Vengeance for a Loved One

Do you ever wonder why people get scared? Well it's actually just a chemical reaction in your brain. Weird huh? Isn't it just weird how chemicals can make you fear for your life and sweat like a pig when you are under pressure? Well that's pretty much how I am feeling right now.

Higgins: (walks outside to see magnum pulling in. The Ferrari is wrecked) Oh my god! What did you do to Robin Master's Ferrari? There are scratches all over it and the mirror is also missing on the left side!

Magnum: Now Higgins, I think you're exaggerating a bit.

Higgins: When it comes to a 60,000 dollar Ferrari, I am not exaggerating!

Magnum: Well, you don't even know the whole story. Give me a chance to explain myself. Now there were two guys that….

Higgins: Magnum! I do not want to hear your idiotic reasons for being irresponsible. You are not to drive the Ferrari anymore. You shall take the pick-up. You can get shot at all you want in that car because it is completely worthless, just like your services here at the estate.

Magnum: Oh Higgins come on! That isn't fair! Two guys came out of no where and started shooting at me and tried to run me off the road for no reason. It wasn't my fault.

Higgins: Then I suggest you go in another line of work that doesn't make everyone want to kill you! (Higgins walks back into the house enraged by Magnum's carelessness with the Ferrari)

Magnum: (follows Higgins into the house) Higgins, I don't even know if this even relates to a case. I mean I haven't been on a case in two weeks. They could have been a couple of psychotic kids trying to get a rise out of people.

Higgins: That is completely ridiculous!

Magnum: It's just an idea Higgins! I never said that's really what it was. I'm going to look into though. (He leaves and goes back to the guest house

I knew the odds of that were one in a million. Nobody goes around shooting at people just for fun. Someone was after me. Maybe because I got too close to them when I was working on a case and they didn't like it too much. Whatever it was though, I was going to find out because I got the license number on their car.

Magnum drives over to the King Kamehameha Club, hoping that Rick was not mad at him anymore because of his long unpaid tab.

(Magnum pulls up to the entrance in the pick-up)

Kioki: Ha! What's the matter Magnum? Did Higgins take away the Ferrari again cuz you've been a bad boy?

Magnum: (steps out of the car and gives Kioki the keys) Oh, you're so funny. I'll have you know that some nut was trying to run me off the road! I could have been killed.

Kioki: Sure Magnum. (Starts laughing again)

Magnum: Just park the car Kioki! (Walks into the club)

Rick: Magnum, you better be here to pay your tab! I got this party for charity coming up and the club needs the money.

Magnum: I'll get it later but right now I need you to check somethin out for me.

Rick: Oh, great. I ask him to pay his tab and he wants a favor. Well my answer for you is no! Thomas, I do favors for you all the time and you can't even pay your tab in return. You're not even a member.

Magnum: Just here me out Rick. Two guys were trying to run me off the road…

Rick: And here comes the little sob story.

Magnum: Rick! Just here me out! Two guys are trying to kill me and I don't even know why. It could have been wild kids or something but I would feel better if I knew. I just need you to run a license number for me.

Rick: You really think someone's trying to kill you? I mean did you even get a look at these people.

Magnum: I got a quick look at the guy shooting. It looked like just a kid. That's why I'm not sure if someone's trying to kill me or not. I mean come on, why would a bunch of kids want to kill me? Am I being paranoid or what because you're giving me a weird look?

Rick: I don't think you're paranoid. I just think you need to go into a new line of work. (lets out a chuckle) But if you really feel the way you do then I'll check it out.

Magnum: Thanks Rick. It's CMT 1992. Call me when you get something. (Magnum leaves and goes back to Robin's Nest)

Magnum is in the guesthouse waiting for Rick to call.

It had almost been three hours since I left the club and Rick still had not called. That gave me plenty of time to start thinking and worrying. Why would someone be after me? I hadn't done anything big lately. Just small divorce cases. I worked myself up of course trying to think who was after me. By the time Rick called I was ready to snap.

The phone rings.

Magnum: Rick what took so long?

Rick: Sorry Thomas. That car was stolen from a used car lot called Amazing Marvin's Used Cars.

Magnum: Damn. Thanks Rick.

Rick: You want me to come over? You sound a bit worried.

Magnum: That's alright. I'm ok. I just don't know what I'm going to do without any leads. I guess I could check out that used car lot but I know it will result in nothing.

Rick: Thomas, how about you just sleep on it. You even said yourself you don't even know why they were shooting. It could've been a bunch of crazy kids and they shot at you at random. Just relax Thomas.

Magnum: Maybe you're right. I guess I could be getting a bit carried away with this. I still want to check it out though.

Rick: Well how about we check it out tomorrow. Get some sleep Thomas.

Magnum: Ok. Thanks. I'll see you tomorrow then.

Rick: Bye Magnum.

Magnum: Goodnight Rick. (he hangs up the phone)

I guess Rick was right. I needed to relax. Things were just getting to me anymore. Was I losing my sanity? I've just been so uptight lately. I just couldn't help it. My memories kept playing back in my head. And they weren't good memories. I kept getting flashbacks. Mostly about Nam. I felt like I was going crazy and the whole world was out to get me. If it had been any other day I would go out to that used car lot and get down to the bottom of this, but I just couldn't pull myself together. Hell, I was not even sure if there was even something to get to the bottom of. I just needed to get some sleep and maybe I would feel better in the morning.