Part 1 : OneDay

Chapter 1

The wind whistled through the trees behind them, quivering the branches gently. It was quiet. Very quiet. A magazine clicks as one of the soldiers slides it into place in his assault firearm. The soft thud of the footsteps of soldiers approaching the facility. Shrike unit #B-7 slowly slid forward with a mechanical whir, over the lush, untended grass, the glare of red light from infrared night-vision goggles burning in the darkness. They took in their surroundings. It was hard to see in the late evening's darkness. A mechanical whine issued briefly as one soldier's mask slowly raised off of her face, revealing her eyes, as blue and royal as the dark depths of the ocean. Her hair blonde and wild, sitting on her head. Much of it hung halfway down her neck, between ponytails on either side. "I'm running a scan on the area for sentients." "Copy that." She ran the scan around through the trees, by large broken fragments of the decrepit building. So many places for them to hide. So many places they could ambush us. A series of short beeps sounded. "The scan's clear. We're heading in now. Get ready boys."