Ok. So i have thought long and hard about this next post. i apologize for it not being up sooner, but i needed to step back from it for a while. i eneded it like i did for numerous reasons; the main one was life isn't always fair. The good guy doesn't always win and the balance of the world is often off. I am going through a rwally tough time now, with issues in my family and other apects of my life. I wanted to portray that not everything ends well. As much as i feel it's artistic expression, i also don't want people to be dissapointed with the story. Thus, ladies and Gentlemen, the final chapter of Crash.


Three Months Later

It had been a long three months since Dean and John's altercation with Mike Carlson, the driver who hit Sam.

The court proceedings were daunting, but the case closed fairly quickly, due to Carlson's guilty plea. He was sentenced to 25 years to life, and once he was sentenced, he turned to the Winchester's.

"I am truly sorry for my own ignorance. My own pain of loosing my brother has cost you time with Sam. If I could change what happened, I would, but life is cruel that way. I wish you all the best, and I sincerely apologize for my actions."

John Winchester nodded at the apology, not having the heart just yet to forgive the man who cost them all so much. Dean did not know if he would ever forgive him for what happened.

The Winchester's were awarded a large sum of money, from Carlson and the liability of the hospital for the second head injury.

John and Dean divided up their time between sitting with Sam, who still had not awakened. Both men prayed he would wake soon, and after the court proceedings, their miracle occurred.

Dean was reading a magazine, sitting next to his brother at the hospital. He glanced at the pages, not really reading, but a movement caught his eyes. As he looked closer at Sam, he saw his eye lids moving slowly, in an attempt to open.

"Hey. Sammy, it's Dean. Wake up kid," Dean said, grabbing his hand. After much effort, Sam finally opened his eyes and it was the most wonderful thing he had seen in a long time.

"Hey Kid, nice of you to finally wake up," Dean said with a smile, pressing the button to get a nurse.

Sam just starred at him with curious eyes, searching Dean's face for answers.

"You're still in the hospital, you took a nasty spill, but you're ok.," Dean said smiling.

A nurse walked in and smiled at Sam, "Well, well. I'll go get the doctor."


Dean left the room while Sam's doctor looked over him and called his after with the good news. John was just as ecstatic as Dean was, and left work early to meet them there.

Dean sat in the waiting room, waiting for the doctor to come back out with Sam's report. John got there before any news was released.

"How is he?" He asked anxiously.

"He hasn't come out yet. I don't know," Dean said, meeting his father.

"How'd he look? He looked good?"

"Yea, Dad. He looked ok," Dean said with a small smile. Dean and John looked at each other. Maybe this was what they needed to finally put this all behind them. They were pulled from their thoughts as Dr. Mathews came towards them.

"How is he?" John and Dean said at the same time.

"He is resting comfortably. Let's sit," He said, pointing to a row of chairs. All three men sat and Dean and John waited the news.

"After some examinations of Sam, I am happy in the fact that the extent of the damage was as bad as I thought. But, it appears there have been some set backs," he said quietly.

"What do you mean?" John asked.

"Sam is still experiencing paralysis, and at this point, I doubt he will ever regain feeling in his legs. After testing, we discovered Sam did suffer some brain damage. His cognitive abilities are of a ten year old, only he has difficulty with coordination and sequencing. I assure you, Sam will live a good life, but it will most likely be necessary to place him in an assisted living situation."

"No, no and no," Dean said, getting up and leaving the waiting room.

"Dean come back!" John yelled, but Dean was already gone.

John looked back at Dr. Mathews, " Do you have any information on these places?" John asked quietly.

"Yes, in my office. Please follow me."


Dean went back in by Sam, who was sleeping peacefully. He sat down and looked at his brother.

"Don't worry Sam. I'll make sure Dad doesn't place you anywhere. I'll take care of you."

John came in a few moments later, papers and fliers in his hands. He sat down quietly on the other side of Sam, and looked at Dean.

"We do need to talk about this," John said quietly.

"There is nothing to talk about," Dean said quietly through pursed lips.

"Dean, we can't possibly take care of everything with him. Are you going to be able to change his catheter or clean him if he has an accident. Are you going to want to take care of a 10 year old trapped in a 16 year olds body? You need a life as well Dean. What about hunting?"

"I will do it all, you want to know why Dad? Because I know he'd do the same for me. And as for hunting, I really don't give a shit. I'm not picking that over my brother."

"How will you care for him Dean?" John asked.

"The hospital has courses in first aid, they even have classes on how to take care of a paralyzed family member. I'll work, but we have enough money for a life time do to the case. I'll bring Sam to his therapies, and pick him up after work," Dean said bluntly, turning determined eyes towards his father, almost daring him to challenge what he said.

"You want that to be your life?"

"If it means Sammy has a better one, yea,"

"I'll go with this Dean, but if I feel it gets too much for you, we get him into an assisted living center,"

"Deal," Dean said.

"Dean?" A small voice asked from the bed.

"Hey Sammy, you ok?" Dean asked.

"I got-t-t a head-d-d ache," he said softly, lip trembling and tears leaking from his eyes.

"It's ok buddy, let's get some medicine for the headache ok?"

"I d-d-don't l-l-like medicine," he pouted, just as he did when he was young, making John and Dean laugh.

"I know, but you want to feel better right?" Dean asked to which Dean nodded his head uncoordinatedly.

"Then let's get you some, kiddo," Dean said with a laugh.


The next couple of weeks were a huge adjustment period. Dean brought Sam home from the hospital and they started their daily routine. Dean got Sam up and ready for the day, and dropped him off at the out center facility for his therapies, while Dean went to work. He picked up a job as a carpenter, as much as he hated to admit it, he was good at working numbers and building things. He always thought of himself as a hunter, but now that he had more responsibilities, he needed to make sure he had a stable job.

He took courses at the hospital so he could better take care of his brother, but he still had a nurse come to the house. His training was strictly in case of an emergency.

John stopped in when he could, but hunting had re-consumed his life. In a way Dean didn't mind, he had always taken care of his brother, and it would be strange the other way around.

It was a Friday afternoon and Dean was running late to pick up Sammy. He sped through the parking lot and parked in the handicapped spot right in front. He rushed through the doors and saw Sammy talking to a beautiful girl that was sitting with him. She was tall and had curly brown hair. She had a average figure and dazzling blue eyes.

"Hey Sam, I am so sorry!" Dean said kneeling in front of his brother.

"It-t-t's ok Dean. I w-w-was talking to K-k-kim!" He exclaimed happily.

"Hi, I'm Kim. I'm a nurse, and I help Sam get around the hospital," she said with a small smile; she was taken away by Dean's beauty. Lucky for her, Dean felt the same way.

"Well, you certainly are a lucky guy, to be talking to such a beautiful girl," Dean said, looking at Kim.

"K-k-kim's really n-n-nice to me. Sh-sh-she takes me all over d-d-da place," Sam said.

"I am at his service," she said laughing.

"Well thanks. Ready to go Sammy?"

"Yes-s-s Dean," he said.

"It was nice meeting you, I hope I see you soon," Dean said.

"I'm sure you will," Kim said.

Dean picked up Sam's book bag and wheeled him from the hospital.

"What did you do today?" Dean asked.

"I drew l-l-lot's of p-pictures. C-c-can we hang d-d-em up?" Sammy asked as Dean lifted him into the passenger side.

"Of course!" Dean assured him. There house was full of pictures Sam had drawn. Dean's favorite was when Sam wrote both of their names on a piece of paper.

After dinner, Dean let Sam watch some cartoons, just because he liked to hear Sam's big goofy laugh. Nine thirty was Sam's bed time on the weekends, and the kid was exhausted by then.

Dean helped him get ready and carefully place him in his bed.

"Alright Sam, night, don't let the bed bugs bite! And if they do…" Dean asked Sam.

"H-h-hit them with a shoe!" Sam said, sleepily.

"Night kid, love you."

"Night Dean. Love you too."


The years passed and Kim and Dean grew closer and closer and eventually, he asked her to marry him. The wedding was averaged size, and Dean had Sam be the best man, even John showed up.

Sam was so tickled pink at being asked, and took his job very seriously, and write his own best man speech for the wedding.

"My b-b-big brother Dean is the best p-p-person I know. He always t-t-takes c-c-care of me and never let-t-ts me fall. I know he w-w-will l-l-love K-k-karen and take good c-c-care of her, l-l-like he d-d-did for me. G-g-good L-l-luck being m-m-married," he said, smiling at the couple, and wheeled back to Dean. Dean was so proud of him, for everything that he had accomplished. Dean hugged his brother.

"I love you Sammy," Dean whispered, kissing his brother on the check.

"Dean," Sam whined, pretending to wipe off the kiss. "I l-l-love you too!"


Eleven months later, Sam waited anxiously in the waiting room of the very hospital he almost lived in.

Dean was in the delivery room with Kim, and poor Sam had no word yet. He couldn't wait to see the baby, but was nervous because he didn't know what to expect. Dean had to explain to him where babies come from and how they're born. Sam wasn't too impressed.

Dean came through the doors with a big smile on his face. Sam looked up at him as Dean knelt down next to him.

"It's a boy, Sammy. I have a boy!" Dean beamed, grabbing his brother into a hug.

"A b-b-oy! Dean th-th-that's great! C-c-can I s-s-see him?" He asked.

"Sure, let's go."

Dean led him to Karen's room. Karen was sitting on the bed, holding the infant in her arms. Sam peered around the curtain and she waved him to come in.

Sam wheeled cautiously into the room, and looked at Karen.

"You can come closer Sam," she said quietly.

Sam inched forward, but stopped soon after. Dean smiled at his brother's hesitancy and walked to his wife and carefully scooped the baby info his arms. The bay made soft little noises, and Dean rocked him slowly. He walked over to Sam and knelt next to him. Sam still looked hesitant.

"I would like you to meet Reed Samuel Winchester," Dean said, and smiled at Sam's shocked expression.

"S-s-samuel…l-l-like me?" Sam asked, looking at the baby.

"Yea, like you," Dean said.

"He's h-h-handsome…l-l-like me," Sam said with a smile, making Dean and Karen both laugh.

"You want to hold him?" Dean asked.

Sam shook his head back and forth, eyes wide with fear.

"Why not?" Dean asked.

"I'll b-b-break him," Sam said, "C-c-clumsy," he said shyly.

"No you won't, I'll help you," Dean said positioning himself infront to Sam to give him the baby. Sam still shock his head but Dean basically placed the baby in his arms.

Ok, see how my one arm is, hold him like that, so you support his neck," Dean said and gently laid his son into his brother's arms.

Sam was still tense, but Dean was there the whole time. He just looked at the little sleeping boy in his arms and smiled at Dean.

"I l-l-love him," Sam said to Dean.

"I love him too," Dean said softly. Sam continued to talk to the sleeping baby.

"I gonna help you g-g-row. And so is your d-d-daddy and m-m-mommy. We gonna m-m-make sure n-n-nothing hap-p-pens to you, e-e-ever," he whispered.

Sam held the baby for a few more minutes, until he started to fuss.

"W-w-what did I do? D-d-did I hurt him?" Sam asked panicked.

"No, hey, you did great! He's just hungry, Karen's gonna feed him. Why don't we get some food while she does?"

"Ok, Dean," Sam wheeled to Karen who held the baby. "D-d-don't worry R-r-reed, I'll be b-b-back later. I'm-m-m going with your D-d-daddy. I l-l-love you," and turned to Dean they walked outside.

"So, what do you think?" Dean said, as he walked besides his brother.

"I th-th-think we're very lucky," Sammy said, wheeling down the hallway.

"Yea, kid. I'll agree. We're very lucky."