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Chapter Nine

About two weeks later late at night, Yami, Bakura, Marik, Ishizu, Shadi and Seto all woke up feeling that something was terribly wrong. The all ran out of the rooms and met in the hallway.

"We need to get the ladies and their babies in one room and protect them" Bakura said.

Yugi, Ryou, Malik and Joey all woke up too. They all came out of their rooms and wanted to know what the hell was going on?

"Get all the others up and help them get all the ladies and their babies and take them to the nursery and make damn sure that they are all there and don't let anyone into the room." Seto told them.

Ishizu went to get Odeon and Shadi, Shadi gave Odeon an device that would put some kind of force shield around the room and Odeon went with the others to get the ladies and the babies to safety. Then the others went to find out what the hell was going on.

"They're in the Great Room" Marik said.

As Seto opened the door they met the Aliens. They were over seven feet tall, a very thin build and they weren't at all what you'd think an Alien looked like. "We've come for the babies" one of them related to Seto. They were using some kind of mental link to talk with.

Seto and the others stood there and then Bakura said "over our dead bodies you'll take them!"

Just then there was a flash of light and all the ladies and their babies appeared in the room. Tea held her son to her chest and the look of sheer hatred was in her eyes.

"You will never take my son from me" she told them.

All of a sudden it was like the babies were communicating with the Aliens. Tea and the other mothers weren't to be able to understand what was being said.

"We are staying here with our mommies, the babies seemed to say. We don't want to go with you because we are loved here and if we have to go we'd die from a broken heart."

Shadi stepped forward and offered his hand to the one who seemed to be the leader and he said "isn't there a way that the babies can stay here with their mommies and sometime in their future you can return and then let them make up their minds whether they want to return to your dimension?"

The Aliens seemed to be talking among themselves when the one who seemed to be the leader spoke "we will do as you ask and we will return when the children are in your human years are eighteen. Is that sufficient?"

Everyone in that room seemed to breath a sigh of relief and Tea and the other ladies said "we agree to your terms, but with one stipulation, if at that time they refuse to return then you will promise to abide by their wishes and leave us alone forever."

The leader looked at Tea whom was the mother of his child and he told her "we agree." Then as if out of nowhere a portal appeared and they just disappeared.

Tears were running down every face in that room. Everyone of the ladies held their children a little tighter to their breasts and the others walked around the room giving each and every lady a hug and a kiss. Bakura seemed to always be there beside Gretchen and she held out her other arm and he held them and whispered "thank Ra that's over."

Seto was holding Tea and whom he considered his son in his arms and they kissed, then he said "before all of my new family and friends, I would like all of you to witness this and he then went down on one knee and looking up at Tea with such love in his eyes he asked "Tea will you marry me and together we will raise our son?"

Tea didn't have to even think it over she told Seto "we accept and we love you with all our hearts." Seto stood and the room roared from all the cheering.

Seto and Tea did get married and they soon had two more babies. Bakura and the others became Aunt and Uncles to all of the babies but in his heart Bakura always loved Gretchen and her little girl.

All of the ladies lived in the Manor where they raised their children, because there was something different about each child and it was easier to have them home schooled. It was like a really huge family. Seto never knew that the sound of laughter could be so contagious and could sound so beautiful….

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