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Don't Say It!

It was a beautiful spring day. The sun was shining. The flowers were in bloom. Seregil and Alec were laying in the grass under a tree on Miccum's farm. Alec sighed.

Seregil turned to him and asked, "What's wrong?"

Alec sat up and whined, "I'll never have any children."

Smiling one of his lopsided grins Seregil asked, "And how were you expecting to get any?"

"I..." Alec began.

Seregil held up a finger, "two men cannot have a baby."

"I wish that there was some way..." Alec continued.

Seregil looked frightened suddenly. A ball of green light appeared out of no where and was circling him. "No. Don't say it," Serigil said but Alec wasn't paying attention.

"That we could have a baby," finished Alec. The ball of green light hit Seregil in the stomach and flew off.

"Damnit," swore the Aurenfae, "nooo."

"You don't want kids?" Asked Alec blondly.

"No no no," Seregil rolled onto his stomach, "Why did you have to say it?"

Alec's eyebrows came together in worry, "Say what?"

"Didn't you notice we're in a fanfic?" Seregil asked the grass, "Didn't you see the disclaimer?"

"Uh..." Alec said intelligently, "What?"

"That light!" Seregil said sitting up and gripping Alec's shoulders, "that was the M-preg Fairy!"

"Empreg?" asked Alec, lost.

"M. Preg," said Seregil slowly "Male pregnancy!"

"Oh, I get it," said Alec proudly. Then he realized what it meant, "Wait, You're pregnant now?"

"Yes," pouted Seregil, "and it's all your fault! Biliary's Balls, Alec. Why did you have to say it?"

"I wonder if it's a girl or a boy," said Alec staring off into space.

"I am going to kill whoever wrote this!" shouted Seregil.

Suddenly a green and gray cat appeared before them. "No need to get hostile," it said, "My name is Mura. I represent the Authoress."

The two stared at her like, well, like they'd never seen seen a talking green cat before.

Mura flicked her tail and curled it around her paws, "I just came by to say that you should be glad you''re not Thero. Thero has dragon babies"