A/N: I finally got around to typing up this drabble. If only we had more snow days! I hope you enjoy this, it's just something I thought up. Okay, everyone is 4 years older, the war is over, Iroh is the Fire Lord, Zuko is going to become Fire Lord after Iroh steps down, and the gang are visiting with them in the Fire Nation. Oh and this is of course, Toko.


In the Fire Nation palace, Sokka was having fun. Katara, Aang, and Toph were practicing their bending in the small garden, while Sokka had followed Zuko to his small table a small distance away, right next to the palace wall. Sokka had been constantly annoying Zuko, and having fun doing so. He constantly argued with the firebender about different issues that Zuko thought had no importance for a future Fire Lord. Today's issue had been based on a previous meeting of the Fire Nation council. They believed that Zuko should have a wife when he ascended to the throne. Sokka found it amusing that Zuko should have a wife. He found it impossible for anyone to love the hot-headed Fire Nation prince.

"So have you ever had an actual girlfriend?" Sokka smirked, already knowing the answer. Zuko sighed.

"No. I was a fugitive. I never had time for girls." This only widened Sokka's smirk.

"Come on. I was traveling with the Avatar and I had two girlfriends, along with several others who had crushes on me! Have you ever been kissed?" Zuko didn't answer. He knew that no matter what he said, the Water Tribe warrior wouldn't believe him. Sokka wouldn't leave Zuko alone, though. He took Zuko's silence as a "no".

"You've never been kissed! Come on Zuko! That's pathetic!" Sokka continued to tease Zuko for a while. Katara, Aang, and Toph heard everything. In fact, half-way through Sokka's teasing, they stopped bending and watched Zuko roll his eyes and resist the urge to strangle the younger boy. Katara pitied Zuko. Aang simply hoped Sokka would stop before Zuko killed him. Toph, on the other hand, was getting very annoyed. She grew very tired of Sokka's teasing very quickly, and was having thoughts of strangling the boy herself. Well, that was before a certain thought struck her. A devilish smile crossed her face, which worried Katara.

"Toph, what are you doing?" Toph didn't answer. She marched up to the two boys. Zuko stood up, thinking Toph might help him escape Sokka. Sokka hadn't yet realized Toph was there.

"Don't worry, Zuko. You'll get your first kiss eventually!" Sokka taunted. After he said that sentance, he noticed Toph coming. She walked past him up to Zuko. She then pulled Zuko down and kissed him on the lips. The others' mouths dropped open in shock of the scene before them. After a couple of minutes, Toph broke away from Zuko and made her way back to her room, leaving Zuko wide-eyed.

"He kisses too well for that to be his first." Toph called over her shoulder. Sokka almost fainted right there. She just kissed Zuko and enjoyed it! And how could she say that Zuko kisses well? Zuko?! Was she crazy?! Apparently she was. Aang stood motionless, completely astounded. Katara started laughing. Zuko had watched Toph walk into the palace before a smirk made its way across his face. He looked at Sokka, whose mouth was hanging open. The smirk only widened. Even though Zuko had secretly enjoyed it, he was just as surprised as the others.Yet, he could always count on Toph to shut Sokka up.

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