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This is the alternate ending so if you like the happy ending, don't read!!

Sasuke raced down the quiet street, street lamps piercing random circles of light onto the dark pavement, reflected the night sky. It was a full moon.

Not guilty.

They were going to let it slip. They were going to help him.

He had explained he needed some time to think and be alone. Naruto had told him he had been doing too much of that, and that was partly to blame for why he was so anti-social. Next to being dumb with grief for his dead clan for such a long time. Sasuke supposed he was right about that, but it was the only thing he knew.

It had started off as small and slow step, but as the sentence sunk in Sasuke felt overcome, without control and it scared him to the point that adrenaline sneaked out and before he knew it, he had been tearing down the dark and narrow streets, foot steps echoing. It felt unusual to hear the fast tapping sounds, they drilled into his head until it drained out his shaking breathe. As a ninja Sasuke had been trained to silence his movement. But for once he couldn't care less if the world saw him. He was who he was.

He was an avenger.

And he still could be, now that he'd been found innocent.

He had taken his forehead protector with him, but it wasn't worn around his head as so many proud ninjas did, it was packed into his pocket, shaking slightly with his fast running. Sasuke came to a halt, feet skidding on the ground as he dropped outside the abandoned section of the village as a memorial to the tragic clan that once lived there. His home. A large block of stone had been placed outside of it, marking all the names of the Uchihas. Out of breathe, Sasuke leaned his head against the cool surface, but his fingers rested on it lightly. He hated the memorial, he thought it was a pathetic excuse for closure and had refused to be seen near it. Until now.

Maybe he had been denying himself closure. Maybe he hadn't allowed himself to move on, even when he thought he was trying. But he just couldn't let go, not the way his brother left him. Suddenly he was gripping onto the wall so hard his knuckles were turning white. Naruto's actions made so much sense now.

Shutting his eyes, Sasuke considered his time keeping. He stood crouched in the position not for too long, his heart was racing but his mind began to focus. He gingerly repositioned his feet and slowly uncurled and stood back up, one hand still tracing the names as his eyes scanned for his parents. He found them, and whispered brief words unknown to the night and the rest of the world.

And then he let go.

Sasuke held his head up high to the night. This time, he would do things right.

Kakashi knew where Sasuke had been heading. It was so obvious he didn't even have to remind his feet where to step. Hands in his pockets, Kakashi stared blankly ahead. To the third person, he looked a lot calmer than he had done in a while. The insides of this complicated man however, where twisting and churning with shreds of fear and concern, making him sick. The Hokage had found Sasuke not guilty. All his friends had found him not guilty. Naruto, who had been pierced through the lung by the young boy had found him not guilty.

But what about Sasuke?

Kakashi was sure Sasuke thought he wasn't going to be given freedom. Now he was, what would he do? Deep down in the bottom of his heart, in the darkest place where the grief for all his tragedies lay Kakashi had always known. He finally stopped in front of the memorial but ignored the names. He looked down at the ground, metal shining up. The sun was beginning to rise, the dull sky being lit with hope for the new day, encouraging the world with its warmth and the colour it brought to the sky. But maybe today it would rain.

Sasuke had left behind his forehead protector.

And he had left behind his guilt.

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