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Godrick's Hollow was destroyed. The firemen were trying and failing to put out the blazing house. The police were trying to find the residents of the house; James, Lily and Harry Potter. It seemed like the firemen and police were getting nowhere, and this was very frustrating for everyone. Most of the house was still standing, but it was unstable and it wasn't far from collapsing. A man in his mid thirties was shouting at an officer, the policeman in charge of finding the Potters and the possible arsonist, murderer and or kidnapper.

"You call yourself a policeman, and you haven't even got a lead yet? This isn't just the work of your average ten year old taking a penny sweet from the corner shop!" John was getting frustrated; the Potters were a little weird, he had to admit, but they were also one of the nicest families he had ever met. Lily was very pretty (though he would never admit that to his wife) and she always smiled or said hello. James was good to talk to, a good laugh, and always honest. And little Harry was ever so sweet – he was nearly one. Unfortunately, the Potters had had a daughter too; Harry's twin sister. She had been terribly ill, and had never been out of the hospital in London, though John had never seen her he knew that her name was Jade.

"We're doing all we can sir. Are you relatives of the family?" the policemen asked.

"No, but I've known Lily since we were little, we're very close friends." John told him, "My name is John Pierce. I live in Long Ashford, the next village. I came as soon as I heard that they were in trouble; James called me in panic, then he screamed and the line went dead."

"Why didn't you say before? That is really useful, thank you." He jotted something down on the notepad he was holding. "Can you hear that?"

"What?" John was confused; all he could hear was panic.

"A baby. Crying."

"Harry must still be in there!" John listened carefully, and found that the policeman was right. He ran over to the nearest fireman, and told him what he and the policeman had just heard. The fireman nodded and ran inside the house. A few minutes later, the fireman emerged, holding Harry in a fire blanket.

"Um, there's something you should know about…Harry. He's not a boy."


"He's a she."

"A He-She?"

"No, he's a girl. Look." And with that he opened up the blanket.

"Ah. I see." John thought for a few seconds about how this could be. Then he remembered. "That's not Harry, that's Jade. His twin sister. She must have come home from the hospital. And…" he gulped, "Harry must have died with his parents."

"You sure?"

"It's the only explanation. Can you think of a better one?"

After the giant Hagrid had gone to surrey, flying on a motorbike, he had flown on to London, to St Mungo's for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Dumbledore had told him what to do, so he was just following orders. When he arrived he went up to a healer, and, as he was so enormous with his mane of black hair, scared the poor lady half to death.

"Ya wouldn't happen to know where Jade Potter is, would ya?" he said, taking no notice that the healer was looking at him the way she was.

"Jade's not with us anymore, sorry…sir." Then, thinking that Hagrid, who probably wouldn't hurt a fly, was going to hurt her if she didn't say more hurried off out of sight.

"Not with us anymore?" Hagrid mumbled, a tear in his eye. Now he was going to have to tell Dumbledore that Jade was dead. He couldn't bear the thought.

"She's perfect. It's the ideal opportunity, Lucy," John was sitting at the breakfast table the next morning, eating Weetabix. He had had a brainwave last night; he and his wife, Lucy, could adopt Jade. They couldn't have children of their own because Lucy was infertile. The only doubt was that Lucy wouldn't agree, because the end of several discussions had been, on Lucy's part, "We are not adopting a child and that's final."

"I don't know, John. We're not family. Maybe Lily and James may not have wanted us to bring her up." Lucy said as she sipped her tea.

"Or maybe they did. You never know. I really want a baby, and I know you want one too."

"Well… I do want a baby, but I want one of my own."

"But that's not possible, honey." It made John sad to think that he would never have a child of his own, but he would never leave Lucy, he loved her too much.

"I know."

They sat in silence for a few minutes until Lucy spoke again. "Ok, let's do it. Let's adopt Jade Potter. I'll go to social services to get the papers now."

And with that she kissed her husband, and left to get the papers, leaving a bewildered but happy John behind.

John came back from the hospital (because he was a doctor) at about seven o'clock that evening. His day at the hospital had been very busy, and he was looking forward to spending some peaceful time with his wife. Only when he entered the kitchen, he stopped. Lucy was feeding Jade, who was smiling up at her in her highchair. When she had caught sight of her husband, Lucy straightened up and walked over to him. "We got the papers. And we got Jade."

"I can see that." John couldn't keep his eyes off Jade. "Is she taking our name?"

"Yes. But we are going to bring her up telling her that we're not her real parents, right?"

"Um…I guess…it's so sudden…" John trailed off, not knowing what to say. He hadn't expected to come home with a baby in the house. He'd thought it would be at least a week, or a month. But he was happy, just the same. He would love and bring Jade up as his own.