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The Hero's betrayal

Naruto stood over Kakashi with a sad smile on his face.

"Why are you doing this Naruto??"

"Because I've been offered a purpose by someone who doesn't see me as a demon…"

"Please it was an accident… she didn't mean what she said…"

"Good bye Sensei…"

And with that Naruto left a paralysed Kakashi and Konoha.


one hours earlier…

Naruto and Sasuke were at the training grounds going all out on each other. Naruto appeared behind Sasuke with a Bunshin holding a kunai. He ran towards his teammate at full speed but was kicked from under by Sasuke who had dropped down faster than the eye could follow. Naruto fell back and wiped a trickle of blood from his mouth as he pulled out a kunai. Sasuke did the exact same thing and stared at his teammate sharingan blazing.

"So do you still think you can beat me Dobe?"

"Hehe…Believe it"

They ran towards eachother at full speed and met with their kunai's clashing.

Sasuke flipped backwards and yelled:


Naruto jumped in the air and spin kicked Sasuke in the face while getting hit in the arm by the fireball. Sasuke recovered quickly and threw his kunai at the blond who dodged and punched Sasuke in the gut, effectively knocking the air out of him.

"What were you saying Teme?"

"Sh..shut up!!"

In his furry Sasuke jumped up and once again yelled:

"Pheonix fire jutsu!!"

Multiple fireballs shot at Naruto and he got hit by half of them.

"AHHH damn it…"

He ran towards the raven haired boy and yelled his signature jutsu:

"Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!!"

Sasuke was then surrounded by ten Naruto's and smirked. He started throwing shuriken to destroy all his targets but missed two. They came at him and the first one kicked Sasuke into the air while the second came from above an slammed his foot into the Uchiha's face. Said Uchiha landed with a crash loud enough to alert any ninja close by.

"Hahaha looks like I won teme! Guess you shoul…"

The blonds sentence was cut short when he received a fist in the face. He cried in pain and looked up to see a head of pink hair.


His reply was another fist in the face.

"Can't you see Sasuke's hurt you BAKA!!??

"I didn't think it was that bad"

"You idiot he just got out of the hospital!"

"He starte.."


Naruto was slightly taken aback by this comment and hoped she was done. He was wrong…

"You don't get it do you Naruto…You'll never be as strong as Sasuke. Sasuke's achievements are honored by the entire village and yet you try to steal the attention from him by fighting him…Don't you understand Naruto? Nobody cares about you because…because you're a monster! EVERYONE HATES YOU!!!"

Sakura carried Sasuke to the hospital while Naruto stood there. He felt a sharp pain in his heart and started running home, tears rolling down his face.


Kakashi was walking around the village with no clear purpose when he heard someone running. He turned to see Sakura carrying Sasuke on her back. He was badly injured.

"Sakura! What happened!?"


"…get him to the hospital…I'll go talk to Naruto…"

"I…I wish he'd leave…"




Kakasi realized that the seen was attracting attention. He saw a lot of people with anger apparent on their faces.

"What did that little demon do now… Did he hurt the Uchiha!?"

"He did didn't he!"



Kakashi was shocked to see Sakura nodding. He clenched his fists and yelled.


"But Kakashi…"



As the people left Kakashi went to find his student.


Naruto was running across the village trying to hold back more tears. He shuddered every time someone said "monster" or "demon". He turned into an alley only to be kicked in the face by a villager. Three more joined into the beating.

"You little bastard!"


"Time to teach you a lesson you little shit!"

They kept hitting and kicking until a sinister voice came from behind them.

"Leave the child alone and leave."


The man turned around only to find a kunai embedded in his throat. The other men ran away screaming in terror. Naruto looked up to find himself face to face with a pale man with long black hair and glowing yellow eyes.

"Wh…who are you?"

"My name is Orochimaru and you must be Naruto."

"Why did you save me?"

"I wont lie to you. I am a missing nin of the leaf village and also the most powerful of the sannin. I came here for you, Naruto. Some may think I just want your body but they are wrong…I came because I once suffered as you have and I don't want you to live in a village where you are hated.

"What do you want?"

Orochimaru had a smile but not one of malice… just a genuine smile.

"I will give you a cursed seal Naruto."

"A what?"

"It will give you power and an easier way of using the Kyuubi's chakra. I made it specifically for you since its not for me to eventually take your body. I want you to come with me to my sound village where you will be respected and trained properly."

"But Konoha is my home."

"It was mine too but sometimes we have to let go of such things…"

"No one will hate me in your village…?"

"No one, I promise."

Orochimaru leaned forward and bit Naruto's neck and a curse seal appeared . It was a miniature version of the Kyuubi's seal. It didn't hurt but rather felt relaxing. He then felt a slight surge of power go through his veins.

"That will do for now, when we are in My village I will teach you how to further use this power."

"When do we leave?"

"Meet me at the gates in thirty minutes with anything you want to bring with you."


Naruto ran to his apartment with a small smile on his face. Orochimaru watched him leave and disappeared knowing he had one more thing to do…


The Sandaime Hokage was looking out his window when he heard his office door open.

"You know its impolite to just barge in." he said without turning to see who had entered his office.

"Forgive me Sarutobi-Sensei"

The third Hokage's eyes went wide when he heard the unmistakable voice.

"To what do I owe the honor Orochimaru?"

"Kukuku… Haven't you already seen it in that crystal ball of yours?"

"Yes... I saw you corrupt Naruto's mind with your lies…"

"I wasn't lying I am not going to use him as I have done so often with others"

"So your going to treat him well and make him accepted"


"Fine it might be for the best… I just hope he has a better life."

"He will and I'm sure you'll see him again when the Chunnin exams come along."

"He will be against us and out for revenge wont he?"

"Kukuku we both will…"

As Orochimaru disappeared, the sandaime looked outside with a sad smile. Suddenly he realized what Orochimaru meant.

"Kukuku we both will"

"Damn him…Genma!"

The door opened and Genma ran in and bowed.

"Yes sir?"

"Get the Anbu, go to the gates and stop Uzumaki from leaving"


"He's going with…Orochimaru"


Outside the door stood Kakashi. His face had lost all color and he was sweating.

" Naruto…"

He then ran out the hokage tower, towards the gates.


Naruto arrived at the gates only to find his lazy sensei blocking his way.

"Anbu will be here soon Naruto so I suggest you go home."

"I'm sorry but I've already made up my mind Kakashi-sensei…"

"I will not let you go Naruto"

Kakashi appeared behind Naruto and grabbed him so that he couldn't escape.


"I'm sorry Naruto but this is your village and I wont let you turn your back on it or your friends"

"Friends…"He chuckled.

"Sakura said she hated me and that everybody hated me"

"She was just mad… She didn't mean it!"

"I'm tired of being jerked around!"


"LET GO!!!!!!!!!"

Kakashi let go as he saw black markings cover his students body.

"Orochimaru offered me a better life and I accepted"

Naruto turned around and revealed his now blood red eyes. Kakashi looked wanted to move but found himself unable to do so. He turned his head to see the snake sannin smiling evilly at him. He wanted to beat him to a bloody pulp but instead received a kick in his stomach from the snake man. He fell to the ground and couldn't get back up because of the paralyzing jutsu.

"Please Naruto…don't…."

Naruto stood over Kakashi with a sad smile on his face.

"Why are you doing this Naruto??"

"Because I've been offered a purpose by someone who doesn't see me as a demon…"

"Please it was an accident… she didn't mean what she said…"

"Good bye Sensei…"

And with that Naruto left a paralysed Kakashi and Konoha.

Orochimaru followed his new student and they vanished into the darkness.

"NARUTO!!!!" He cried before he fell unconscious.


Allright I thought it would be good to end it here. I just wanted to say this takes place before chunnin exams and after the mission to wave. I think this will be a Naruto/Tayuya fic and I'd appreciate some ideas for jutsu and and a weapon for naruto. Also in this fic Orochimaru is evil but nice with Naruto and some of his other followers. Hope you like it! Please review!!! If I get 5 ill update within a week!