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Chapter One

As she tried to open her eyes she wanted to scream, scream from the pain her poor body was feeling.

But she could utter a sound. Her eyes seemed like they had been sealed closed and no matter how hard she tried she could open them.

Then she remembered everything.

She had been walking home from school, when she was attacked.

She didn't see who attacked her only that someone had hit her over the head and she blacked out, only to come to and she knew that she was bound to a bed or table and she was naked.

She heard the door open and then she heard someone had come into the room or where ever she was, and then her terrifying ordeal began.

Hands groped her breasts till she screamed from the pain, then her legs were forced open and something was shoved inside of her and she tried to screamed again.

To Tea it seemed like this went on for ever, but in reality it had only been five hours since she was abducted.

What she didn't know was that she had been taken from Domino and was now in an alternate universe where the inhabits were seeking females to bred with in order to have there species carry on. The creatures were larger then the normal human male and they were actually not that bad to look at.

The creatures were in a way almost human looking and they hoped that it would be to their advantage when it came time for the human females to deliver the child they would be implanted with.

When Tea finally came to, she was sweating terribly and her entire body felt like someone had beaten her with a baseball bat. Every time she moved her body would start to shake and tears would stream down her face. Then all of a sudden she felt like she was drifting off to sleep and little did she know that when she woke up, she would be in her own bed and she wouldn't remember anything that happened to her.

When she came to she was lying in her bed and the alarm was going off. She reached over and shut it off and stretched and her body seemed to hurt and she couldn't understand why. Then she remembered that yesterday in Gym, they were doing physical exercises and she thought that she had over done it.

Tea went to take a shower when she noticed the several bruises around her breasts and she didn't have them yesterday. What is the hell is going on she asked herself? She didn't have time to spare, she needed to get ready for school. As she went out the front door there was Yugi and Joey.

"Hey Tea Yugi said. Want to walk to school with us?"

Tea smiled a them and nodded her head yes, so the three of them walked to school together.

What no one knew was that all over the world young ladies like Tea had been implanted with alien embryos and that in a few months they would all be giving birth to what looked like human babies, where they really were babies from the alien creatures and that when the babies grew up and were about eleven years of age the aliens would be coming back to claim what was theirs. What would the mothers of the children do, what could they do?

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