The new girl

"Class, we have a new transfer student, all the way from America! You may come in now," said the teacher. A girl enters, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a long sleeved hoodie. "Everyone, I'd like you to meet…"

"My name is Anne Nichols. Pleased meet you," said the girl.

"Now as she just moved here, I want you to be on your best behavior!" said the teacher sternly. "Anne, your seat is next to Hiwatari Satoshi. Satoshi, would you raise your hand so she knows where you are?"

A blue haired boy raises his hand and Anne sits in the seat to his left. The teacher then starts the first class of the day. Anne was swarmed by both boys and girls with questions about her hometown.


"So what're the schools like in America?" asked a brown haired girl.

"Nothing like they are here. Back home, they let the students decide what they want to wear to school; not to mention the fact that half the middle schools don't have their own indoor pool!" said Anne.

"Did ya have a boyfriend back home?" asked one of the boys hopefully.

"You're joking right?! The older boys get, the MORE immature they are!" snorted Anne. A girl with reddish-hair snickered at their crestfallen looks. Anne shoots her an evil grin, which only causes the girl to laugh outright.

"Now you I like! My name's Riku. Riku Harada. The girl with the brown hair and ribbon is my twin Risa."

"Nice to meet you, Riku!" says Anne with a grin.

"Come on Daisuke! You can't be so shy that you won't talk to the new girl!" said the boy from earlier. He was pushing a red-haired boy who had a flushed face. He stops as soon as Daisuke is right in front of Anne.

"Um hi." Daisuke says nervously.

"Who's the pushy idiot?" she joked.

"HEY!" said the boy who pushed Daisuke.

"His name is Takeshi Saehara. A real loud-mouth who'll do almost anything for a story." Satoshi says bored.

"Figures…" muttered Anne.

"So Anne, what're things like in America?" asked Daisuke quietly.

"A little different than they are here. I gotta say though, I rather be in Japan than America! At least here you're not teased because I love anime and manga!" laughed Anne.

"What kind of manga do you enjoy?" asked Risa.

"Fantasy, sci-fi, all sorts of genres. Same for anime. Now music is a different story all together."

"What sorts of music do you prefer?" asked Riku.

"Pop, country, rock, pretty much any kind so long as it isn't rap or hip-hop."

"Why not rap or hip-hop?" asked Takeshi.

"Half the time I can't even understand what they're singing, and when I do, its stuff that I'd rather not hear on the radio!" snorted Anne.

"So why aren't you wearing the school uniform?" asked Satoshi, changing the subject.

"Haven't gotten it yet. I just moved here, so I'm still unpacking."


"You just moved? Is your family here too?" asked Daisuke.

"I'm all on my own. My mom didn't want to move, and I refuse to live with an idiot for a father. My older sister has her own life with two kids and I doubt she'd want to move away. And I'm not as close with the rest of my family on either side so I came alone."

"You have an older sister with 2 kids?! How old is she?!" said Takeshi in disbelief.

"She's a little over ten years older than I am. Her oldest is a little under ten years younger than me."

"WHA! How old are you?" said Risa.

"14. I became an aunt at ten," said Anne calmly.

"What're their names?" asked Daisuke.

"My sister's name is Rachel, her oldest is Brandon and her youngest is Logan."

"How old is Logan?" asked Riku.

"Don't know for sure. It's easier for me to remember Brandon and Rachel's age because we're ten years apart," admitted Anne.

The lunch bell rang before they could ask any more questions. After the day ended, Anne was about to walk home on her own when she's stopped by Riku, Daisuke and Satoshi

"We figured since you just moved here we'd help you unpack," said Riku.

"Thanks! I could use the help," said Anne gratefully. She led them to her apartment, which is very hard to get into due to all the boxes.

"I was so tired last night that I could barely make sure the boxes were properly stacked. I have no idea what's in half of this; most of it's probably stuff my family sent me as an after thought!" laughed Anne.

After around two hours, three quarters of the boxes were unpacked and put away. It was a lot easier to move around, though the larger boxes they waited until the end to unpack.

"Thanks for all your help guys. I doubt I'd be able to get this much done all on my own!" said Anne.

"No prob. It was either help out a friend or deal with my mom and grandpa's usual joke when I come home anyway!" laughed Daisuke.

"Yeah, and Risa always bugs me to help her with homework when we get home."

"I had nothing better to do, plus it means that my step-father won't be able to contact me," said Satoshi quietly.

"You guys in the mood for pizza?" asked Anne.

"Yeah!" said Riku happily.

"What do you guys want to order?"

"Cheese for me," said Riku.

"Pepperoni on mine,"

"I don't care either way." Satoshi shrugged.

"Okay, a half pepperoni, half cheese pizza then!" declared Anne.

Thirty minutes later, the pizza arrived. She paid the delivery boy and sat the food down on the newly-cleared table. They all sat down and pigged out on the hot pizza. After they finished, Riku and Daisuke headed home.

"See you tomorrow Anne!" they called out.

"Bye! Hey Satoshi, don't you have to go home too?" asked Anne.

"I can stay since no one's even there waiting for me. If we keep our pace up you should be unpacked before bedtime," he replied.

"Good point. Let's get to it then!" she said happily. It took them two more hours, but she was finally finished unpacking. Satoshi bid farewell and she was all alone once again in her new apartment.

I had more fun today than I've ever had back home! I wonder what other surprises are in store for tomorrow?
So Daisuke, what'd you think of the new girl?

She's pretty nice! She really seems to enjoy having friends around.

I wonder if she's my type…

DARK! You have to quit chasing after so many girls!

Where's the fun in that?

Satoshi-sama, why did you stay at that girl's house longer than the others?
Because for some reason, while I was with her, I felt NO contact with you whatsoever.

Impossible. That is simply impossible; unless she has latent magical powers…

If she does, I doubt she's even aware of them.

Mind if I go and double check?

Do you REALLY have to ask?!

Very well, Satoshi-sama. I will check the next time I break free…

Anne fell asleep on her cot, and her dreams were very different than they were at home. For some reason, she kept seeing a long, blond-haired man with wings…

Anne's dream…

A blond man approached her and said, "So you are the one I was told about… strange, I don't sense ANY latent powers within you. My Everything must have been mistaken; there's no way he could lose contact because of the likes of you."

"Who are you?"

"I am Krad. Come between us again and you shall die."

"Between you? Between you and who?"

"You shall know soon enough…" said Krad before he started gathering light in his hand. He threw it at her, and when she ducked, it went over her; she could feel the searing heat from his blast…

"Woah! That was weird…" she said before falling back asleep moments later.

The next day…

"Aw geez! With all the unpacking I did yesterday I forgot to check the mail!" grumbled Anne as she got up. She went down to the mailbox and looked inside. She found a package in her box that was from the school. She went back upstairs and opened it; it was her new uniform. She ate breakfast and then got dressed in her new uniform before heading to school.

"Ohayo, Anne!" said Daisuke and Riku.

"Ohayo guys!" she replied. (She may not know much Japanese yet, but she DID know enough to remember Ohayo was 'Good Morning'.)

"So did you get everything unpacked?" asked Takeshi.

"Yup, thanks to Satoshi-kun's help!" she said cheerfully.

"SATOSHI HELPED?!" said Takeshi in disbelief.

"Satoshi, Riku and Daisuke all came over and helped me last night," she replied.

"Daisuke, why didn't you take me with ya?!"

"The phrase 'spur of the moment' comes to mind," said Anne dryly.

"Guys, we better hurry! The bell's about to ring!" called Riku. They all rushed into the class and sat down.


"When'd you get the uniform Anne?" asked Satoshi.

"I forgot to check last night. It was already there… That is, unless mail runs in the morning and not the afternoon."

"Nope. We get ours after-school."

"So it was already there… You guys work fast down here!" laughed Anne.

"Maybe…" murmured Satoshi

"By the way, Satoshi, have you ever heard of someone named 'Krad'?"

"W-w-why do you ask?!" stammered Satoshi.

"Nothing… it's just that I keep hearing the name Krad over and over again in my head for some reason," shrugged Anne. Satoshi visibly relaxed at this, which caused Anne to shoot him an odd look. Takeshi came over to her and asked excitedly, "Hey Anne, you ever see Phantom Dark?"

"Who's Phantom Dork?" asked Anne. Riku and Satoshi both held back their laughs.

"Not Dork, DARK. He's a really weird thief who announces what he's gonna steal and at what time! He has yet to fail!" said Takeshi.

"I'm sorry, but he still sounds like a dork to me," said Anne bluntly. Satoshi couldn't hold it anymore and bursts out laughing. He finally calms down when the bell rings and class starts.

"Why'd he ask me if I heard of this Dork character?" asked Anne. Satoshi grins and replies, "Because Dark announced his next target this morning. Want to come see?"

"Sure I guess… I have nothing better to do tonight," answered Anne.

"In that case, you can join me behind the police line."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I'm the one in charge of Dork's case," said Satoshi.

"I'm definitely in!" whispered Anne.

That day, after the final bell rung, Anne followed Satoshi back to his place. After they finished the work assigned that day, they headed straight to the museum and waited. Right on time, Dark flew in. Anne silently sighed and when Satoshi looked at her she said, "It's times like these when I really wished I knew how to use a bow and arrow. Maybe then I'd be able to bring down that overgrown pigeon."

"Overgrown…pigeon?!" said Satoshi between laughs. Any of the officers who heard her comment also started laughing.

"You mean that wasn't some oversized bird?"

"That, my friend, was none other than Phantom Dark."

"That's Dark?! He looked like an overstuffed turkey to me!" snickered Anne. When the Detective heard that one, he burst out laughing as well.

"I gotta remember that one!" he laughed.

"Come on; you can go inside with me and see him up close," said Satoshi. She followed and when she sees Dark firsthand, she smirks.

"I still say he looks like an overstuffed turkey."

"Who's an overstuffed Turkey?" said Dark as he looks up.

"You. I was right the first time, you are a dork."

"I'M A WHAT?!"

"Dork. D-o-r-k. Can't you spell?" sniggered Anne. Satoshi was holding his sides laughing at this point.

"Who are you anyway?" asked Dark irritably.

"I'm Anne, an American transfer student."

"Well look here, Anne. My name is Phantom DARK not Phantom Dork."

"So I've heard. But Phantom Thief DORK suits you better."

"Anne, you're killing me here!" laughed Satoshi. Dark takes this chance and runs for it.

"What a wuss. Why'd he run away like such a coward?"

"Wouldn't be much of a thief if he didn't make his getaway."

"Well one thing's for sure," said Anne.


"After seeing his Grand Entrance, I'm going to have to start taking lessons on how to shoot a bow and arrow," said Anne. This got Satoshi laughing all over again.