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The Hero's Betrayal

Chapter 17: Uprising

A full moon shone over the village of Suna on this night. An eighteen year old chunin was walking home, seemingly unaware of the late hour. He continued his slow walk when a Sunagakure Jounin appeared before him.

"Hey kid… Isn't it a little late to be out?"

"Hehehe… Sorry sir, me and my friends were out at the Konoha support speech."

The Jounin's mouth contorted into a devilish grin.

"So you support the council's decision. You would go against Gaara? Against the next Kazekage?"

"As if the council would ever let him be Kazekage."

The jounin's expression twisted in anger.

"Then you are against the will of Gaara-Sama and must be dealt with."

The Jounin pulled out a kunai. When the boy saw it he tried to scream, but found himself unable to, as the blade was imbedded into his throat. As the lifeless body fell to the ground, another appeared. Both shinobi looked at each other and said:

"For Gaara-Sama!"


One of the council members quickly paced through the large room under the odd stare of the other council members. A jounin appeared and whispered something into his ear, causing the causing the man to gasp. One of the seated men looked up in fear.

"Chairman? What's the matter?"

The chairman looked at him with his cold, angry glare.

"There's been another murder…" he said in a low voice, with an underlying tone of great anger. There was a collective gasp from the council, which was soon replaced by shouts of outrage and confusion. The jounin standing behind the chairman slowly pulled out a kunai from within his vest and prepared to strike. Before anyone could blink, the chairman turned around swiftly, grabbed the jounin's hand and twisted it with a sickening crack. The jounin cried out in pain and dropped his weapon, catching everyone's attention. The chairman grabbed the ninja and pinned him against the wall.

"Who sent you?" he said, his voice full of hatred.

The Jounin laughed loudly, ignoring the pain in his hand.

"For Kazekage-Sama!" he screamed as he revealed a vest full of explosive tags. Screams came from the chamber as the explosion went off. When the smoke cleared, many council members were injured and one was dead. Where the jounin exploded, nothing remained but his ashes. One of the uninjured council member's eyes widened in shock at the sight before him: There stood the chairman, without a scratch. He looked at one of his assassin squad members and said: "Prepare all the shinobi who are still loyal to me and bring them to the main tower. Tonight blood will be shed. This is civil war. This is an uprising!"


On the other side of Sunagakure, Gaara stood with the many shinobi who were loyal to him. To his right stood Temari and to his left Kankuro. He looked at his siblings and said:

"This will be dangerous… You do not have to fight with me…"

Temari smirked and replied in a rather dangerous voice.

"Oh don't worry Gaara… those council bastards need to be taught a lesson."

Kankuro, on the other hand, did not seem as excited as his sister. He was listening to one of his men's reports and suddenly yelled out in disbelief.

"That's not possible! Are you sure you saw right."

The man nodded affirmative. Gaara looked at his brother and asked:

"What's wrong?"

"Kouji was forced to blow himself up along with the chairman…"

"His sacrifice was worthy of this village's future."

"No… The chairman, who was closest to him, received not even a scratch.

Gaara's eyes widened and Temari muttered a curse.

"I thought he was supposed to be a weak man, always cowering behind others."

Gaara seemed deep in thought. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an assassin appeared holding a hook-like blade. He nearly reached Gaara's neck but was pushed away by sand. The sand grabbed him his arms and legs, making him defenseless. Gaara looked at the man and spoke in his emotionless voice.

"Did Chairman Durath send you?"

The assassin's eyes widened with obvious insanity.

"Yes… he said to return the gift to sender!"

Gaara's eyes widened as explosive tags became visible under the man's shirt.

The explosion would have killed many, had it not been for Gaara's sand creating a large barrier. Kankuro sighed.

"Well that was a wast…"

He didn't get the chance to finish his sentence when another assassin appeared behind him and latched on to his back. Kankuro tried to shake him off, but the man's grip was too strong.

"Get off me damnit."

Gaara suddenly realized what the shinobi was doing and tried to send his sand to help Kankuro. The assassin laughed as the explosive tags covering his body went off before the sand could reach them. The blast wasn't enough to block out Temari's scream.



Naruto walked through the dark halls of Orochimaru's tower with a thoughtful expression on his face. He began mumbling to himself.

"So… Sasuke isn't dead yet… I wonder what Orochimaru plans to do with him…"

The blond boy was pushed out of his thoughts as a jounin appeared beside him.

"Naruto-San, There is an emergency gathering in the Otokage's chambers. You must head there at once."

"An emergency gathering? I'll be there soon."


As the ninja disappeared, Naruto began running towards the meeting. When he got through the door, he saw a tired looking Orochimaru.

'Damn… his condition's getting worse!'

The snake sannin looked at his pupil and then at the rest of the shinobi within the room. He cleared his throat and spoke.

"The reason you have all been called here is because there is an important mission to be taken. It seems that there is an uprising in Sunagakure."

Many whispers could be heard through the room, but they were all silenced by Orochimaru's hissing voice.

"All of you are to help Gaara-San, the next Kazekage, win this battle."

Naruto was confused and decided to voice his thoughts.

"What happened in Suna?"

All eyes fell on Naruto. Orochimaru smiled.

"It seems that the Suna council wishes to aid the Konoha resistance, while Gaara, the next Kazekage, wishes to join us. The village has separated in two sides. It started peacefully enough, with a few random deaths here and there involving opposite party supporters, but recently something happened to make Gaara and Chairman Durath wage an all out civil war."

Naruto felt an odd sensation go through the pit of his stomach. A feeling of excitement mixed with anger. He didn't notice that everyone was staring at him because of his now blood red eyes. He raised his voice.

"So, Orochimaru-Sama, you want us to go there and slaughter the council and it's supporters?" he said in a chilling voice with a vicious smile on his features. Orochimaru looked at him in slight surprise but quickly returned the smile.

"Yes Naruto, that is your mission. Now listen up everyone, there will be three teams on this mission. The leaders will be Sakon of the sound five, Tayuya of the sound five and Naruto of the elite squad."

It wasn't long until the teams were chosen and the shinobi left to prepare for the mission. Naruto left with Tayuya and Sakon. Once he was alone with Kabuto, Orochimaru's smile vanished instantly and a look of pain took over. Kabuto sighed.

"Orochimaru-Sama… you must transfer your soul to a new body, unfortunately… Sasuke's isn't ready yet…"

Orochimaru bit his lip, drawing blood.

"I see… find another candidate… I want him powerful."

"Hai, but if I may make a suggestion my lord."

"I'm listening…"

"That Kaosu could do, why don't you take him?"

At that very instant, Kabuto could have sworn he saw a look of fear flash across the Otokage's face, but it was gone so fast that he couldn't be sure.

"No… find another."



Gaara paced through the room of his headquarters, as if waiting for an important report. At that moment, the door slowly opened, revealing Temari with a tear streaked face. Gaara looked at his sister.

"How is he?"

"It's still unsure if he will make it or not… the wounds are very severe and… if he does make it…he… he will be disfigured for the rest of his days…" said the sandy blond as more tears flowed down her face. Her body shook with uncontrollable sobs. Gaara looked at her and felt unfamiliar feelings within himself.


The door burst open and Baki came running in with two more jounin.

"Gaara-Sama! The chairman's forces are moving towards our location. What are your orders?"

"We fight and take this village. Sunagakure must not be lost to those fools."


Gaara looked at Temari and attempted a small, awkward smile. She stopped crying and smiled back at him.

"Let's go Gaara… Let's avenge our brother!"


Chairman Durath stood on a balcony in the council tower. His black and white robes drifted in the wind. They were opened at the front, revealing a golden Jounin vest. The chairman had graying hair and cold, black eyes. He looked down at the village where sounds of battle could be heard. When a scream echoed up to him, he smiled. He put on a white mask. The mask had the shape of a hawk and seemed to portray a long life of hardship. The chairman looked down from his spot atop the tower and chuckled.

"So… It begins… Tonight might be our last…" he said looking at his golden Naginata. He jumped down from the balcony and seemed to flow in the wind. He landed in front of one of Gaara's Jounin. The ninja looked at him and cried:

"Tonight you die Chairman!"

Durath simply dodged the kunai strike and stabbed the Jounin in the back. He then twisted around gracefully and broke another ninja's neck. Three more ninja jumped towards him, but the chairman made hand signs incredibly fast and said emotionlessly:

"Katon: Honoo Dageki no jutsu! (Fire style: Flame strikes jutsu)"

He then quickly made more hand signs and said:

"Futon: Kaze Joushou no jutsu! (Wind style: Rising winds jutsu)"

The combination created a powerful impact, killing the three ninja instantly and several more who were close by. Chairman Durath laughed quietly at the slaughter and proceeded to where his assassin squad was waiting.


"Chairman! We have them cornered. At your orders we will strike."


The chairman gave a signal and his men charged forward with battle cries. Not far away from them, Gaara was fighting ten assassins along with his sister, who had six. At the sight of the attackers, the redhead killed his current opponents and joined his soldiers. One of the younger ones shook in fear.

"Damn it! Gaara-Sama they're too many!"

Gaara smiled slightly and sent a projectile of sand, wiping out a considerable amount of the opposing forces. The young Chunin cried out in joy.

"You did it Gaara-Sama! Now we can win and go back to our famili…"

The boy's words were cut of as a naginata separated his upper body from beneath the waist. The boy died in a silent scream. Gaara looked up from the bloody mess and saw the white mask of a hawk. His face contorted in slight rage and sand swirled around him.


Durath looked at the Shukaku container in defiance.


They stood there staring while battle raged around them. The chairman suddenly vanished in a swirl of sand and appeared behind Gaara. The Sand stopped his attack and forced him to jump back. He smiled from within his helmet and jumped forward, making a stabbing motion with his weapon. The sand blocked the attack, but Durath followed it up by throwing shuriken. More sand protected Gaara and the chairman struck again with his blade. The sand formed a spear and stabbed through Durath, who turned into a sand bunshin. Gaara felt the chairman's hands go through his wall of sand and press against his back. The redhead cursed as the chairman said:

"Katon: faia bakufuu no jutsu!(fire blast jutsu)"

Gaara quickly covered himself in sand, which absorbed the attack. He barely had time to recover, when chairman Durath prepared to strike him with all his strength. The blade nearly made it to Gaara, past his defenses, when, suddenly, it was stopped by a katana. The chairman looked at the newcomer and was greeted by a head of blond hair. Naruto stood there wearing his Elite Chunin vest and looked at the man in amusement.

"Hey Gaara, you okay?"

A small smile appeared on Gaara's face.

"I would have been alright without your help Uzumaki."

"I know… But I felt like making a nice entrance."

Durath, recognizing the dark purple vest, looked around him. His soldiers were having trouble with the Sound Ninja. The chairman cursed and yelled out.

"Men, retreat! Return to the tower and regroup!"

The Suna assassin's looked at their leader.

Many puffs of smoke could be seen and soon they had all disappeared. The chairman looked at Gaara from within his mask.

"Well Gaara-San… next time we meet I will destroy you." He said and then turned to Naruto.

"As for you… you must be a slave of that snake bastard. I'll make sure to deal with you too."

Naruto growled and replied:

"If you insult Orochimaru-Sama ever again… I'll kill you."

The chairman chuckled and disappeared in a swirl of sand. Gaara sighed and turned to Naruto.

"Thank you coming. With your help, we will succeed in our uprising."

Naruto smiled confidently.

"Yea… We will."


The chairman slowly walked into his room within tower. He took off his mask and threw it onto his bed. He fell to his knees and had a fit of coughing. He kept coughing until blood trickled down from his lips. He took some deep breaths and washed himself off. He then sat at his desk. He closed his eyes but quickly opened them feeling a dangerous presence before him. He looked up and found himself looking into two black eyes, each containing an odd red circlet. The chairman shivered as the eyes began glowing a faint red.

"Kaosu-Sama… To what do I owe the honor?" Said the chairman in a trembling voice.

"I want you to do something for me." Replied Kaosu in a cold voice.

"What is it?"

"Tomorrow at midnight you will take all of your soldiers and attack the shukaku container and his forces."

Durath looked at the hooded man in outrage.

"But that's completely foolish! Fighting an all out war would cost many lives and…"

The red glow in Kaosu's eyes grew a bit stronger. Durath clutched at his head and felt great pain. Kaosu continued speaking in cold indifference.

"I don't care about this petty battle… I'm only using you as a distraction. Make it last as long as you want, if it keeps those Oto ninja here."

"I…I understand… Tomorrow at midnight we will strike… The battle must last as long as possible…"

When Chairman Durath looked up, Kaosu was gone. The chairman chuckled and soon began a fit of mad laughter. He laughed so much that he coughed out blood at the same time. When he opened his eyes, they glowed a faint red. He took his mask and walked out of his room, still laughing.


Naruto sat on a rooftop, letting the sun's touch warm him up. He was lost in his thoughts about Sasuke, Orochimaru and what would happen when he returned to Otogakure. He jumped slightly as a hand touched his hair. He calmed down instantly after feeling the familiar caressing touch of the one he loved. Tayuya sat next to him and leaned on his shoulder, closing her eyes.

"Naruto, how long do you think were gonna be here in Suna?"

"Hmm… It depends on how long it takes to end this civil war."

"It's so warm here… I can't get used to it…"

Naruto smiled as he could hear her soft snoring. She was obviously quite tired. He leaned his head onto hers and let himself drift to sleep as well. He opened his eyes again and he saw a burning Konoha. People were screaming and were being brought to shelter by Jounin. Naruto looked upwards at the sound of a roar. A man stood on the top of the hokage tower. He had spiky blond hair and piercing blue eyes. It was the Yondaime. Before him, stood a familiar creature. The Kyuubi. Naruto could hear some shinobi speaking next to him.

"If anyone can stop that beast, it's the Yondaime."

"Yes he is a true hero!"

The Hokage summoned Gamabunta and jumped on his head. Naruto ran and jumped next to the Yondaime. The fourth looked at him as though he were invisible. Suddenly, Naruto realized… He was invisible. Then, he saw something that was never mentioned in the stories of the Kyuubi's defeat. Upon the fox's head stood a man. The only thing Naruto could see, were his eyes. Black orbs and… a red glowing circlet… Suddenly, Naruto woke up with a start, covered in sweat. Tayuya was looking at him with a worried expression.

"Naruto! Are you okay? You sounded like you were having a nightmare!"

Naruto shook his head and sighed.

"I'm fine…" He stopped as he noticed the sun was setting. He looked at the redhead.

"We should hurry back to Gaara. It nearly nightfall."

"Hai… As long as your okay…"

He smiled at her.

"I'm fine."


The sky was dark and, once again, chairman Durath stood atop the Kazekage's tower.

He looked down and saw all of his forces ready for battle. He smiled evilly and pulled out his golden naginata. He put his mask upon his face and spoke in a voice that carried all the way down to his soldiers.

"Soldiers… Tonight we crush this rebellion… and tonight many of us will die. But, we die knowing that it is an honorable death. We are the bringers of a new age! We are the warriors of Sunagakure!"

Many cries of pride and of battle could be heard. The chairman's smile grew under his mask as he cried out:

"Now… advance upon our enemies and slaughter them all!"

He jumped off the tower and disappeared in a swirl of sand.


Naruto sat beside Gaara, who was talking quietly with his sister. Suddenly a frightened jounin ran into the room.

"Gaara-Sama! They've commenced their attack!"

The redhead cursed and asked:

"How many are they?"

The man's eyes grew even wider.

"Sir… All of them!"

Naruto stood up in complete shock and his expression was one of shock. Gaara seemed frozen in disbelief.

"Damn that Bastard Durath…" he said and then turned to the jounin, "Begin our counter attack! Tonight we take back Suna!"


Gaara then turned to Naruto, who smiled.

"Lets do this."


Many battle cries could be heard throughout the streets of Sunagakure. Blood gleamed in the moonlight. Durath was quickly killing many opposing jounin. He was spinned his naginata masterfully and continued his attack. Suddenly, he turned his head towards a familiar voice.

"You three take the rear forces and the rest of you take to the buildings! I want this to be done as quickly as possible!"

"What about you, Naruto-Sama?"

The blond elite chuckled evilly.

"I take the attacking forces!"


The shinobi all dispersed, leaving Naruto alone. As the blond prepared to move, he heard a cold voice that stopped him dead in his tracks.

"That was quite overconfident of you Uzumaki-San. Are you sure you can handle such a large task?"

Naruto grinned his trademark evil grin.

"You bet your ass."

"Well then… You'll have to defeat me!"

"It'll be a pleasure!"

Both ninja ran towards each other, weapons drawn. Naruto blocked Durath's stab with his sword's hilt and followed up with a downwards slash, which was in turn blocked by the staff part of the naginata. Naruto smiled and jumped into the air and attempted to cut Durath's arm, But the chairman quickly side stepped out of the way. As he landed, Naruto threw his katana at Durath, who simply chuckled and avoided it.

"That was stupid… Now you have no weapon."

Naruto laughed loudly. Did all his opponents make the same mistake?

"Mind your surroundings!"

He pulled on the chakra chord and the blade came back towards him. Durath, realizing what had been done, moved as quickly as he could. Instead of stabbing his head, the sword hit his mask, shattering it. Durath sighed in relief and then looked down at the broken mask.

'It broke… The mask that can only be broken by one who will kill me… I guess this will be my final battle…Unless I can change that!', he thought to himself. He looked up at his opponent.

"Nicely done Uzumaki-san! That was quite impressive. But lets see how you deal with this! Katon: Kasai Yari no Jutsu!"(Fire style: Fire Spear jutsu)

Naruto's eyes widened at the sight of the flames coming towards him forcing him to jump sideways. As he landed, he knew this was intended and Durath appeared behind him, slashing his naginata across the blond's back. Naruto cried in pain and Durath twisted around, cutting Naruto's shoulder. The chairman then flipped into the air, but Naruto blocked the blade with his own. The elite then punched Durath in the face, sending him crashing in the ground. Naruto cursed as the man dissolved in sand and time stood still as a golden naginata pierced his stomach. The chairman sighed and pulled out his weapon. He looked at the boy and smiled slightly.

"Guess you aren't meant to kill me."

He was about to turn around but saw that no blood poured out from the wound. Naruto slowly turned around, sporting an insane grin. Dark markings covered his body. Durath gasped.

"The curse seal!"

The blond elite chuckled slightly and soon fell into a fit of insane laughter. Then, suddenly, his expression turned serious and he made hand signs.

"Kaze Kuchibue no Jutsu!"(Wind whistle jutsu)

The chairman clutched his ears at the piercing sound the wind around him caused. Naruto smiled and quickly made more hand seals.

"Kaze Tama!"(Wind Bullet)

Durath looked up and was hit fully by the jutsu, sending him into a building. He landed on the ground with a grunt, but still got back up. He was met with Naruto's fist. After an assault of punches, his limp body lay at Naruto's feet. Said blond pulled out his sword and lifted it up into the air for the finishing blow. Durath looked up expecting it all to end, but instead he could see Kaosu's eyes in the darkness. He felt cold, unfamiliar chakra fill his body. It froze his limbs and his very soul, causing him to scream a terrible, agonizing scream. Naruto looked at the pathetic man in confusion. The chairman was clutching his head, and his body convulsed until, suddenly he stopped moving. Naruto took a step back as the man got up. When the Oto ninja saw Durath's unscratched body, he was in shock.


The chairman's eyes had a faint red glow to them and he looked at Naruto without recognition. He swiftly moved forward and punched Naruto in the jaw. The blond recovered quickly and tried to strike his opponent with his sword. Durath simply grabbed the blade with his hand, drawing lots of blood. Naruto tried to break free of the grip, but was unable to. He kicked the man in the gut, forcing him to let go and then stabbed him with his sword, pinning him to a wall. Blood poured from Durath's body and, catching Naruto off guard, he threw his naginata towards the blonde's heart. Naruto was unable to react in time, but to his great surprise, a hand of sand stopped the weapon. He turned his blood-covered face towards Gaara and smiled.


Gaara made a small smile and turned to the dying chairman.

"Its over chairman Durath… We have won and your forces are destroyed."

The man looked at the redhead and smiled painfully as his eyes returned to normal.

"I…see… Perhaps… you were right all along… And for that I am sorry…"

Gaara looked at him in confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"Kaosu-Sama said he would not tolerate failure… So he made a backup plan…"

Naruto was sure he had heard the name before. Durath looked at the two shinobi and coughed out more blood.

"Uzumaki-San… Kaosu-Sama wanted this battle to distract Oto… Because he plans to…"

The chairman's expression turned erratic and he clutched his heart. He cried out in terrible agony. Naruto wanted to hear the end of what the man had to say, so he grabbed his collar.

"What do you mean?! What does he plan?!"

Durath spoke, breathless.


"And what?"


Naruto's eyes widened at the man's words. Durath then spoke to Gaara with the last ounce of his strength.

"Gaara… Kaosu has decided… that I am to die… and so… my heart is failing… but the backup plan is…"

"Is what?"

"Every…one…of…my…men…has…an…explosive tag…"

Durath exhaled one last time and his heart stopped beating. Gaara looked at the dead chairman with wide eyes.


At that moment… the dark skies lit up with the light of a thousand explosions.


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