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Higgins checked for a pulse and it was there, but barely. He turned Magnum on his side so he would not choke on his blood and then he ran inside and called an ambulance. While he waited for the ambulance, he grabbed some towels so he could try and stop the bleeding. He quickly ran back to Magnum's side. He checked to make sure there was still a pulse and made sure he was still breathing. There was no use holding the towels against the wounds. There was blood everywhere and he couldn't find the actual wound. Thank god the ambulance arrived when they did because, for once in his life, Jonathan Higgins did not know what to do.

Paramedic: Hurry up! We're losing him!

The paramedics loaded Magnum in the ambulance. Higgins insisted that he ride in the back with Magnum. Higgins always had this nightmare that he would die alone. When his time came no one would be there to comfort him to the end. Higgins hated this dream. It was one thing he feared the most so he would not let it happen to anyone else. So, if Magnum did not pull through, at least he would have someone there for him. He hated to think that though. He always thought of Magnum as invincible. No matter whatever happened to him, he always pulled through. That is one of the reasons why Higgins did like Magnum, because he was strong.

Once they arrived at the hospital, they rushed Magnum into the operating room. He had been stabbed in the left kidney and his right lung had collapsed because of all the blood. He was lucky that the first knife wound had missed his lung by a half inch, otherwise his lung would have filled with blood and he would be dead by now.

Higgins was out in the waiting room. He was filled with guilt. He should have listened to Magnum's story about the two men trying to kill him. He could have increased the security on the estate. Higgins felt the least he could do for Magnum was call his friends so they could be there for him.

Higgins: (walks out into the lobby and picks up the phone and dials a number)

Rick: (tired) It's 3:15 in the morning, so whoever this is make it snappy.

Higgins: Rick its Higgins.

Rick: Higgins it's really early in the morning. I told you I got the party under control.

Higgins: Rick I am not calling about that.

Rick: Then what are you calling about at 3:15 in the morning?

Higgins: It's Magnum.

Rick: Is Thomas in some kinda trouble?

Higgins: Rick, Magnum was attacked on the beach.

The line went dead and in ten minutes Rick and TC were at the hospital. They walked into the waiting room and saw Higgins just sitting there and staring at the wall. Higgins was awoken from his trance when he noticed Rick and TC had arrived.

Rick: How is he?

Higgins: I don't know they haven't told me a thing.

TC: Higgins, can you tell us what happened.

Higgins: Well, it was 2:44 and I was awoken by the lads' barking. I got up and went outside to investigate and they were over by the gate to the tidal pool. I walked over to the gate to see Magnum lying on the beach. I thought he was intoxicated and had passed out. I had tried to rouse him and get him back to the guest house but he did not respond. So, I opened the gate and walked over to him. I shone my flashlight on him and….well…you know the rest.

TC: Who would want to kill Thomas? It just doesn't make any sense.

Rick: Actually TC, Thomas said two guys were trying to run him off the road yesterday. I told him he was overreacting and it was nothing. Why would I tell him a stupid thing like that!

TC: Hey Rick, it's not your fault man.

Rick: Yeah but he said he felt like something was wrong and I tell him he's being paranoid! I should have stayed at his place with him and then maybe nothing would have happened to him.

TC: Come on Rick. It'll be all right. Magnum will pull through like he always does. You know I probably would have told him the same thing. He has been actin weird and uptight lately. You know, really jumpy. I wonder what was botherin him so much.

Rick: You're right TC, but I can't believe I would even doubt him.

TC: Rick, it's ok. All that matters now is that we're here for him. Stop beatin' yourself up over somethin we didn't know was going to happen.

Rick: You're right TC. I guess the only thing we can do now is wait to hear Thomas's condition.

After an hour of waiting, which seemed like I life time to the trio in the waiting room, the doctor who had operated on Magnum came to tell them how Magnum was doing. Rick was the first one out of his chair when he saw the doctor coming.

Rick: How is he?

Dr. Dubrowski: He's got three broken ribs, a broken cheekbone, he was stabbed in his left kidney, and one of his lungs collapsed on the way here. We cleared the blood out of there and have him on a ventilator. So he's alright for now.

TC: What do you mean by for now?

Dr. Dubrowski: He is going to need a new kidney.

Rick: Well doesn't he have another one?

Dr. Dubrowski: He did until he gave it to a soldier in Vietnam.