And here is the epilogue!!!

- - -

Uchiha Tsuki sat in the shadow of a half-dead tree with her arms around her knees. She told herself that if she stayed absolutely still, none of the other children would notice her. Her hopes were crushed when a shadow fell over her.

Another girl a year older than Tsuki crouched down and peered curiously into the six-year-old kunoichi-in-training's tearstreaked face. She spoke gently in a silky, rich, deep voice.

"Why are you crying, cousin?" She made no move to wipe her cousin's tears; only sat and looked on as a fresh river coursed down pale cheeks.

"Th-they t-tease m-me because I-I'm n-no g-good…" Tsuki sobbed. "Otou-san told me to ignore them, Yuki-kun, but they st-still don't leave m-me alone!"
Uchiha Yuki looked away, frowning slightly. "Sasuke-san doesn't realize that you have to prove yourself," she stated calmly. "Because he was a 'prodigy' – a genius." Her raven-colored hair blew in the wind, a pinkish sheen glowing slightly in the sunlight. "You have to work to achieve your Sharingan, you know."

Tsuki brushed the blond bangs out of her face, the rest of her long blue-black air slipping out of the pink ribbon that her cousin had given her a long time ago.

"You're right," she mumbled, retying her hair. "I'll keep trying, Yuki-kun, but it's so hard to train alone…"

Yuki stood, hesitated, and held out a slender hand. Tsuki smiled gratefully and took the offered hand. Once she let go, Yuki stuck her hand back into her pocket, saying gruffly, "Yuki-baasama is coming over today, so we can't stay out too late; but tomorrow, I'll help you. Maybe we can get Uzumaki-san to come with us." She winked.

Tsuki blushed, scowling, but only said, "Yuki-baasama's coming?!" The leader of the Shinda Tsuki had grown especially fond of the two youngest Uchihas visiting regularly (and secretly) with "Yomi-neechan", who absolutely doted on Tsuki. Yuki didn't mind; the older Yuki favored her and brought some new weapon every time.
"Aa…" Yuki answered, sounding just like her father (who is Itachi, if you haven't figured it out yet!). "And she's bringing – "

"Yomi-neechan!" Tsuki guessed excitedly. Yuki chuckeld, nodding, pleased.


Tsuki turned to the older girl. "Why are you helping me, Yuki-kun?" she asked. "Nobody tries to help me; you're the best in the school!"

Yuki only smiled evasively, watching the petals from her favorite black cherry tree blow past her face. After thinking in silence for a moment, she replied softly, "You show promise." On an impulse, she added, "Hiyo-san thinks so, too." Hiyo was Naruto and Hinata's son, and Tsuki had a crush on him.

Tsuki blushed. "Thank you," she whispered. Both Uchihas watched the petals blow for a moment before turning to go inside.

Sakura and Ino stood in the hallway, smiling. "Welcome home!" they chorused. Tsuki hugged Ino and ran off in search of her father; Yuki grinned and went to help her mother fix dinner.

Itachi glided into the kitchen behind Sakura and slipped his arms around her waist, resting his chin on her head. The love radiating off of them filled the room, and as the door opened, even Tsuki's joyful screams of "Yuki-baasama! YOMI-NEECHAN!!" could not ruin the happy feeling that surrounded the Uchiha household.


- - -

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