"Dad, you are being totally unfair about this!" Sam Winchester yelled at his father. He was in another yelling match with his father, for the tenth time this week.

"Sam, I Said no and that means no!" John yelled back, reading the newspaper at the kitchen table.

"Please Dad! This is really important to me. People are counting on me!"

"So are we Samuel! What about Dean and I? You're going on the hunt and that's final!" John bellowed.

Sam turned towards Dean, eyes pleading for help.

"Sam, listen man, I know this means a lot to you but-"

"You know what Dean forget it! I knew you wouldn't stand behind me on this." Sam turned and left the kitchen. He hammered up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door.

Turning to his father, Dean tried to reason with him.

"Dad, it is a pretty routine salt and burn. Why can't Sam stay here for the weekend and do the debate thing?"

"Because I said so Dean. Go get your brother, it's time for dinner."

Dean sauntered upstairs and knocked on Sam's door.

"Go away Dean." Sam muffled.

"Sam come on don't be like this." Dean heard Sam scrambling off the bed and opened the door.

"Don't be like this Dean? Why not? I don't want to hunt! I hate it and you know I do. Why can't you stick up for me, just once?" Sam asked, tears shining in his eyes. Sam pushed past his brother and went into the bathroom.

"When you're done, come and eat Sam."

Sam arrived at the dinner table a couple of minutes later, and the three Winchester's ate in awkward silence.

"Sam, you're going on the hunt this weekend," John finally broke the silence, but his statement only added more tension to the air. Sam threw down his fork, shooting death stares at his dad, while Dean sat there waiting to play referee.

"No, I'm not. I'm sixteen, I'm capable of staying home by myself."

"I don't care what you think, you're coming."

"Why do you need me to go? Using this ultimate authority isn't gonna make me want to hunt! I hate it and you make me do it all the time!"

"You think hunting is a waste of time? Your mom's death means nothing to you?"

"Dad, he didn't mean it like that!" Dean yelled. Sam's face grew white, then turned into a shade of red.

"No, I meant you already have your perfect son, you don't need your mistake getting in the way!"

"Sam stop!" Dean yelled.

"Hey, I didn't say it, you did!" John screamed, and instantly regretted it. The air seemed to get sucked out of the room. Dean's face had a shocked/horrified look on his face while Sam looked like someone took the wind out of his sails. He said it out of anger, but it was true. His father thought he was a mistake.

"Sam wait!"John yelled

But Sam was already up. He grabbed the keys to his oldsmoblie and made his way out the front door.

"Sam, stop!" Dean yelled following his brother outside. Sam was already in the car and pulling out of their short driveway. He peeled out of the driveway and sped away.

"Dammit!" Dean yelled.

Sam sped down to the end of their street and stopped at the stoplight. Tears streamed down his face, and his music roared outside his open window.

The light turned green and Sam made his way into the intersection. He didn't see the drunk driver on his way home from happy hour try to beat the light at 70 mph and slammed into the driver's side of Sam's car.

Dean was walking back to the house were he saw John standing on the porch.

"How could you say that to him?" Dean asked.

John opened his mouth to answer but was cut off by the screeching of tired and the crshing of metal down the road. The road Sammy was driving on…

"Sammy!" Dean screamed, starting to run in the direction of the intersection. As they got closer, they saw Sam's car in a crumpled heap, stuck between a telephone pole and another car.

"Sammy No!" Dean screamed. Dear god no!