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Little 5 year old Harry James Potter sat beside his mother at the dinner table, his little sister Tia sat across from him pulling faces. Harry tried his best to ignore her, he knew that if he did anything to annoy her, at all, then he would be sent to his room and his father would probably yell at him till he was red in the face.

You see, Tia is famous, every wizard knows her name, all because of something which wasn't meant to happen. When Harry was 2 years old lord Voldemort attacked his family's home, both his parents were almost killed as well as his little sister, fortunately when Lord Voldemort cast the killing curse at the children it somehow rebounded and stripped Voldemort of his body, instead of killing them. It happened to be common knowledge that it was Tia who was hit with the killing curse, so it must have been her who destroyed the dark lord. In reality it was really Harry, of course, who killed the dark lord, no matter how temporarily. Unfortunately no one thought that could possibly be true. After the attack when James and Lily entered the nursery, where their children had hid themselves, they found Tia sitting up bright eyed and happy except for a bit of blood which ran from a cut on her upper arm, and Harry curled up beside her in a ball whimpering, from what they believed to be fear but was really pain.

Since then Tia ruled the Potter household, her every whim answered with a smile. No one could be more proud than the Potters to have such a daughter, nor could anyone be as disappointed to have such a son! Tia couldn't be more disappointed either, though not for the same reasons as her parents, to Tia Harry was just in the way…ruining her perfect family, and he needed to be removed! So as she sat there pulling awful faces at her older brother she also schemed. Remembering the trip to the reptile house while the family was at the zoo this morning, she grinned. Tia knew the perfect way to get rid of him once and for all, but she would wait till they went for dessert, tonight's was ice-cream!

"Daddy, can I get a double scoop?" asked Tia for her seat on her father's shoulders.
"Of course you can honey." James replied.
"Can I have a double scoop too dad?" asked Harry, hopeful.
"No you can't, you're too young to handle so much sugar this close to your bed time." Said his father, being completely hypocritical.
"But, Tia gets to have one, and she's a year younger than me!" The small boy protested.
"Tia is special; now shut your trap before you don't get anything at all!" James spat angrily.
Harry knew this wasn't an empty threat, so he sat in silence for the rest of the evening that is until Tia put her master plan for ridding her world of Harry into action.
"Mummy, Daddy, the zoo today was really cool, could we go again next weekend?" she asked, putting her most angelic face on.
"Did you really enjoy it that much? Well I don't see why we can't go again, so why not. Sure Tia we'll go to the zoo again next weekend." Lily replied happily, her daughter was happy and so was she.
"I wanna go to the snake room thingy again." Tia said, slyly.

"Why on earth would you want to go there?" Lily asked shocked.

"Because then Harry can talk to the snakes and tell me what they're saying. He was doing it today!" She replied almost out of her seat in excitement, this was going to work so well!
"Is this true?" James snapped at Harry.
"I only talked to one; he said he wanted to visit Brazil!" Harry defended. "Nothing bad happened!"
"Nothing BAD! You're a parseltongue for Merlin's sake. There is nothing worse!" Lily hissed at her son.

"But, -." Harry started.
"No buts, you know the way home so you can floo it alone to think about what you've done!" James said nastily.

As Harry slowing made his way through Diagon Alley, back towards the floo portal. He couldn't understand why his parents had been so mean about his ability to speak to snakes. It wasn't something he'd chosen to do, it had just happened to him! He wasn't evil, was he? Doubts about himself and his parents love ran through his head, angry scenes played over in front of his eyes. He couldn't stop it; it just wouldn't stop playing over and over! Finally having had enough he stopped, sat down and buried his head in his hands and cried!

Poor young Harry cried his heart out for ten straight minutes, without realizing what he was doing, the overwhelming grief Harry felt at his parents abandonment of him, had caused him to send out a beacon, one which called for hope to come help him.
When Harry finally stopped crying, he looked up and wiped his eyes and noticed something floating in front of him. An orb of light, fire red in colour, hung in the air in front of the tear streaked child. Instead of fearing the mysterious orb, as I suppose it should, it instead incited curiosity in young Harry. The orb suddenly flared into a painfully bright white, and a phoenix appeared carrying with it an envelope. The bird cocked its head to one side and surveyed the startled boy, before dropping the letter in his lap. Again, curiosity instead of fear took hold of Harry as he picked up the envelope. In an elegant cursive, gold letters formed:

Mr H. J .Potter
The Alleyway
Diagon Alley
London, England

Intrigued Harry ripped open the envelope and pulled out the heavy parchment the letter was written on.
Dear Mr Potter,
I am afraid, though it grieves me greatly to ask you at such a tender young age, that I Must ask you to enter the position of being my protégé. This is like a student, but to only one teacher. I wish, after long deliberations and strenuous arguments, for you to also become my heir. This will involve you learning everything I know, continuous study and a move into my house and grounds for the duration of your studies. You may bring one family member, or you may come alone, it is to be only as you wish it to be. Your stay will not be limited to just your study periods, as a future heir to my title, (should you accept my offer) you are also entitled to an estate of your own and can stay on whichever estate you wish too.
You, my boy, are intelligent, clever, and you deserve a chance to prove yourself so. I take pleasure in the fact that I am the one who is able to give you that chance. You have twenty- four hours in which to decide on whether to take this offer up or not. If you decide my protégé then use the twenty- four hours wisely to say your goodbyes to friends and family, my phoenix will stay with you, when you are ready to come just hold on to his tail and he will transport you to my office an to me. If you decide to decline this offer, please just write a short note and give it to my phoenix.
Hoping to see you in twenty- four hours
Master Irvine

Harry read and then re- read the letter twice, just to make sure he understood it properly. He realised this was his way out, he had been hand picked to be this 'Master Irvine's' protégé, his student and possible heir. He could leave now and be free or return to his family and forever be scorned and hated. Harry knew his 'precious' sister hated him and that the incident at the ice- cream parlour, caused by her casual words, was purposeful. Harry also knew she'd do it again and again until he had left for good. Realising that Harry nodded his acceptance of his mental decision, folded the letter up neatly and placed it back in its envelope, then placed that in his jacket pocket.

"I'm going with you," Harry said to the phoenix, it just cocked its head to the side again. "Can we go now? I don't have anyone to say goodbye to"
The phoenix seemed to nod its head and turned around offering Harry its tail to hold. Reaching out a hand and grasping the tail, a feeling of love and contentment washed through him, causing him to feel lightweight, almost floating. The orb flared once more and Harry felt as if he was flying through fire, but without the painful heat, as the fire red light pulsed about him. Suddenly it was over, faster than it began it stopped. Harry and the phoenix shot out of the orb of light into a well furnished office. The phoenix gently dropped Harry in a soft chair and then flew over to its perch to preen itself. Harry sat up quickly and straightened himself out, then sat nervously in the chair awaiting his new teacher/professor, or was it master? Harry wasn't too sure, but he'd find out soon enough.

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