A/N: Hey guys. Well, this is a thriller or suspense fic, more than anything else. And just to let you in, the numbers aren't really meant to be chapters or anything, it's just...sometimes my muse just has to have things done a certain way. lol.

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Setting: A pitch black room. Booth and Brennan are sitting
listlessly, back to back against each other. Between their
backs lie their tied hands. Her right to his right, his left
to her left. After a long chorus of perfect silence, Booth
begins to stir.


He opened his eyes and groaned against the wave of thick nausea.

"Bones?" A pause as he licked his dry lips. "Bones?"

At the sound of his voice, Brennan quietly moaned and quickly jerked her head against Booth's. They both groaned, their bodies tensing at the pain.

"Where are we?" asked Brennan as her eyes tried to adjust to the darkness.

For a second, Booth didn't answer her and her heart began racing.

"Can you feel that, Bones?"

He leaned his side against the wall and in doing so, made Brennan's body follow.

"The loony bin, Bones. The padded room."


"Feels more like hard plastic." Brennan rubbed her cheek across the wall slightly. "Cracked. Probably hasn't been used in years."

"Does that really matter right now? We're tied, by ourselves."

Booth grunted in failure as he quit trying to free his hands.

"It might. We could try to figure where we are."

"Bones, can you even see? It's dark, cramped, smelly, and cold. I know you're a genius, but even McGuyver would have some trouble here."

"What's a McGuyver?"

"Nothing," Booth sighed. "Do you remember how we got here?"

"I remember my apartment. You were at the counter...reading? That's it."

"That's all I remember too."

"I think they made us inhale chloroform. I can taste it, but considering its not too strong, I'd say it was a while ago. They probably used some other drug to keep us knocked out."

There was a click. They both went still and turned their heads in the direction of the noise. Another click. Then, there was a faint swishing noise as if someone was turning the lid of a jar.

Out of the darkness, came a sliver of pale light.


Setting: The light shows the small rectangular room. Booth and
Brennan each have an inch before their feet touch the
walls. There is a wide space before them since they are at
the back wall. Their hair is mussed, clothes slightly dirty
and wrinkled.


The door opened to its widest point. Soon, there were the outlines of two men standing tensely. They moved aside suddenly, allowing the silhouette of another man to become visible. He stood tall, straight, confident. The man slowly took a step forward.

After four more steps, he stopped and raised his right hand. Immediately, the lights were turned on in the padded room.

Booth and Brennan flinched in response to the sudden change of brightness, involuntarily trying to raise their bound hands.

"Who the hell are you?" Booth spat out.

The man stood silent for a moment, almost as if contemplating.

"Mr. Booth, where are your manners?"

"Back at the apartment where you kidnapped me."

The corners of the man's lips slightly curved upward.

"Forgive me, Mr. Booth. I am Murphy."


Setting: The man has light brown hair with light golden eyes to
match. He is tall. Nearly as tall as Booth would have been
had he been standing. He has a dark green button up shirt
with a pocket on the left side. He has one weapon visible-
Booth's gun, tucked in the waistband of his jeans.


"What do you want from us?"

"Ah, Dr. Brennan. Good evening."

"What do you want from us?" she repeated.

"Oh, we can talk about that later, can't we? I'm sure you two are hungry. Would you like to eat?"

"No! We want you to let us go!"

Murphy looked away from Brennan to Booth and this time, smiled openly.

"Maybe sustenance will heighten your moods."

Without another word, he turned away and the two men who had stood in the doorway, immediately made way.

"Give them food. Drinks."