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Author's Note: A sort of AU type of poem... It's kind of a group of what-if's. What if he'd said "No" at a cruical point. It is acrostic, even though I didn't bold things. It's a different sort, with kind of a different pattern. I figured I'd let you figure it out. (I've been teaching too much poetry this week to all of my classes... I don't want to explain poems anymore, least of all my own!

"No More"

No, I cannot pick up a sword. I am little
More than a slave, and the art of
Killing is reserved for greater men than myself.

No, I will not kill for you. It would have taken little
More than that small phrase to stop the
Madness that almost consumed me from ever starting.

No, I won't marry her, even only to pretend. I can't take any
More falsehood in my life. It only brings
Pain and suffering.

No, I will not finish this war for you. She has died… one
More casualty of a war of darkness and light. I joined to end
Suffering, yet in the end, it is

I who continue it. Who are you to decide who lives and who dies? Who
Am I to be your executioner. No, not even that. I'm only
A sword. I'm only the executioner's blade. A shining
Weapon, weaker than you'd expected. But stronger now. Since I've learned to say

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