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- - -

Shyly gazing at the lush green grass at her feet, Sakura shuffled up to Kakashi as he flipped open his trusty Icha Icha book. He had just finished giving the team their instructions.

"A-ano, Kakashi-sensei…" she began timidly. "I was wondering if… maybe… you could teach me a new jutsu to work on…" You've already taught Sasuke-kun chidori and helped Naruto improve greatly…

Yeah! We deserve to learn something too! Cha! her inner persona shouted, making her wince at the volume.

"No." Sakura's head snapped up to stare at her teacher in the eye at the blunt reply.


"K-Kakashi-sensei…?" she whispered, hoping she'd heard wrong.

"I said no, Sakura," the silver-haired jounin repeated firmly. "I hate to tell you, but you… you just aren't cut out to be a kunoichi. There would be no use in training you extra." He flipped a page, ignoring her as she turned.

Kakashi-sensei… nande? What did I do to deserve this? Even Naruto admits that I've been nicer, and I haven't bugged Sasuke-kun at all! So… nande?

A male voice brought Sakura out of her thoughts. She could hear – and almost feel the smugness in it.

"In other words," Sasuke scoffed, "you're too weak." Inner Sakura shook her fist at him, swearing loudly.

Why you bleeping bleep of a bleep bleep! How dare you? she roared.

Where did I learn all of those swearwords…? Sakura wondered vaguely. Striding past the smirking Uchiha boy, she tried to keep her tears hidden. Sasuke knew she was crying, but didn't care – all the same, she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of watching her break down. Hadn't she done enough of that for him already?

Quickly going through a set of simple hand seals, she was gone in a cloud of cherry petals.

Kakashi watched from the corner of his eye in wonder. Where did she learn that? Perhaps he would need to rethink his answer to her request.

- -

As she stomped into her backyard, Sakura fumed. Who did they think they were? She was not weak; this she knew for a fact. Punching the ground with all of her anger, she stared sullenly at the giant crater that her fist had left.

And they call us weak! Inner Sakura shrieked. For once, Sakura agreed with the insane consciousness in her head. She paid no heed as the other voice raved inside of her mind, setting about to creating large, smoking craters in her yard.

After three hours, she stormed up to bed, spent. At least Inner Sakura was quiet after the yard had been reduced to rubble. She failed to notice as a set of bloody red and black eyes followed her every movement.

- - -

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