A/N: I wrote this to vent my feelings during a tough part of my life.


As the sun blazes

And the children laugh,

A heart is clouded

By an invisible storm.

It cannot be described,

For its violence confuses all who encounter it.

A battle begins to rage

As the mind is divided.

Allies turn away their faces,

As a voice whispers its despair,

For the allies do not understand.

They cannot begin to comprehend

The damage they are doing

Because it looks miniscule, non-existant,

Not worthy of their time.

But secretly a foundation crumbles,

The once secure bridges begin to break,

Because what was thought to be bolts,

Turned out to be merely pegs.

The builder stands in awe and sadness,

Beginning to realize,

That even the things we believe are real,

Could only be a facade that covers the truth.

Eyes full of tears are forced open

As the lightning flashes,



Events appear

That only reinforce

The true reality of life:

People come with open arms,

Offering their support,

But in the end, they walk away.

And leave one on the road,

She gazes in agony as she is cut off

From another's personal road.

She sees those that had given her similar pain,

And others that had not yet delivered such a blow.

Which only causes her to wonder

If they too will reject her.

What can be done when you have given all you can,

But still receive a blank stare?

So as the smoke clears

And the seas calm,

The wreckage is left for her to pick up the pieces

That were left behind.

Suddenly, a soft voice is heard,

Calling her name with love.

She turns her head, and sees a figure,

Standing by her side.

He takes her hand and promises

To never walk out of her life.

Eyes of warmth and an encouraging smile

Are all she needs to see.

A ray of hope had broken through

The dungeon of clouds around her.

Slowly, the darkness begins to fade,

and calm serenity engulfs her,

Reminding her that the One beside her

Would always be there.

She begins to see her path of life

With new eyes,

And though her troubles threaten to engulf her,

A squeeze of His hand gives her the strength

To meet them head on.

A/N: Like I said that was just a short poem I wrote in a moment of despair.

Let it be a reminder to you that God will never leave you, even in your darkest moments.

He will be there to pick up the pieces and clear the fog away.

God Bless, Katy