This is for Smithy. He/She challenged me to make a Beckett one. Check out Will's Annoy page and click reviews to see the challenge. Remember, I do NOT own POTC. Happy reading! (God was that wrong)

25 Ways to Annoy Lord Beckett

1. Tell him that he's a eunuch.

2. Tell him that he and Commodore Norrington look good together.

3. Offer him a Fruit Breezer ever other minute.

4. Call him "Mr." Beckett

5. Tell him he looks like a hamburger.

6. Cough VERY loud and for a long time by him.

7. ALWAYS spill something on him when you come near.

8. Always shuffle your feet when you walk by him.

9. Dress like Captain Jack Sparrow

10. Get a stack of "I love Jack Sparrow" Badges and give them to everyone.

11. Offer one to him.

12. Poke him constantly.

13. Tell him he looks like your aunt.

14. Tell him your aunt is ugly.

15. Tell him Jack's hot he's not.

16. Tell him his wig looks like a crow's nest. Only it's white.

17. Always ask "Why?" when he gives you an order.

18. Every time you see him squeal "OMG IT'S MR. BECKETT!"

19. Call him a 'partypooper.'

20. Tell him he'll make one ugly pirate.

22. Tell him "My sister is taller than you."

23. Tell him "My sister is 4 foot 3."

24. Laugh and run away when he sees you.

25. Set chickens to chase after him.