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That's when we heard it – something was moving below us. We both bolted up to investigate. Silence. We both slipped instinctively into ninja mode and soundlessly moved to the edge of the wall and looked down. Someone was putting out their garbage. Nothing to worry about. Kakashi looked at me and motioned back to the slab. I nodded. He held out his hand, I took it and he pulled me back there.

I didn't feel like lying down anymore. I didn't think I'd fall over anymore with all the adrenalin pumping through my body, so I just kind of leaned against the slab. Kakashi walked up to me and pressed himself against the front of me, making me lean back further and put my arms behind me, my hands on the slab. As he leaned me back, he put his hands over mine, holding them to the slab, and he kissed my neck and chest. I was powerless to move, completely dominated, and at that moment, I didn't mind at all.

Then he removed his hands and I felt them on the sides of my skirt. He was attempting to pull up my skirt!

"Kakashi!" Heavy breathing, mine. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Nothing. I'm doing nothing. But I'd like to be doing,"

"Don't say it!"

"Ok, I won't. You want me to stop?" He stopped working on my skirt momentarily, but continued to kiss my neck.

I hesitated, "No?"

"You sure?" He looked at me.

I thought for a second, and then nodded. "Yeah. Go." He started pulling my skirt up again, while kissing me and my neck.

Then he said, "Just one problem."

"What?" Breathlessly.

"Underwear – yours. It's in the way. Could you,"

"Rip em off."

"Really? I've always wanted to do that to a woman, but have never,"

"Rip. Them. Off. Me."

"Alright, here goes." He reached his hand under my bunched up skirt, and found the top front waistband of my underwear. He slipped his fingers inside, slightly brushing my pubis, grabbed a handful of underwear and tore them straight down. Both sides ripped and the whole thing came away in his hand. He said, "That was awesome."

I had to agree, "Yes it was."

He dropped my shredded underwear and moved up against me. This was really happening. We got a little crazy then and our kissing got frenzied. He wrapped his right arm around my lower back, picked me up a bit, and scooted me closer to the edge of the slab. More kissing. Then he fumbled with himself a bit, wrapped his arm around me, pulled one of my legs up and wrapped it around his waist. He kissed my neck and before I knew what was fully going on, we were fucking on the slab. He didn't waste any time. He kept kissing me, I kissed him back. He humped me, I humped him back. I strained to hold on to him. He finally let me lay back, and I pulled my legs up and put them against and over his shoulders. He fucked me right there on the slab, and I did my best to keep quiet. It didn't take too long; we were in quite an agitated state. Exhausted and sweaty to begin with, my orgasm almost made me pass out. Kakashi's followed quickly after mine. He fell forward onto me and lay there gasping. He said, "I'm so wasted. Holy crap Anko, what did we just get up to?"

I said, trying to catch my breath, "I think you know very well what we got up to. My only question is, are things going to be weird between us now?"

"No. You can give me a backrub any time and I'll rub your feet whenever you want me to. But I will tell you this,"


"You're one hot ninja."

"So are you. Now put your mask back on before someone sees you." We both got up and started reassembling ourselves. He reached down and picked up my underwear. I said, "I guess I won't need those anymore."

"Would it weird you out completely if I asked if I could keep them?"

"As a souvenir?"

"As a hot memory of the girl who let me rip off her underwear."

"You can keep them as long as you launder them and keep them to yourself."

"Do I have to? I can't show them off?"


"Alright then." He put them in his pants pocket.

I asked him, "Walk me home?"

"Considering we live in the same building, sure. But I'd walk you home if you lived on the opposite side of town."

"Well aren't you sweet? Come on." He offered his arm, I took it and we walked back to the building like old friends. I noticed he kept a firm grip on my underwear in his pocket with his other hand. We went inside and there was very little activity going on. So he walked me to my apartment and said, "Thanks for tonight. I think I can sleep now."

"Me too. Things aren't going to be weird right? We're still like old friends?"

He said, "Yep. We're good. Still old friends,"


"With benefits." He quickly pulled down his mask, kissed me firmly on the mouth, replaced his mask and said goodnight.

I watched him go, then walked into my apartment and flopped face down on my bed. I happily drifted off into the dreamless sleep of the completely satisfied.


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