An Alternate Universe

By: Final Serenity

---- A Daughters Love ----



A crack of leather smacking together tightly echoed softly into the night air only loud enough for the small animals in the vicinity enough to hear but meant no bother to them. That was the last of them for the time being and it was a great deal a vast portion of the field was now cut and bundled for the days work that would commence tomorrow beginning at the break of dawn.

Carefully and slowly she tugged on each of the gloved fingers pulling the tattered and worn leather from its protecting form to a hollow and lifeless object. Holding it within her other hand she wiped the grim from her brow and smoothed it softly across the base of her shirt. They were tattered rags of a garment; barely able to keep some of the body warmth to her as she worked, though it bothered her little after the years of time spent getting bearable to the frosted night air.

Almost as if she were struck with whip against her back she gritted her teeth and nearly toppled to the ground. The only thing of support being the bundle of wheat that was the freshest and last to be packed; her legs shook beneath her as she knelt down leaning on the bundle. When would this unyielding pain be settled and she was allowed to continue her working it must be soon for the sun was rising, she could feel it in her bodily alarm that soon the day would break and light the world anew. Along with the slender tendrils of light that would bask the world in an endless fervent grace of warmth; she would be condemned to return to her place in the world.

A place she desired nothing of.

It was a simple matter of want, and need. Though she wanted forever to work in the fields of grain and plow the rich soil of the calm earth she knew such things could not be. Her family needed her to be the young girl that she was being raised by her mother as. Such is the unkind world they live in a truly sorrowful place for those who know that they were meant for other things than what society deems of them. Yet the world is unchanging, unfavorable to whims and desires of the hearts. Destinies were not to be fulfilled that were not expected and tradition the epitome of life and all that dealt within it.

She hated such notions. It was too much that she bared the weight of her own dreams and desires hidden in the belly of her shadows never to reveal when the light cast such a gaze down upon them.

Only in the slick bleakness of the night when above hangs that luminescent cascading an unearthly glow upon the mortal world; would she dare reveal her inner deepest truth of her identity come out in small pieces. Sadly it is not of her fault for fear of ridicule to come upon herself, but truly the harshness and resentment of her family that chained her dreams into the darkness.

Worlds created for the soul purpose for those too meet the designs of the ancestor before them. What a useless thing for humans to aspire too only to watch as those who fall behind are mocked and shun for their indifference. The families that they come from included into the mockery and betrayed by all simply because the choices of difference.

Another deep breath she let the crisp cool burn of the untainted air fill her flaming lungs; her muscles constricting beneath the thin frail clothes before relaxing and pulsing with what little strength they held. All that needed to be done was stack the bundled wheat on the right side of the barn; clean and replace the tools to their original spots making sure nothing is out of place and lastly sneak back into the small home that her father had built with his own two hands.

Returning the glove to her hand her eyes set upon the bundles she'd mowed, raked, cut and wrapped within the wee hours of the night. Her father would no doubt yet again express his concern that the field was three quarters finished without his even touching the last portion of the third quarter. Perhaps he would think it was the goddesses again as her sisters so diligently pronounced that the miracles were of the heavenly goddesses blessing their family.

That made her smile.

None of the family members asleep in the small wooden structure knew of her nightly rituals. Daily activities for young women were hardly strenuous save for the meals that must be prepared; so her fatigue from the nights work rarely was noticed.

In her younger years when this midnight rendezvous first started it seemed nearly impossible for her to even exit the home without almost being notice. She had to maneuver carefully on the steps from the upstairs where the rooms of the home were; past the parlor and through the kitchen for the back door. Then it was a matter of what to dress in to work in the fields, young girls were not permitted to be clothed in anything other than female attire. Dresses. They were the bane of her existence completely and utterly horrid creations and all would be burned if she had anything to say about them.

Of course she like her sisters owned only two each hand made by her loving mother, the reason she tolerated them.

Standing she nodded her head and stretched her arms prepping for the quick work she must do. She's already wasted too much time in idle thought and even though she finished quickly this eve, her strength may fail the next night so she must act in great haste, rest was ever so gracious and if she could not achieve at least an hours worth she would no doubt show signs of sloth during the day and that would not be in the best interest of her father.

Harvest was coming soon for the orchard forest and they're small farm, it too would need much tending to for the impending winter would come soon and frost may bite away their fertile soil. That is the difficult measures for the family because of the station of women in society and home life. They would pick from the orchards and feed the livestock and on occasion do the milking.

The rest of the work was left to the father and sons.

Much to the dismay of their family a son was not born into the children ranks. Her father is left alone to do the hard manual labor.

That…was unacceptable.


As though it were a hushed breeze she carefully slid her fingers against the door pushing it close with one hand while the other held hard to the rustic metal hinges that held the door in its place.

When the wooden slab was neatly nestled against the frame she evened her breath to become shallow and faded; it was commonly known that her father was a light sleeper and could nearly hear each crack, breath and footstep. It had been quite sometime since she escaped by a hair from her father's sight returning from her nights work. Now it wasn't as though her skills were naturally there sneaking had never been a true skill of hers but over the years it was nourished and developed into something to be proud of.

No she felt no shame for her actions of nightly escapades in working the fields till she nearly collapsed then somehow was able to return unnoticed into her home.

Perhaps it was a blessing from the goddesses that she should feel no shame for her actions in the night and receive in reward of her duties to her family that her shadowed dreams were allowed to dance free each night unseen by the world.

Her cloth feet slid as a snake slithers through their large kitchen area to the stairs that were in plain view of the front door. Two exits in the home were created one through the kitchen for easy access cleaning and the main entrance to the home. She slipped her left foot upon the first step off to the right of the rectangular board. Her other foot lifting to the second step slightly more to the right than the first and as she continued up there were changes to the foot pattern though delicately she managed to yet again pass through the obstacles with such ease.

Even more so with the only light coming from the windows on the first floor in the kitchen and some in the parlor; it was alerting if she were to use a candle to light the pathway through the home and it no doubt filter questions. Ones in which she could not lie of and ultimately feel the treachery and betrayal of her loved ones as they never voiced their disgust of her nightly deeds.

Perhaps some would praise and others too be deeply concerned; of whom she didn't know and something she never intended to find out.

Carefully she laced her fingers around the cast iron knob to the door of the girls room where all six of her sisters slept on two beds, three girls to each.

And one lonely girl to find her place on the edges of either bed. It was a small price to pay for her desires to be met and heart to be allowed its temporary freedom. That her connection to the sisters she cared so much for would be dwindled down and set to a dull point. It was a choice that had to have been made…her insanity from broken dreams and shattered spirit…or the companionship of truly loyal sisters with a bond only spent time with them could create.

…She decided to walk the lonely road to the freedom of her heart, to breath in the love for her dreams instead of the demands for society as her sister's embrace.

They follow the teachings of their mother to the highest, but for her…she could not succumb to such things, could not bare the thought of not being allowed her hearts desire. No…she could not follow her mother's ways, and because of that, her mother did not know her as she knew her other daughters.

She didn't know the overwhelming wild feral beast inside her middle child, the one that cried inwardly but showed nothing outwardly.

It is a path chosen to benefit her self, but more for them than anything else.

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