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The Phoenix Lords Aprentice

Chapter 14

Entrance Hall!!!

"How did it go?" Craven asked as Sirius, still in his official robes, entered the family wing of the school.

"Brilliantly, Caleb was correct as per usual, Severus and I worked in tandem and fast, well fast enough that Headmaster Dumbledore had no chance to react." Sirius replied with a grin.

"Of course you did... the dark prince said he would complement you. You may not like it Dad, but he is a brillant strategist." Caleb said as he entered from the family dining room, which he had been studying in.

"Show off..." Sirius mumbled

"Go get showered and changed Sirius." Craven said.

"Are we going to brief the seniors?" Caleb asked Craven.

"Only those you have chosen to acompany you. I will brief my warriors and ambassidors as well." Craven replied watching his son stand motionlessly by the bookshelves.

"You realise we will need to take them by surprise with the ceremony."

"I know or Dumbledore will try to kill the darks, greys and possibly even us. But once the ceremony begins, magic with the intent to harm will die before it leaves it wand." Caleb replied. "We only have a little over a day to prepare, I'm going to go gather and brief the seniors."

And with that Caleb left the family quarters for the seniors commons.


The great hall doors flew open and crashed against the solid stone wall of the hall, two girls of almost ethrel, but opposite beauty.

One girl with a fair complexion, rose bud lips, pink blushed cheeks and vibrant red hair which was braided and falling to the low of her back. Wearing a deep emerald green corsetted dress, giving her the appearance of a porcelin doll.

While the second girl was darker in complexion, an olive tone with dark brown hair and rosy red lips. Wearing a sea blue corsetted dress.

The stunning pair walked step for step up the centre isle of the hall, their footsteps creating a steady beat.

They stopped once they reached the beginning of the teachers dias and ignoring the wands aimed at them, they began to chant in low melodic voices. Noone understood what the pair were chanting, though the older teachers and students from the older pureblood lines recognised it as a sacred language. Shortly after the chanting began a blue shimmery sheild appeared around each table in the great hall.

Suddenly all around the hall people appeared, on the gryffindor side stood a group of men and women wearing all black, with a red splash on their left the Slytherin side of the hall stood an equal amount of men and women, also wearing all black but with a silver splash on their left breast.

The two groups joined in the chanting and a silver, almost opaque sheild formed in a circle in the in the exact centre of the hall. When the sheild dropped two boys of the exact same age stood within the circle. Both wearing black but each with a different coloured cloak. The boy with raven black hair wore a golden cloak with red hues mixed through, reminding everyone present of a fire. The second boy who had platinum blonde hair wore a silver cloak with hues of blue mixed throughout, reminding everyone of ice crystals.

The newest and most regal pair held staves, which they began to tap against the stone floor in time with the chant. The staves began glowing as the chant reached its crescendo; and then suddenly stopped.

The students felt the heavy magic in the air as the sheilds suddenly dropped.

"The acient accords."

"Are to be honoured and practiced."

"In this tradition we meet."

"To discuss our treaties on neutral ground."

"We meet at the appointed time."

"At the appointed place."

"The guidance of our ancestors lead us."

"Under their eyes we discuss and renew our vows."

"To create a world of peace."

"The darkest of lords accepts the ancient accords and agrees to meet peacefully on this hollowed neutral ground."

"The lightest of lords accepts the ancient accords and agrees to meet peacefully on this hollowed neutral ground."

The pair then beat their staves once more on the stone floor in time, a blue and red flare of magic swept through the hall and continued throughout the entire castle, grounds and forest.

"The accords are accepted." They intoned.

"I demand to know the reason for this intrusion!" Dumbledore yelled as soon as the magic released him from its grip.

The great hall doors suddenly crashed open once more and in the centre of the walkway stood four men. Two of whom Dumbledore recognised as Severus Snape and Sirius Black. The other two being a complete mystery to him.

"May we present our Lords." The two boys in the centre of the hall intoned.

"The Lightest of Lords. Master Irvine the Phoenix Lord, the true Light Lord." Caleb introduced his 'Master'.

"The Darkest of Lords. Master Morrison the Deamon Lord, the true Dark Lord." The fair haired apprentice introduced his 'Master'.

"The negotiations have begun!" Both lords stated.