

Tsunade exhaled slowly, watching the conversation was draining enough. She dimmed the lights in the cell as Kakashi quietly closed the door behind him.

Guilt is a strange thing. It's an intuition that tells a person they have sinned. It also shows a person that they know from right and wrong, whether they choose to do good or not.

Sasuke sat back down painfully as he heard the lock click behind the door. A wave of grief swept over him, he drew up his knees and wrapped his arms around them, hiding his head. He had gotten so used to hiding his feelings he would do it even when alone.

Guilt can consist in many people, whether they are truly responsible or not, guilt will form in someone who cares, and witnesses the unfortunate events of hurt.

Tsunade picked up papers in the secret room, preparing to leave. She took one last look at Sasuke before she left, but found herself standing there for several minutes, worry creasing her forehead.

Guilt may not exist in everyone, guilt hurts. It can be seen as a sign of weakness, but it depends on if someone chooses to show it or not.

Kakashi stood outside the cell, looking up to the ceiling whilst cursing Uchiha Itachi's name. Where had he been that tragic night? As a jounin walked by Kakashi quickly sculptured his face into a calm and thoughtless one, nodding at the jounin.

Guilt leads to hurt, and hurt leads to guilt. It is a part of life. Whether someone chooses to get over it or not, simply presents who are the strongest people. And the weakest, though they may run, will have a long way to go before they can atone.

There! The last paragraph was kinda comparing Naruto and Sasuke, and by the by when Sasuke asked why didn't anyone save him, I hope you all realised that he meant why didn't anyone save him from his brother when his family were killed XD Just wanted to make that clear lol