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In Japan names and surnames are inverted, so instead of Sakura Kinomoto you have Kinomoto Sakura.

Hoe - Sakura's catch phrase... uh, word... whatever! She usually uses it when she's surprised or when she doesn't understands something... you'll get the hang of it as you read.

chan, san, kun, sama - When placed after the name they're a very common formality, used when addressing someone; -kun is generally for boys, -chan is generally for girls, -san is generally for older people or strangers and -sama is used to refer to someone who's superior to you, it's like a sign of extreme respect and/or devotion. (They are all a bit more complex than that, but this gives you a general idea.)

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"Character talking"

ºCharacter Thinkingº

(Me talking)

And the story...

Card Captor Sakura: Our First Date

Part 1: Asking Her Out

ºHow could I have ever lived without this before?º

That's what went through my mind as I held Sakura that day. All of that trouble we went through to capture The Void seemed meaningless then. It seamed as if the only reason we had gone through all that was so I could hear her say that.

"I love you!" She had shouted as she jumped in my arms. It was like a dream. Especially considering the whole circumstances it all had happened.

Up to that moment it had all been awkward. I did my best to respect her feelings and not press on the subject, but we both knew that we were desperate to talk about it, and when it finally happened it was wonderful.

That's what I was trying to tell myself as I held the phone in my hands. Just a few numbers and I would reach her house and talk to her for the first time since we separated that day. After all, everything had happened so quickly that day, we barely had any time to talk or, and I blushed every time I thought of that back then, kiss each other. Especially because of her brother who, after we went back to meet everybody, didn't leave our side for one second. It was as if he knew what had happened between us.

"Why am I so nervous again?" I asked myself, noticing that my fingers were actually trembling a bit. "I thought I was over this!" Indeed, I had been. Since I had come back to Japan, Sakura was the one to get nervous around me like I did before. I thought it was cute seeing her like that, and it reminded me of how hard it had been confessing for me. But all of a sudden, when she confessed, I wasn't in control anymore. I had to do more than just waiting for her answer. I was back to blushing and stuttering all over again.

ºI didn't get nervous yesterday. Was it because of all the adrenaline? Yeah, that was probably it.º I'd think, still staring blankly at the phone.

"That does it!" I heard Mei Ling shout from the door that lead to the corridor. My heart skipped a beat, only to go back to beating twice as fast as it had been as I thought about Sakura.

"Ah!" Was the first sound I managed to make. "Mei Ling?! What do you think you're doing?" I said, angry at her. I was really angry, but I was so embarrassed I couldn't really keep my composure.

Mei Ling entered the room and put her hands in her hips, glaring at me. "It's the fourth time I walk by this room and see you staring at this cellphone!" She said, pointing to the little pink cellphone in my hand. "If you're going to call her just do it already!"

I frowned at her. "This is none of your business."

She groaned, loosing her patience as much as I had lost mine. "You know, she's probably back at her house, sitting on her bed, staring at her phone and gathering the courage to dial those numbers, just like you!"

"Who said I was... Hey!" In one swift movement, she took the phone from my hand. "What are you doing?"

"I'm doing you a favor." She said as she started dialing Sakura's number on the phone. "You two are way too stupid. Me and Daidouji-san have to do everything for you. You both know you love each other already, what's there to be shy about?" She said, knowing I would be extra embarrassed at that.

"Give that back!" I reached for the phone, but she managed to pull it out of my reach, nearly knocking me down on the process. "Mei Ling, I'm telling you..." I could hear the phone's beeping. Sakura's cellphone was ringing already.

"Come on, Syaoran." Mei Ling said, raising an eyebrow. "You don't expect me to believe you don't want to talk to her."

I blushed, realizing how stupid I must have looked. After all, Sakura and I had already confessed for each other. We were just one talk away from being officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

I shook my head hard to regain my composure. "Of course I want to talk to her!" I said. "I just don't want you butting in."

She sighed. "You know that if I don't butt in, you two will never even..."

"H-hello?" Sakura's shy voice could barely be heard from the phone since I didn't have it against my ear, but it was enough to interrupt our conversation.

I felt my whole body acting up. My hear racing, my mind going haywire, my hands shaking; just like it used to be in the old days.

Mei Ling was very amused at my embarrassment.

"Hello?" Sakura asked again after hearing no response.

"It's for you." Mei Ling said in a mocking voice.

"Thanks." I said with an exaggerated sarcasm, taking the phone from her hands and sitting on the bed again. I stared at her trying to look intimidating, but my trembling hand that took the phone kinda gave me away.

"Hey, it's Syaoran." I said on the speaker while signaling for Mei Ling to leave the room.

"Hey." Sakura wasn't surprised to hear it was me. Of course, her phone had told her it was me the second it started ringing.

"So, I... Hang on a minute." I put my hand against the speaker so Sakura wouldn't hear me talking to Mei Ling. "Could you leave now?" I asked in an ordering tone.

She forced a laugh. "You wish. If I leave, you're just going to sit there and say incomplete sentences like a fool. I'll stay here until you ask her out properly." She said, sitting on a chair beside the bed to prove her determination.

I though for a moment if I didn't prefer having her in love with me instead of pushing me to other girls like that, but shoved away that thought in a second. Having her hugging me every single second was just unbearable.

"Fine!" I said, not wanting to keep Sakura waiting any longer. I went back to the phone conversation. "Hey! Sorry about that..."

"It's ok." Sakura answered politely. If I wasn't as shy as her with that I'd be sure she wasn't interested in the conversation seeing how few words she was using.

And then there was silence. Why was it so hard to talk after we both knew we were already in love with? I guess these kinds of things need time to change.

"So... I was wondering..." I tried, but nothing came out. Whoever said that gestures spoke louder than words never had a phone conversation.

"What?" Sakura asked, confused.

Mei Ling was staring at me impatiently. She had folded her arms and was tapping her feet on the floor loudly to make sure I knew that.

I stared back at her with a 'You're not helping!' look. "Sakura..." I decided it would be better to just blurt it out. Taking a deep breath, I started saying it. "I was wondering if you wanted to..." I stopped. Simply stopped.

Mei Ling slapped her forehead and was apparently holding herself not to slap mine.

"What is it?" Sakura asked again. That was getting ridiculous already.

I didn't know what to do anymore when Mei Ling sighed as if giving up on me. She suddenly started mouthing something looking straight in my eyes.

At first I thought she was trying to say something, but as soon as I understood what she was doing I started repeating every single word she mouthed on the phone.

"We never really got to talk yesterday, so I thought we could go out today." I said. "I mean... after all that's happened, I think we should, right?" That last bit was on me.

Sakura was surprised with my sudden forwardness. "S-sure!" She said, sounding shy. Shy, but excited. "We should."

I couldn't help but smile to myself. The hard part had gone through. Mei Ling made the victory sign with her fingers and winked at me. "You can thank me when you're done with that." She said. Indeed, I sort of regretted having tried to kick her out before. "Just a bit more and you're ready for your date." She said before mouthing me more stuff to say.

I thought it would be best to keep saying her lines. It had been so much easier that way. I had even managed to talk straightly.

"Can I come by your house at five?" I asked, mimicking Mei Ling's every word. "Then we'll figure out what to do."

"That sounds great!" Sakura said, letting excitement gain space over shyness.

"Okay. I'll see you then." My body was already returning to its normal pace. It was all pretty much done. All I had to do now was say goodbye.

"See you then." She answered me.



"Love you."

She gasped. I gasped. Mei Ling gasped and looked at me with a surprised, satisfied and somewhat proud smile.

Might I take a pause to explain where I suddenly got the courage, boldness rather, to say that? Well, I had actually been thinking about it even before Mei Ling entered the room. Not seriously. It was more like 'It would be nice if we were already at this level.' At that particular moment in our conversation I recalled that particular thought and my mouth simply moved accordingly to what I was thinking. More like an unwanted reflex.

I didn't really regret saying it. I just had no idea why or how I had done it. It was one thing saying I love you after a year full of adventures or after a near to death battle against The Void, but it was a completely different thing saying it casually after a phone conversation like that. It wasn't necessarily harder or more meaningful, but it was sure different.

"L-love you too."

I definitely didn't regret saying it. Just hearing her say that was worth anything. I pictured her blushing face and her shy smile in my head and... Well, I wouldn't want to get too carried away here, but you know what I mean.

There was no possible way to extend that conversation anymore, so I hung up. At the same second I did, Mei Ling did something I hadn't seen her do in quite a while. She jumped at me and hugged me like there was no tomorrow.

"Look at you!" She said, squeezing me. "You're turning into a little man already. You can even say things to Kinomoto-san without my help." She said in a teasing tone.

I wasn't teased at all. In fact, I felt extremely happy. It was like the whole time between the moment when Sakura confessed and the moment I hung up the phone had been merely a short hiatus on that wonderful feeling I had right then, and that feeling was truly reality.

"I'll leave alone now like I promised." Mei Ling said, standing up properly again. "But hurry up. You've got one hour to pick her up at her house."

I nodded, unable to get the dreamy smile off my face. "OK."

Mei Ling gave one last, satisfied look at me before turning to the door and walking away.

I was really glad that she was being so supportive about all that. After all, she had once treated Sakura as her rival. Now she seemed honestly happy to see us together. I would never be so bold as to bring up that subject myself, but she deserved at least some recognition. "Mei Ling." I called her before she could close the door behind her.

"What is it?" She asked, one foot out of the room already.

I sported my best smile. "Thanks. Really."

She wore a bright grin. "Hey, don't worry. I know you're nothing without me." She said, laughing at herself afterwards. "But don't mess up with her feelings like you did with me." She said suddenly, making me very uncomfortable.

"I..." I sighed, looking down. "I'm sorry."

She didn't seem bothered. Instead she had a smile that said 'What am I going to do with you?' "It's in the past Syaoran. I'm over it."


"Don't worry about it. I know you better than anyone, so I understand why you did all you did." She said. "That's why I'm saying you're going to need me with Kinomoto-san. She's really sensitive and she might get more hurt than I was if you mess up."

I tried to smile again. "I guess... You're pretty mature now, aren't you?"

She giggled. "They say girls mature faster than boys. Plus, when you live through a broken heart you grow quite a bit."



We kinda stood silently in the room for a moment to let that conversation fix itself in our minds. It was a sensitive subject we had never really gotten to talk about, so it felt like a weight off my shoulders.

"But right now you shouldn't worry about me!" Mei Ling said, sharply breaking the mood. "I've been fine about all this for quite a while. You still have a relationship with Kinomoto-san to be concretized."

Of course I had. It was the only thing going through my mind.

"I won't let you get back in here without having at least given her a kiss!"

My mind went haywire again. That was of course something I was constantly thinking about too, but it felt as if Mei Ling was invading my fantasies.

She laughed at my reaction. "Now get ready for your date."

She closed the door, leaving me to fantasize about the date by myself. And so I did, for as long as I could.


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