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25 Ways to Annoy William Turner

1. Tell him his hair looks like crap.

2. Say "You fight like a girl." And run.

3. Steal his sword

4. Steal the donkey in the blacksmith's shop.

5. Run around him in circles screaming Jack rox my sox.

6. Trip him 13 times in a row.

7. Say, 'Jack is better looking than you' and run.

8. Put peanut butter in his shoes.

9. Throw Elizabeth overboard.

10. Eat all the marshmallows in his cabin.

11. Draw a heart on a tree saying "Will is a eunuch 4ever"

12. Forget him at Port Royal.

13. Crack your knuckles really loudly when he walks by.

14. Eat all of his pizza.

15. Scream, 'FIRE AT WILL' Anytime he walks by.

16. Keep on asking him if he wants to play Bingo.

17. When he says no, say 'I don't either. It's a stupid game.'

18. Whisper to someone loudly as he passes ALL THE TIME!

19. Draw a Black Spot on his hand with a magic marker.

20. If you're a boy, flirt with Elizabeth.

21. If you're a girl, come up to him, slap him and say "OMG! You are too ugly to be allowed! Halloween ended like months ago! You can like, take off your mask. You are like, scaring little kids!"

22. Ask all of your friends to do that.

23. Just annoy him.

24. Say 'Hi Will' ALL the time.

25. Say "Jack is hotter than you" and run away.